Paying your rent must be fast and simple. On this page we"ll talk about everything you have to know about payments, from assorted payment alternatives and once payments are embraced, to how to make your initially payment and also partial payments.

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Make a Payment Now

Pay online, check the condition of your payments, and review payment background.

If you are current on your payments however currently find yourself unable to make your full rent payment due to COVID-19, please contact us at . Tright here might likewise be federal, state, or neighborhood rent assistance programs easily accessible to you. We"ve compiled a list of those sources HERE.

Usually, unless otherwise mentioned in your lease agreement, rent payments are due by the 3rd of each month. If you have actually any concerns around payments and also you don"t find answers to your questions below, please contact us at 833.PRG.RESS (833.774.7377).


Bank Account and also Auto Pay

Have your rent instantly deducted from your financial institution account each month without the convenience fee. Simply enter your bank account and also routing number and also your rent will be phelp on time, eextremely time. 




Pay through Cash via WIPS

We currently accept cash rent payments via WIPS™ (Walk-in Payment System) at participating locations close to you. For more information on WIPS and just how to register, please click below. 


Pay by Crmodify Card or ACH Transfer

We accept credit card and ACH payments. Simply click "Resident Services", login, and also follow the instructions from there. Please note: prior to paying by credit card, please check out the "Paying by Crmodify Card" area below. 


Pay by Phone

Payments can be made over the phone 24/7 with our secure, automated system. Simply contact us at 833.PRG.RESS and choose the option to make a payment over the phone. Fees encompass $2.50 for ACH/Debit/Bank Account payments, and also between $1.25 and also $125 depending on the payment amount for crmodify card payments.

Payment Due Dates and also Late Fees

Normally, unmuch less otherwise stated in your lease, rent payments made after the third of each month are taken into consideration late and will certainly be assessed a $125 late fee. Payments made with our digital or phone payment devices are accepted 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.

Making a Partial Payment

We’re making paying rent as straightforward and flexible as possible. In enhancement to digital payment alternatives, text-to-pay, automatic withdrawals, checks, money-orders, cashier’s check, pay-by-phone, and cash payments with WIPs, we enable you to make partial payments.

If you would choose to make a partial payment, please follow these instructions:

Log right into your account.Under Payments, pick “Make Payments” and also go to “Make a One-time Payment” on the upper best side of the display.Once you’ve selected “Make a One-time Payment”, you’ll desire to scroll all the method down on the page till you gain to the “Get in Payment Details” section.Select the payment account that you wish to usage by clicking the dvery own arrowhead on the appropriate of that box as shown above. (Remember: crmodify card payments need a $35.00 processing fee)Enter the amount you wish to pay ideal currently in the “Get in Payment Amount” box. The “Extra Payment Amount” box have the right to be left empty, unless you wish to pay a secondary amount (yet, this is not recommended). After you confirm every little thing is correct, select the green “Next” switch and the digital device will certainly ask if you wish to proceed and also confirm payment.Once your payment is made, you’ll obtain an e-mail confirmation.

Please note:

Your full rent payment is due by the first of each month unless otherwise stated in your lease. If you make a partial payment yet don’t pay the full amount within the grace period detailed in your lease, you’ll still receive a late penalty.Your account must be in excellent standing prior to you can make partial payments.

*We now accept partial payments at any kind of time. If you are unable to pay your whole rent for the month, please reach out to us at

Making Your First Payment

Once you sign the your lease agreement you’ll have the alternative to make a payment in the virtual portal, however the particular amounts will not be well-known until after we’ve documented and processed all the information and also details of your move-in our device.

You will certainly be sent a price sheet which will information your move-in charges. You’ll then should enter in the pro-rated rent and also any other fees provided as a “one-time payment” and also make your payment from tbelow. Additionally, your protection deposit have to be phelp by ACH carry or credit card* utilizing the virtual device.

IMPORTANT: Before paying by credit card, read the “Paying by Credit Card” section listed below to assist ensure your payment is successfully processed and you avoid missed payments, delayed move-in dates, and also late fees.

To make your first payment:

Log into your account or Create your account if you don"t have one yetUnder Payments, select “Make a One-time Payment” on the top ideal side of the screenOnce you’ve selected “Make a One-time Payment”, you’ll have the ability to modify the amount detailed in each payment category. Change the amounts to the prices noted in your "expense sheet"Submit your payment


PLEASE NOTE: Move-in funds must be paid at leastern 4 (4) days before your move-in day. Payments made less than four (4) days prior to your move-in date need to be made by crmodify card* or with certified funds (cashier’s check, money order) which should be overnighted to 7500 N. Dobkid Rd, Suite 300, Scottsdale, AZ 85256. With your payment, be certain to include your name (name of the lease holder), the home resolve, and your phone number. Please take a photo or make a copy of your payment for your documents.

If you have any kind of inquiries about making your initially payments, please provide us a call at 833.PRG.RESS (833.774.7377)

* A $35 Convenience Fee will apply to each payment made by crmodify card.

Paying by Credit Card

Paying by crmodify card is a convenient and secure way to make a payment. However before, these payments deserve to also fail to process which can keep you from making your payment on time or accessing your residence on your move-in day.

The three a lot of prevalent factors a credit card payment may not go through are:

The crmodify card or account’s everyday spfinishing limit is surpassed. The payment plus the present balance on the card exceed the card’s balance limit.The payment is for an amount that’s better than is typical for the card, and also the payment is flagged by the crmodify card agency as perhaps fraudulent.


Before you make a payment by crmodify card, be sure to:

Check your everyday spfinishing limit to make sure your payment does not exceed it. Check your existing balance to make certain that the payment will certainly not take the card balance over the maximum balance amount. Many importantly, call your credit card firm or financial college in breakthrough and inform them of your planned payment. If financial institutions are conscious of the payment in advancement, they can prepare your account and stop questions of fraudulent task.

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Please note: A $35 Convenience Fee will certainly use to each payment made by credit card.