The brightest colors easily accessible on the internet are the the majority of saturated colors. These are simply the colors in the upper ideal corner of the color picker.

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Red (hex #FF0000)Ovariety (#FFC000)Yellow (#FFFC00)Environment-friendly (#FF0000)Cyan (#00FFFF)Magenta (#FF0000)

But not all colors can reach that brightest allude. Let’s look at the ones that deserve to.

The Brightest Color Amongst the Bright Colors

What if you wanted to use a color that is the brightest shade of all brightest colors. For example, if you wanted your infographic to stand out in a Facebook feed or in a feed of Youtube video thumbnails? Could you “out-bright” all other bideal colors? Yes.

The brightest shade on your display screen (or anywhere) counts on the light source. Right now you are a lot of likely looking at OLED display – an iPhone or MacBook, for instance. The brightest shade of OLED light is yellow, bordering on green. Here is how bright (the technical term is “intensity” or “saturation”) colors have the right to be on an OLED display. You have the right to check out right away that blue, for example deserve to never be as bappropriate as yellow. Any green is brightest than blue but dimmer than yellow.


The Y axis is intensity, the X axis is wavesize (the wave that hits your retina once you look at this color)

What does this all intend for you? It means that if you share an infographic with a bright-yellow background human being will certainly notice it initially even in a sea of various other infographics that are not yellow.

If you are making an application, a yellow thumbnail will make the application simpler to uncover on an iPhone display full of various other apps that are not yellow.

So as long as you are looking at a display favor the one you are looking at ideal now, yellow will certainly be the brightest color you view. The closest shade to this yellow is the color of Snapchat and also Pingdom’s landing web page. Notice that bereason this yellow is so very bappropriate, the only complementary colors are babsence and also white.

What if you wanted a bappropriate blue. Blues are in basic low intensity. Eexceptionally color’s intensity is limited. Blue is even more restricted than green. Yellow is the least limited of all.

How to Use Bappropriate Colors To Get Attention

Let’s look at an infographic with the brightest background color possible.


How are your eyes doing? Hurting yet? It captured your eye, though, right? But probably a small as well a lot. Let’s sfinish your eyes on vacation – look listed below.


It’s not as amazing over right here, but now you can actually review.

So do you need to choose between the 2 colors? No. You deserve to have it both ways – share the bappropriate colored graphics on social media and also have actually a readable desaturated variation on the for world to review.

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You can execute this color adjust with one click in, the infographic maker I usage.