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Size 13 Nikes is a series of TikTok videos referencing a line in the 2019 Netflix film Tall Girl in which the character Jodi says "You think your life is hard? I"m a high college Junior wearing dimension 13 Nikes. Men"s size 13 Nikes. Beat that." In the video series, TikTok customers commonly play the Tall Girl clip and also then reveal their very own typically a lot even more significant problems.

astapasta3 uploaded the first Size 13 Nikes TikTok video (shown below). The video in which she defines that she is "existing as a Senegalese-Amerihave the right to Muslim Woman" acquired over 367,700 likes and also 12,900 shares in two weeks.

kaitlyn.is.kool uploaded a comparable rendition yet described that she is the very same elevation as the character and also clintends it"s not that difficult (shown listed below, left). The video gathered over 470,900 likes and also 5,600 shares in 2 weeks. On September 22nd, TikTok user
rianalucia16 used the video format to describe that she is pregnant which garnered over 506,800 likes and 14,700 shares in 2 weeks. On September 2sixth,
dunkingsoy uploaded a TikTok Size 13 Nike video about being a lot taller than Jodi (displayed below, right). The video got over 501,200 likes and also 4,900 shares in 2 weeks.

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