This is an excellent sign for that special someone who gives you butterflies eincredibly time you view them. And then make you so happy you can badepend stand!

This is tradition laser-engraved on 1/4" thick birch plytimber and then hand-sanded to a buttery-smooth complete on both sides. All of the corners are rounded and smooth. You need to view it in perchild to view that it isn"t just some wood that"s been burnt. Instead, each sign is a distinctive expression of nature and the beauty of lumber.

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Most of our laser-engraved signs come in multiple sizes, ranging from 4"x6" to 12"x16" and also in some situations larger. The base price of these indicators is for a 4"x6" variation. By selecting larger sizes, you"ll notification the price boost as necessary.

With the exemption of personalized indications through engraving on the back, all our indicators incorporate a sawtooth hanger and felt pads attached to the ago for straightforward hanging on a wall surface.

Please note that larger indicators, such as 9x12 and 12x16, might have a tiny amount of warping because of the size of the product.


All of our commodities ship international, and also you deserve to choose your shipping speed during checkout.

Please contact us if you require your item sooner or have actually any kind of unique requests.


Due to the nature of... well, Mvarious other Nature... no 2 pieces of our woods or corks will look precisely aprefer. Each item will certainly differ in shade, density, grain trends, knots, etc. The people is full of these pleasant little bit surprises!

Also, the colors you check out on your screen, whether it is a computer monitor, tablet or smartphone display, will not exactly match what you obtain. Every display is slightly different, in addition to the photography and also image modifying procedure. If you need a sample prior to making a final order, that is frequently no trouble at all! Just let us know.


If you have actually any type of concerns, don"t hesitate to call us! And if you have something else you"d choose engraved or reduced, store in mind that we do many practice orders. We deserve to engrave essentially anything! Some extra fees may apply for custom work.

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