Initial 1968 "Planet of the Apes" Will Be Back in Theaters This Month

by Alex BillingtonJuly 11, 2016


"You maniacs! You blew it up!" This is one film certainly worth seeing on the massive screen. Fathom Events is hosting a one-of-a-kind event screening of the original Planet of the Apes movie from 1968, starring Charlton Heston, Linda Harrison, Kim Hunter and also Roddy McDowall as Cornelius. The occasion is component of Turner Classic Movies" (TCM) yearlengthy TCM Big Display Classics series, and they will certainly be showing this classical sci-fi movie in cinemas only two nights this month - on July 24th and also on July 27th. TCM hold Ben Mankiewicz will provide exclusive commentary prior to and after the film. It will certainly be screening in even more than 650 pick movie theaters nationwide at 2:00PM & 7:00PM regional time each day - Sunday & Wednesday. Don"t miss it!

Old trailer for the original Planet of the Apes, released the exact same year as 2001: A Space Odyssey and also Bullitt:

For more on the Apes screenings and to discover theaters + reserve tickets, visit the Fathom Events website.

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Astronaut George Taylor (Heston) finds himself on a far-off world ruled by apes that usage a primitive race of human beings for trial and error and sport. Soon, Taylor finds himself among the hunted, his life in the hands of a benevolent chimpanzee scientist (McDowall). From Fathom: "When it was released in February 1968, the film was a commercial and also important success, also breaking ground via its revolutionary prosthetic makeup techniques developed by artist John Chambers. The Planet of the Apes franchise is still going strong this particular day with the 2011 reboot and also its 2014 sequel achieving box office success and solid assistance amongst doubters. The highly anticipated third film in that trilogy will certainly debut in 2017." This film is one the best sci-fi classics and also is a need to view for anyone that is a actual science fiction aficionado. We"ll check out you at the cinema.


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"Get your rerenders outta right here, you damn dirty ape!!!"

theslayer5150 on Jul 11, 2016


Though to be fair the last 2 have actually some meacertain of course.

Steven on Jul 14, 2016


My comment was even more tounge in cheek in the direction of all reprovides (I"m looking at you, Ghostbusters)

theslayer5150 on Jul 14, 2016


Yep - which is why I chosen it. Thought it was funny.

Steven on Jul 14, 2016


It"s really an excellent timeless, yet nowadays I only have the right to check out Charlton Heston as a ideal wing NRA supporter idiot.

fatchary on Jul 11, 2016


I was willing to short article the exact same comment.

tarek on Jul 11, 2016


... and I put John Wayne on that list too, although also as a son I didn"t like him very much.

fatchary on Jul 11, 2016


For the second time, I share through you your opinion. I always believed that John Wayne was a fraud.

tarek on Jul 11, 2016


Almeans was an Easthardwood male myself. I when operated at a small RV dealership, had actually the totality crew separation over that argument. Pretty awesome.

grimjob on Jul 11, 2016


Me also. No one can beat Blondie.

tarek on Jul 12, 2016


I watched this aget freshly when I remained in Korea, and had actually forobtained all the little bits nudity the film had...well, at least a couple butts that were censored by the Korean government.

DAVIDPD on Jul 11, 2016


female or male butts ? I can"t remember any type of nudity.

tarek on Jul 11, 2016


I think there was some Heston behind while swimming in a pond or something, in the forbidden zone after the crash.

grimjob on Jul 11, 2016


Ok. Makes sense.

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tarek on Jul 12, 2016


When the astronauts discover a watering hole and also swim butt naked...haha. It was funny bereason they offered babsence bars over the butts.

DAVIDPD on Jul 12, 2016


I have a vague memory about this exceptionally scene. any kind of factor why they determined to swim butt naked ?