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"Woguy, Woman" is the debut single by Gary Puckett & The Union Void, from their 1968 deyet album, Woman, Womale. It was written and composed by Jim Glaser and also Jimmy Payne, and also provides session musicians from The Wrecking Crew. Like a lot of of the band"s hits, it is a ballad focused around Gary Puckett"s soulful vocals. The lutz-heilmann.info are from the perspective of a guy that senses that his wife is dissatisfied with him sexually, and fears that she is going to start "cheating" on him. The song went to number 3 on Cash Box and also number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 in early 1968. The band recorded the song in August 1967, and it was released as their debut single in October. It was certified as a million-offering Gold disc in February 1968. The B-side was a cover of the Tim Hardin song "Don"t Make Promises." An international success, the song went to number 1 in Canada in 1967 and also additionally reached number 7 in Australia. At first just peaking at number 48 in the UK in 1968, the song was reissued in Britain in 1974 as a dual A-sided single through the re-release of "Young Girl". This re-release was part of a CBS Records series entitled Hevery one of Fame Hits.

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It went to number 6 on the UK Singles Chart.more »

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Woguy oh womanHave you acquired cheating on your mind, on your mindSomething"s wrong in between usThat your laugher cannot hideAnd you"re afrassist to let your eyes fulfill mineAnd lately as soon as I love you, I recognize you"re not satisfiedWomale oh womanHave you got cheating on your mind, on your mindI"ve seen the way males look at youWhen they think I do not seeAnd it harms to have them think that you"re that kindBut it"s understanding that you"re looking backThat"s really killing meWomale oh womanHave you got cheating on your mind, on your mindA womale wears a specific lookWhen she is on the moveAnd a man can constantly tell what"s on her mindI hate to need to say itBut that look"s almost everywhere youWoguy oh womanHave you gained cheating on your mindOh womale oh womanHave you obtained cheating on your mind...

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Gary Puckett Gary Puckett & the Union Gap was an American pop rock team energetic in the late 1960s. Their greatest hits were "Womale, Woman"; "Over You"; "Young Girl"; and also "Lady Willpower." more »