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- Jean? Sorbet?

- Thanks, Patrick. I"d love some.

- Do you want a bite?

- I"m on a diet. But give thanks to you.

- You don"t must shed any kind of weight. You"re kidding, right? You look good. Very fit.

- You can constantly be thinner, look better.

- Well, maybe we shouldn"t go out to dinner. I don"t desire to destroy your willpower.

- No, it"s all ideal.

- I"m not exceptionally great at regulating it anyway.

- So, listen, what perform you really desire to execute with your life? Just briefly. Summaclimb.

- And don"t tell me you reap working via kids, okay?



The finest lines and the the majority of famous quotes from the movie Amerideserve to Psycho (2000), featuring short sound bites which deserve to be used as ringtones or as practice computer sounds.

Actors: Christian Bale (Patrick Bateman), Willem Daenemy (Detective Donald Kimball), Josh Lucas (Craig McDermott), Reese Witherspoon (Evelyn Williams)

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