In the Old Testament, the Spirit of God resided in a box (the ark of the covenant). But God sassist, "That"s not excellent enough, I have to be closer to my civilization." So in His brand-new covenant, He put His Spirit IN US! — Karen Jensen



When somepoint horrible happens, it’s easy to become puzzled, especially once you begin wondering that or what resulted in it.

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Too many times civilization (also Christians!) think that God was the reason, or at the extremely least, He stood by and also enabled horrible points to take place.

Tbelow is somepoint I have to get directly best now: God is good, and the devil is poor. And that never transforms. If you remember nothing else from this blog article, please remember that!

God doesn’t cause trouble or trauma, sickness or death. He isn’t stealing from you, nor did He kill anybody…

He doesn’t stand also idly by and enable disastrous things to take place. What type of Father would certainly execute that?

Only a cruel, abusive, untrustworthy father would permit or cause somepoint bad to happen to his kid. God is none of those things! He’s not schizophrenic either. He doesn’t execute good one moment and then execute negative the following. He is a good and also loving Father.

Kcurrently Your Enemy

If not God, then who is at the root of evil on the earth? We have actually an enemy, and also it is Satan. In John 10:10 Jesus calls Satan “the thief,” and He claims, “The thief does not come other than to steal, and to kill, and also to damage. I have actually come that they may have life, and that they may have actually it more abundantly.”

This verse clearly says the duty of the evil one and the function of Jesus—and also the two never switch or mingle. The adversary steals, kills, and destroys. It’s his job to do so, and he does it well.

If tright here is any stealing, killing or damaging going on, the evil one did it! If someone stole your loved one, money, or tranquility of mind, it was the adversary, not God.

Jesus came to lug you abundant life. That’s His project. First John 1:5 states, “God is light and in Him is no darkness at all.” He has actually no capacity for darkness, only light.

James 1:17 adds, “Every great gift and eextremely perfect gift is from above, and also comes dvery own from the Father of lights, via whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.”In other words, just good comes from God. He won’t adjust from great to negative.

He is not sometimes saving and then periodically killing. Satan is the ruler of the darkness—the one who is stealing, killing, and also ruining on this earth.

That"s why the Holy bible states once you acquired conserved you passed from darkness to light (Acts 26:18; 2 Cor. 4:6). You moved from Satan’s kingdom into God’s kingdom. In the Scriptures, light is an attribute of God; darkness is an attribute of the enemy.

Don’t Get Cut Off From Your Help!

One of the best lies the evil one tells human being is that God reasons poor points to take place. Since the devil knows that if he have the right to gain you to blame God, or make you doubt God, then He has actually cut you off from your help. He has actually stopped you from trusting the One who loves you and also still has actually a good plan for you.

That stops your faith cold.

Then hopelessness sets in. Don’t listen to the devil"s lies! Don’t believe that God has stolen anypoint from you or brought about something poor to occur to you.

Make no mistake around it and also don’t ever before obtain confused again. God is good. You might have inquiries and might not understand why some things happen, yet that doesn’t readjust the nature of your heavenly Father. His intention and attention towards you is always great and also just for your great.

Look at what the Holy bible says:

"Oh, taste and view that the Lord is good; Blessed is the male who trusts in Him!" —Psalm 34:8

"For the Lord is good; His mercy is everlasting, And His fact endures to all generations." —Psalm 100:5

"Praise the Lord, for the Lord is excellent." —Psalm 135:3

"The Lord is excellent to all, And His tender mercies are over all His functions." —Psalm 145:9

I pray that you would plainly check out this truth: God is good, all the time, and also He will certainly never adjust. Don’t run from Him or blame Him, also once you have questions. He is your refuge and also toughness.

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You’re blessed once you trust Him. He is very reputable, and also His tender mercy toward you is everlasting. He just wants the ideal for you.

TAKE ACTION: Determine in your heart that God did not cause or also "allow" any kind of of the trouble or trauma you"ve skilled. Then pray this: "Father, forprovide me for blaming you for the devil"s job-related. I recognize that you are good, and in you tright here is no darkness at all. Now I ask you, in faith, to revolve the situation approximately. THANK YOU that you still have an excellent arrangement, and also you"re working all points together for my excellent (Rom. 8:28), in Jesus" Name!"

This is an excerpt from Karen"s book "Why God Why: What To Do When Life Doesn"t Make Sense" - check out the first part or order your very own here: http://www.lutz-heilmann.info/index.php/why-god-why