Is it correct to say "He is a one in a million type of perkid and student", for instance? To praise someone, interpretation he is just one of a kind. What expression would you indicate if it is not? I want to use this phrase in a kind of nomination yet I perform not recognize if it also exists, thanks a lot!


Yes, this is something aboriginal speakers say. It"s not a particularly widespread expression, but I don"t watch anything wrong through it. You can discover some examples if you search digital. When I did, I discovered this quote by the comedian A. Whitney Brown:

There are a billion human being in China. It"s not basic to be an individual in a crowd of even more than a billion human being. Think of it. More than a billion human being. That suggests also if you"re a one-in-a-million form of guy, there are still a thousand also males specifically like you.

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To me the expression sounds somewhat informal.

In my opinion, a appropriate means to say this is ...

He"s a good person/student. He"s one in a million.

Here, the idiom one in a million means -virtually unique; among an extremely few. Note that you have the right to likewise say one in a hundred but beware, that person can feel this as praising fairly much less ;)


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I wanted to understand whether tbelow are some comparable English idioms for this Persian Idiom or not?(look at the definition)

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