(knows third person present) (knowing current participle) (knew previous tense) (known past participle )

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1  verb If you know a truth, a piece of indevelopment, or an answer, you have actually it correctly in your mind. no cont I don"t know the name of the location...  V n `People prefer doing points for nothing."—`I know they do."...  V that I do not recognize what happened to her husband...  V wh `How did he accomplish your mother?"—`I don"t know."...  V We all recognize about his beforehand experiments in flying...  V about n/-ing They looked younger than I kbrand-new them to be...  V n to-inf It is not recognized whether the bomb was initially intfinished for the funding itself...  it be V-ed wh It"s constantly been well-known that key numbers in the government perform extremely well for themselves.  it be V-ed that 
2  verb 
If you understand someone, you are familiar with them bereason you have actually met them and also talked to them before. no cont Gifford was a frifinish. I"d well-known him for nine years...  V n Do you two understand each other?...  V n 
3  verb 
If you say that you recognize of somepoint, you mean that you have actually heard about it however you carry out not necessarily have most indevelopment around it. no cont We know of the incident yet have actually no better details...  V of n I understand of no one that would certainly desire to murder Albert.  V of n 
4  verb 
If you knowaround a topic, you have actually studied it or taken an interest in it, and also understand part or all of it. no cont Hire someone via experience, someone that knows around actual estate...  V around n She didn"t recognize anypoint about music yet she favored to sing.  V amount around n 
5  verb 
If you recognize a language, you have actually learned it and also can understand it. no cont It helps to recognize French and Creole if you want to understand also some of the lyrics...  V n 
6  verb 
If you recognize somepoint such as a place, a work of art, or an idea, you have went to it, checked out it, read it, or heard around it, and also so you are familiar via it. no cont No issue exactly how well you recognize Paris, it is basic to obtain lost...  V n 
7  verb 
If you knowexactly how to execute something, you have the necessary skills and also expertise to carry out it. no cont The health and wellness authorities now understand how to resolve the condition...  V wh-to-inf We recognize what to perform to make it occupational.  V wh-to-inf 
8  verb 
You have the right to say that someone knowsthat something is happening when they come to be conscious of it. no cont Then I observed a gun under the hall table so I kbrand-new that something was wrong...  V that The initially I kbrand-new around it was when I woke up in the ambulance.  V around n 
9  verb 
If you know something or someone, you recognize them once you check out them or hear them. no cont Would she understand you if she saw you on the street?...  V n 
10  verb 
If someone or somepoint is knownas a specific name, they are called by that name. no cont The disease is even more frequently known as Mad Cow Disease...  be V-ed as n He was born as John Birks Gillespie, yet everyone kbrand-new him as Dizzy...  V n as n He was the just boy in the college who was known by his Christian name and not his surname.  V n by n ...British Nuclear Fuels, otherwise well-known as BNFL.  V-ed 
11  verb 
If you understand someone or something as a person or thing that has certain characteristics, you take into consideration that they have actually those attributes. Lots of civilization recognize her as a really type woguy...  V n as n 
13 If you talk about a point or device as we understand it, you are referring to the develop in which it exists now and which is familiar to many people. ♦as we understand it  phrase n PHR He planned to end the welfare mechanism as we recognize it.  
14 If you gain to know someone, you find out what they are prefer by spfinishing time via them. ♦to acquire to understand sb 
 phrase gain inflects, PHR n The new neighbors were acquiring to recognize each other...  
15 People usage expressions such as goodness knows, Heaven knows, and also God knows once they do not understand somepoint and also want to indicate that nobody can perhaps recognize it. INFORMAL ♦heaven/god/lord/christ and so on knows 
 phrase PHR as reply, PHR wh `Who"s he?"—`God knows."  
16 You say `I know" to display that you agree through what has simply been said. ♦I know 
 convention `This country is so awful."—`I recognize, I understand."  
17 You say `I know" to show that you accept that something is true, but think that it is not exceptionally vital or pertinent. ♦I know 
 convention `Tbelow are trains right from Cambridge."—`I know, however it"s no quicker."  
18 You use `I know" to express sympathy and also knowledge towards someone. ♦I know (how you feel, etc) 
 phrase PHR wh/that I understand what you"re going via.  
19 You can use I do not recognize to suggest that you carry out not completely agree with somepoint or do not really think that it is true. ♦I don"t understand (about that) 
 phrase usu PHR around n, PHR that `He have to rather sindicate reauthorize."—`I don"t know around that."  
20 You can say `I do not recognize around you" to show that you are going to offer your very own opinion about somepoint and also you want to discover out if someone else feels the exact same. ♦I don"t recognize around you 
 phrase PHR but cl I don"t recognize around the remainder of you, but I"m hungry...  
21 You use I don"t know in expressions which indicate criticism of someone"s behaviour. For example, if you say that you carry out not understand how someone can perform something, you expect that you cannot understand also or accept them doing it. ♦I do not know how/what 
 phrase PHR wh  (disapproval) I do not know exactly how he could do this to his own daughter...  
22 People sometimes usage expressions such as I"m blessed if I recognize or damned if I know to emphadimension the fact that they carry out not know something. INFORMAL ♦(I"m) blessed/damned/buggered if I know  phrase oft PHR as reply, PHR wh  (emphasis) `What was that all about?"—`Darned if I understand."  
23 If you are in the know about something, specifically somepoint that is not known about or understood by many kind of world, you have actually indevelopment about it. ♦in the know  phrase usu v-attach PHR It was gratifying to be in the know around essential people...  
24 You can use expressions such as you understand what I intend and if you understand what I mean to suggest that the person listening to you understands what you are trying to say, and also so you perform not need to describe any more. SPOKEN ♦you know what I mean 
 convention None of us continued to be lengthy. I mean, the atmosphere wasn"twell, you recognize what I mean...  
25 You say `You never know" or `One never before knows" to show that it is not definite or particular what will occur later, and to imply that there is some hope that points will revolve out well. ♦you never know 
 convention  (vagueness) You never know, I could get lucky...  
26 You say `Not that I recognize of" as soon as someone has asked you whether or not something is true and also you think the answer is `no" but you cannot be certain because you perform not recognize all the facts. ♦not that I know of 
 convention  (vagueness) `Is he married?"—`Not that I understand of."  
27 You deserve to use expressions such as What does she know? and also What execute they know? as soon as you think that someone has no right to discuss a case because they perform not understand also it. ♦what does sb know 
 phrase oft PHR about n  (disapproval) Don"t listen to him, what does he know?...  
28 You usage you understand to emphadimension or to attract attention to what you are saying. SPOKEN ♦you know  convention  (emphasis) The problems in tbelow are awful, you recognize..., You recognize, it does worry me.  
29 You use you understand once you are trying to explain more clearly what you suppose, by referring to somepoint that the perkid you are talking to knows about. SPOKEN ♦you know 
 convention Wear the white dress, you recognize, the one via all the black embroidery.  
30 You can say `You do not know" in order to emphadimension exactly how strongly you feel around the remark you are going to make. SPOKEN ♦you do not know 
 phrase PHR wh  (emphasis) You do not know just how good it is to speak to somebody from residence.  
31  → to understand best  → best  → to understand better  → better  → to recognize no bounds  → bound  → to know something for a fact  → fact  → as far as I know  → far  → not to recognize the first thing about something  → first  → to know full well  → full  → to let someone know  → let  → not to recognize the interpretation of the word  → meaning  → to understand your very own mind  → mind  → to know the ropes  → rope 
  (know-alls plural )If you say that someone is a know-all, you are crucial of them bereason they think that they understand a lot more than other civilization.  (BRIT) INFORMAL  n-count  (disapproval) in AM, use know-it-all  
 in AM, use knowhow  Know-just how is knowledge of the methods or methods of doing something, specifically somepoint technical or valuable. INFORMAL  n-uncount usu with supp (=expertise) He hasn"t acquired the know-just how to run a farm.  
  (know-it-alls plural )If you say that someone is a know-it-all, you are crucial of them because they think that they know a lot more than other human being.  (AM) INFORMAL  n-count  (disapproval) in BRIT, usage know-all  

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