When participating in an extreme sport like footround, it is extremely necessary to equip yourself closely to avoid injury. One of the items to equip is the shoulder pad. A top quality pad will certainly assist protect your chest and shoulders from shocks. So exactly how to select the ideal footsphere shoulder pads? Let’s uncover out through Scott Fujita!


In-depth reviews of the 10 Best Footsphere Shoulder Pads in 2021How to choose your footsphere shoulder pads: Useful tipsFrequently Asked Questions

In-depth reviews of the 10 Best Footround Shoulder Pads in 2021

1. Xenith Element Hybrid Varsity Footround Shoulder Pads

Linebacker is a mix of defensive midfielder and also protective defender. Their pads likewise need to be hybrid. If you are in search of the perfect fit for roadsiders, choose Xenith Element Hybrid Varsity Football Shoulder Pads.

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Let’s immediately refer to the ideal footround gloves 2021

With lightweight defense, you’ll be able to relocate through ease, which every paving provider requirements. These pads also don’t restrict activity as well much and also come through straps to save you in location in the pad. Four even more ploffers of these pads are that they’re breathable, moisture-wicking, four-method stretch, and also are compressed.

Xenith Element Hybrid Varsity Footround Shoulder Pads for Adults - All Purpose Protective Gear (Medium)
as of November 5, 2021 3:25 am


Coverage for all objectives.Lightweight.Durable.Affordable.Easy maintenance.


If you have actually a wide shoulder, it will be fairly tight.

Hybrid is a balance in between activity and coverage for the modern-day player that doesn’t need place. If you’ve reduced coverage and still have success, these pads are for you. Xenith shoulder pads designed for committed athletes. Without sacrificing defense, light weight and also low profile permit complete array of motion

Bottom line

The Xenith Element Hybrid Varsity Footround Shoulder Pad is just one of the best football shoulder pads for any trailblazer searching for a brand-new collection of pads. You will certainly be able to cover favor a defensive defender and also attack like Ray Lewis.

2. Schutt Sports AiR MAXX Football Shoulder Pads

Schutt Sports AiR Maxx Flex 2.0 Footround Shoulder Pads are suitable for any type of quarterback. With small shoulder pads and larger chest and flank protectors than the general-purpose versions of these pads, they offer Quarterbacks the best variety of arm range of motion essential for throwing and sneaking, and at the exact same time safeguard signal callers from damaging sacks.


Highest level of defense.Mobility.Flexible.Modern architecture.Designed for quarterbacks.


Not sufficient information.

Air Management pincluding sits in the primary over-the-shoulder hit area, while at the front and also ago are heat-managed pincluding through perforated EVA coated via high-thickness 3D molded EVA to administer ventilation and also spread impact.

Performance stitching at the shoulder gives a much better fit to the body. Redundant Energy Lock modern technology and also TPU cushioning give you the greatest level of defense available. The Tactical Dome design gives sleek security where it’s needed.

Bottom line

These pads are designed through open-area foam through “microscopic air chambers,” permitting for an extra compact and lightweight style that still absorbs blows. Air Maxx Flex 2.0 pads include a high-performance dome style and also D30 energy locking modern technology.

3. Xenith Element Skill Varsity Footsphere Shoulder Pads

For any position on the footsphere field, the Element line of shoulder pads is designed to be a lightweight solution. Choose from Skill, Combicountry, or Liner depending upon your place and also playing style, then even more customize your fit with removable clavicle and also deltoid pads.

Anti-bacterial foam and removable padding make cleaning and maintenance simple. The no-frills bezel-less style ensures tool supervisors don’t have to scramble for game components.


Good for rate players.Lightweight.High maintenance.High durcapacity.Affordable price.


You must check the dimension very closely.

The brief chest visor and also integrated back plate prioritize variety of movement and also speed for experienced players. If you’re a DB high on a jumping round or a wide crotch that leans earlier for a back shoulder capture and also doesn’t want to affect selection of activity then Element Skill is designed for you.

Xenith shoulder pads designed for committed athletes. Without sacrificing defense, light weight and low profile enable complete array of movement. Removable padding provides cleaning and also maintenance easy.

The cordless design and buckled straps carry out durability and reliability in all seasons. The belt and buckle adjustment device eliminates unessential tops and straps, and also ensures the buckle stays snug.

Bottom line

Guard is specially designed for skill position players. By prioritizing variety of motion, Xenith Varsity Element Skill footround shoulder pads are designed for skill players. Crafted through a short chest pad and also integrated back pad, you’ll have maximum variety of movement to assist your rear shoulder capture without your shoulder pads obtaining in the method.

4. Riddell JPK Plus Shoulder Pads

Great for junior or progressed young players, the Riddell Power JPK + JV / Youth Footsphere Shoulder Pads – All Purpose packs all the functions of a professional-grade shoulder pad right into a little design template for young players. To the popular JPK line, the shoulder pad is an upday. For extended defense, it contains changes to the pleats and patches in addition to an attached backplate.


Specially designed lid for included security.Allows maximum movement.Air management lining to absorb sweat and also store players dry,Made of super durable plastic.Affordable.The deltoid pads are removable for simple cleaning.


Bulky at first.

The JPK+ includes Riddell’s Incorporated RipKord Technology, a release mechanism in the shoulder pad that permits trainers and also paramedics to quickly rerelocate the pad in the occasion of an injury.

The STAC Shoulder system enables the cap and headband also to lie level, offering maximum AC joint defense while enabling for maximum array of activity. The versatile design consists of a mid-length arch to give giants more defense up front. It additionally consists of an attached 1″ PVC belt and back plate.

Bottom line

Running backs need protective shoulder pads for maximum security from shots and also splits and also to administer full variety of movement to catch the pass. And the Riddell JPK Plus is just one of the best footsphere shoulder pads that offers you both.

5. Sports Limitless Possibility Footround Shoulder Pads

Check out the Sports Countless Prospect Pro Adult Football Shoulder Pads in situation you’re an adult footround player searching for a comfortable pair of shoulder pads that sell excellent defense. The pads have actually lightweight, breathable dual-density foam that cushions impacts during play. They additionally have a level architecture for comfort and ease of movement.


Biothane belt for the perfect fit.Amazing cooling and also breapoint system.Machine washable.For multi-position.Easy to clean.


Foam thickness could be much better.

These gears are designed to assist you get around the area without gaining hurt. With an tremendous blfinish of lightness and also durcapacity, these gears should be on your list if you desire perfect mobility and also security.

This product is designed via level pads that remainder low on the shoulders and therefore successfully provide a lot more comfort. Allowing your neck and also head to relocate completely, this style will aid you foracquire you’re wearing protective gear! Dual density foam provides perfect defense on influence.

Bottom line

Adult Footround Shoulder Pads are not limited to sporting activities prospects making for some great protective gear. It is among the ideal footsphere shoulder pads available in the industry.

6. Schutt Sports Varsity O2 Maxx Footsphere Shoulder Pads

This functional shoulder pad is a good option for any kind of footround player. Even paved or QB/WR models through much less pincluding have the right to take benefit of this upgraded buffer. The Schutt Sports Varsity 02 Maxx footsphere shoulder pads attribute TPU padding for enhanced top shoulder comfort.


Lightweight.Flexible.Ventilation dome.Energy lock innovation.TPU Air Maxx Cushion.


High price.

The finest thing around these pads is that they come equipped via AiR Maxx TPU padding that is strategically inserted approximately the shoulders to facilitate shock absorption. Ideally, this product attributes energy-locking modern technology that provides the footround shoulder pads a functional, lightweight and soft texture you’ll always love.

This is a product via vent holes to facilitate sufficient airflow and this minimizes warmth buildup. Plus, you’ll love that this product gives hefty hitters maximum shoulder defense. In enhancement, this is a product that is characterized by a lightweight and also versatile material that minimizes affect.

Bottom line

Do you want to invest in among the best football shoulder pads you deserve to buy on the industry today? These Schutt Footround Shoulder Pads are among the finest the market hregarding market in 2021. They function magnified cushioning defense for additional security for hefty hitters.

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7. Schutt Sports Varsity FLEX 4.0 Football Shoulder Pads

The Schutt Varsity Flex 4.0 All Purpose Shoulder Pad is constructed to fit many human being on the court, it is for the player searching for maximum defense and also performance. Ideal for Fullback, Linebacker, Defensive End, Tight End, Defensive Line and also Offensive Line positions.