Hey everyone, I'm coming as a PlayStation fan since the PS1. I basically just replay my favorite games nowadays over and also over (the Dishonored series and also Prey) and I've heard these play finest on Xbox. If it's all I play I figured why not play them at their best? So I was wondering if I must grab an Xbox One X or an Xbox Series S?

Obviously Series X would certainly be the finest option yet I just cant find one.

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Thanks for any kind of feedback


Series S. The One X absolutely feels last gen as it's hosted earlier by the prehistoric CPU and mechanical tough drive. Some games will look worse on Series S, however they'll run a heck of a lot much better and also basic system speed and also snappiness will certainly be a lot a lot better than One X.

If you're trying to find 4K gaming, then the Xbox One X, the Series S doesn't assistance native 4K.

The Series S can support 4K. It's simply that it's as well weak for a lot of games. Tbelow are some games that carry out run at 4K on the Series S.

I think my biggest things would certainly be fps for Dishonored and loading times which prey really suffers from on my ps4 pro

Its not also a choice. One x expense even more than a collection s appropriate currently and they dont make it anyeven more. Its old gen. If you dont have a 4k TV or if you perform it will certainly look excellent on a 4k. I went from a one x to the series s and also the just point I miss is the disc drive. Tbelow are games that run at 4k on the series s so to say it doesn't execute 4k is false. Outsiders runs at at 4k60hz I think. I have a 4k TV and games look wonderful on it. It is just 4k60hz yet it does examine every box other than VRR and gaming at 120hz. Get SS you will certainly not regret it.

I have a 4k tv and also my best pertains to are FPS for Dishonored and load times which Prey really suffers from on my ps4 pro

Series S all day. 4k is cool, current gen capabilities for pack times, frameprices and ray tracing and so on are a lot cooler. Resi 8 on one X will look a lot favor resi 7 on a one X, which is a shame because resi 8 has been made via even more advanced technology to be more immersive. You'd be robbing yourself of that type of point right currently and the capability to also run games in a pair of years.

Picked up a Series S bereason they were in stock at my local Tarobtain bereason why not.

I execute not miss 4K at all. The load times are much, a lot quicker, the FPS rise is amazing and also the consingle feels much even more steady than my One X. It doesn’t lag or take a while to pack the save or apps. Many of the time I don’t also notice a difference in the resolution. Only downside is the lack of disc drive and it doesn’t have actually a lot storage.

Personally I'd go via Series S bereason it has actually a lot more 60fps choices and also even 120fps.

I'm more around performance than 4K or Ray Tracing.

Xbox one x will just be on the offered market. Series s would be much better for performance and SSD pack times.

If you decide to get a One X you might always buy an outside SSD to speed up load times... yet many type of new gen games are struggling on my One X I can't play particular levels on Outriders for an instance... but if you like the oldies a One X through a exterior SSD should be enough.

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Speaking from experience, even a quick outside SSD on an Xbox One X will certainly not come close to loading performance on the new consoles. This is bereason a huge chunk of the fill time comes from the occupational the CPU does to decompush the assets. The new equipments are 4 to 6 times faster at this.