Roman Reigns Talks: Roan Reigns made his method to the ring, from the entrance ramp like on Raw; the crowd entrance looks to be gone. The live videos from the tapings let you in on the genuine reaction, which was not good, as the crowd hated him. They juiced up his intro via some high-pitched cheers, but you could still hear the boos. Reigns sassist that Triple H acquired what he deserved on Raw for running his mouth and for what he did to Reigns. Who ever lassist this out did not think this out well, bereason he sassist that he beat down Triple H, but that bereason he’s about the fight, he is here tonight. If you’re around the fight, your character wouldn’t have been gone for so long after your beat dvery own, let alone walked ameans for a nap at the Rumble, but I digress. Reigns sassist he’s in Triple H’s arena, eating his catering and standing in his ring, because he can. He then vowed to damage the Hs at Mania and also win the title. They maintained it short here, and also he was fine in its entirety. In a means I feel having him talk right here was a mistake; he must remain the even more silent ass kicker and also just leave a course of damage to look even more prefer a negative ass. This was a solid start to the display.

– We obtain highlights of Jericho turning on Styles, and also then from last week’s Jericho promo. That was a damn fine piece of service.

– Renee Young interregarded Styles backstage. Styles says that Jericho being upcollection at the fans for chanting for him is ridiculous, because the fans deserve to chant anything they want. Jericho made things individual, and it felt excellent to obtain some revenge on Raw. Kevin Owens came out and also compares Styles to Zayn, and also claims they have to acquire a WWE Netjob-related display wright here they host each various other and cry. Styles then sassist Owens was like Jericho, a smug jackass. They will face in the main event tonight, and Styles will certainly shut his mouth. Owens then informed Styles that he and also Renee have actually the very same hairreduced.

Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz: Ziggler tried to usage his ground game early, Miz laughable pulled guard and also they type of rolled about. Miz took a shortcut to gain an advantage, which did not last lengthy as Ziggler worked side headlocks. They did some earlier and also forth, and also Ziggler acquired a close to autumn off of a roll up. Ziggler had regulate until Miz swarm him to the edge, and also Ziggler took the Bret Hart bump. Miz sent out him to the floor as we took a commercial break. Message break, Miz regulated and functioned the warmth. Nice and also clean job-related for this reason far, Miz’s warmth is fine, yet while they discussed him being even more aggressive, he really wasn’t as compared to past outings. Ziggler started his comeback, hitting clotheslines and a slam; the cover acquired 2. They then went earlier and also forth, consisting of some counters and then Miz hit a large boot for the close to loss. Ziggler would respond to the skull-crushing finale, yet Miz acquired the number four. For those wondering, he did no work-related on the legs to collection that up at all, and Ziggler got the ropes for the break. Ziggler then hit the desperation superkick to pick up the win. That was a rock solid little TV complement, it had actually it’s problems, but it was clean and also then maintained an excellent pace as a whole.

– We see highlights of Ryback beating Sin Cara on Raw, and also The Ryback’s difficulty for a enhance at WrestleMania.

– Kalisto has actually accepted in this week’s special intercheck out via Michael Cole.

– We see highlights of Brock Lesnar confronting Dean Ambrose on Raw. We additionally view Foley pass on his barbed wire baseball bat to Ambincreased.

– Dean Ambclimbed went earlier to the roads of Cincinnati, back to his roots, to prepare for this fight with Lesnar. Lesnar trained to be a champion, while he dealt with to stay alive, to get ahead in life. Cincinnati made Den Ambrose, and he plans to share this experience through Lesnar at Mania.

– Miss Jackie is headed right into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Goldust vs. Bubba Ray Dudley w/Devon: Before the enhance even began, Devon brought out a table to distract Goldust. Bubba assaulted and also took manage appropriate ameans, slamming Goldust from edge to edge while yelling at him the whole time. Bubba was actually really funny here as he self commentated the complement, and also yelled at Goldust for wearing challenge paint favor the Usos. Bubba then got in the flip, flop and also fly while yelling, “just favor your daddy.” Goldust obtained fired up and made his comeearlier, because you don’t fuck through the Dream. Bubba bailed to the floor, Goldust complied with and also he took out Devon, yet when he tried to get back in the ring, Bubba caught him with a kick and also extended for the win. It was entertaining, through a level finish. Message enhance, the Dudleyz beat down Goldust, but R-Truth hit the ring to attempt and make the conserve. Truth was conveniently reduced off, and then the Usos made their method to the ring and we got a brawl between the two teams, however the Dudleyz bailed. This was a fine little bit segment to include some heat to the Usos vs. Dudleyz match at Mania, and to proceed the angle between Truth and Goldust.

Charlotte, Sasha and Becky Talk: Charlotte and Ric Flair made their method to the ring, I think Charlotte is wearing Nikki Bella’s hand me downs because that shirt looks familiar. Charlotte spoke about her connection via Sasha and also Becky, yet admitted that she wouldn’t be here this day without them and invited them to the ring. Becky came out initially, they bantered earlier and also forth and Becky made it clear that she wanted to win the title at Mania. Sasha then gone into the fray, and also Charlotte spoke about how she would talk around how they came together and how she thought of them as the Horsewoguys. Charlotte spoke about wanting to apologize, she told Ric she was sorry for reasoning that “those two” can be assumed of as Horsewomales. Charlotte cackled prefer a villain, and then ran down Sasha and Becky for not deserving the Horseguys name. Good stuff from Becky followed, telling Charlotte to take the name and contact her anything she wants, bereason at Mania she will be ripping her arm off and also taking the title. Sasha reminded everyone that she beat Charlotte for the NXT title, and also considering that her main roster debut, is unbeat. This resulted in Becky and Sasha arguing over that deserved the complement even more, via Becky dropping bombs on Sasha, saying that she had Dollar Store jewelry. Charlotte believed her arrangement worked and laughed maniacally; Sash and Becky dropped their beef and also beat her down for some revenge and also Charlotte had actually to bail. I favored that; Charlotte came off a bit even more normally here rather of required and wooden as she has in the previous. Sasha was fun, and Becky killed it. She’s been the many continual woman on the mic in the department.

– New Day came out to the ring, and they had trash bags through them. They joked about being mad at the Organization as Big E cut a Hulk Hogan/Warrior style promo, and then accepted the League’s challenge for Mania. The League is nothing but four bags of hot garbage, and kicked the bags to the floor while mocking each of them and calling them booty.

Kofi Kingston w/Big E and Woods vs. King Barrett w/Sheamus, Rusev and Del Rio: Kofi managed ideal away, doing the one-male stampede in the corner. Barrett bailed and we took a commercial break. Message break Kofi was in control, yet a distractivity from the Organization allowed Barrett to hit a big boot and also sfinish Kofi to the floor. Barrett took the warm, and also it was pretty lackadaisical. Thankfully Kofi began his comeearlier and hit an excellent high cross, and then a DDT for a near fall. Kofi was really fun below, it felt as it he was taking advantage of the single opportunity below. All the guys in the floor started to brawl and also it broke down as Kofi and Barrett were dvery own in the ring. The Organization gained the much better of Woods and Big E at first, however they dealt with ago and also the middle of the shenanigans, Kofi rolled up Barrett (via the tights) for the win. New Day then escaped and commemorated. That was a pretty bland also enhance out of Barrett, Kofi had a good outing, but I felt as if there was way also a lot bullshit going on; at least it’s establishing up for the Mania complement.

– They hype Mania week, and also we then watch Ambincreased at a bar acquiring his drink on. Ambincreased reminisced about his fights in this bar, some he lost and also some he won; however he constantly combated for pride and also where he came from. Ambclimbed promised to carry Cincinnati with him as soon as he encounters Lesnar at Mania.

– We gain highlights from Raw, focusing on the McMahon family members saga.

– The Social Outcasts are still a point, and also they were tbelow to say that they are top grade talent and that they are entering the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. Bo asserted that they would certainly win together, which caused them saying over who would certainly win. Dean Ambclimbed went back from binge drinking, and he had a kendo stick through him. Ambincreased beat the hell out of the Outcasts, which was fun and also permits Ambclimbed to actually look like a threat a she heads right into the match with Mania. Ambrose spoke around his little walk roughly the city, and provided that Lesnar would be on Smackdvery own following week. So next week, he will stand also in this ring and also obstacles Lesnar to meet him there.

Non-Title Match: Champion Kevin Owens vs. AJ Styles: Nice pacing to open the complement, via Styles hitting the dropkick combo. Styles looked to run wild, but Owens cut him off when he went for a springboard, hit a neck breaker and also then the senton to send us to the break. Article break, Owens had actually manage as some woman from the crowd yelled that he looked pregnant. Owens yelled at Mauro, because “I deserve to hear you from right here.” Owens has tremendous banter. Styles was able to sfinish Owens to the floor, and also as soon as he came ago in Styles hit a striking combo to take Owens dvery own. Styles would low bridge Owens to the floor, and also the forearm plancha followed. Styles then busted out the Ushigoroshi. Lawler had no principle what this was, and also Mauro defined wbelow AJ gained the move to him. Owens would certainly protect against the asai DDT, and also hit the modified package powerbomb for a close to autumn. Owens entirely turned Styles inside out on a clothesline spot. These two had a nice ago and also forth after that, Owens hit the superkick but Styles countered the pop up powerbomb into the PELE. A back breaker into powerbomb by Styles scored a good near fall. Styles headed up optimal, acquired reduced off however he knocked Owens to the mat and also would certainly then go for the springboard forearm, yet Jericho’s music hit and he arrived to distract him. Styles ate a large boot and also pop up powerbomb, and also that was that. That was an excellent enhance in its entirety, I think they can easily execute better, but they achieved their goal below I felt. Owens mockingly clapped for Styles and also then stole among his gloves. Owens bailed and also Jericho involved the ring include to the loss by hitting a codebreaker on Styles. Jericho gained the mic and mockingly chanted “AJ STYLES” continuously. He’s such a complete dick in the finest method possible. This is a enhance that really required a much better develop. It’s a very first time enhance for WWE, and additionally has the background that Owens tossed AJ from the Rumble. The reality that this didn’t even acquire a appropriate week’s build is really negative, and also I don’t desire to hear about the Netoccupational era or any of that bullshit, tbelow is no reason not to develop effectively to this.

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As for AJ losing, it’s not concept in my opinion, yet he was distracted and also Owens as a champion needs to win, even if by shenanigans.