Both satisfactivity and also disappointment have actually been the order of the day in the first 2 Andre the Giant Battle Royal matches.

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The joy of Cesaro"s victory in the first match—which took place on the main show—was reinserted with a touch of frustration the adhering to year.

Big Show"s victory in a complement that was consigned to the pre-present didn"t really leave fans optimistic about a contest that, initially, felt prefer a showinstance for a brand-new star to break via and also lay a platform for future success.

So, which means will the firm go this time? Will it be a younger talent that wins and sets the scene for a big few months, or will certainly it be even more reward for the career of among the veterans in the bout?

Let"s take a look at some of the many most likely contenders in this pre-WrestleMania power ranking.

5. One of the Social Outcasts
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They"re all evidenced as entrants for the complement this Sunday—and also if WWE wants its fans to take The Social Outcasts seriously, sucount among them hregarding go cshed to winning it?

When looking at the potential winners from the group, two stand also out in particular.

There"s Heath Slater, that is the de facto leader of the team and also is the man who does many of the group"s talking. He hasn"t really had actually a push to soptimal of because back as component of The Nexus. Sure, tright here was his run of gimmick matches in the run in the direction of Raw 1000 a few years earlier, yet that was him jobbing to a series of veterans.

Or what about Curtis Axel? A former midcard champion in his own right and also someone who was taken under Paul Heyman"s wing, Axel still feels like he might craft a decent career as a solo star in the years to come—although admittedly not in the main event scene. 

If WWE is looking at an outsider to win the Battle Royal, why not among this stable?

4. Damien Sandow
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WWE provided Damien Sandow a WrestleMania minute last year as soon as he broke amethod from The Miz, however you can"t doubt that they faicaused construct on it.

So could the company execute the ideal point and also provide victory in a enhance prefer this to someone who deserves it, and also someone who"s been undeservedly on the sidelines for so long?

With the bout most likely occurring on the early on component of the show, victory to someone the fans would certainly love would be a good way to get the crowd in the mood for the main event matches.

Tbelow are a couple of other males who fall into that bracket, however Sandow himself would obtain a substantial pop if he scored victory.

Tbelow are much more most likely candidays, admittedly, yet Sandow would certainly be a renowned choice.

3. Kane
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As of the moment of creating, tbelow are still some spots available for WWE stars to sign up with in the fun of the Andre the Giant Battle Royal.

Expect a surprise to be thrown in among those, yet you would assume that a veteran has a opportunity of going cshed to victory.

WWE has teased tension in between Big Sjust how and also Kane lately, and also a friendly alliance on occasions, and Kane himself feels prefer a credible risk as soon as it concerns winning the whole thing.

As discussed right ago at the start of this slideshow, WWE may lean towards its choice of providing a veteran a victory on the grandest phase of them all, and Kane"s longevity is well worthy of a reward.

Sure, there"s a preference to go with someone fresh and also younger in the eyes of many type of, yet if we"re going dvery own the path of an old-timer gaining a swarm at success, ago Kane. 

2. Cesaro
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Immediately, it would certainly be easy to review this and also think that Cesaro has actually no possibility of contending in the match—but reports online earlier this week indicate it might be a opportunity.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t WrestlingInc) notes that the Swiss Supermale is a potential surpclimb candidate to present up, after WWE officials reportedly had talks around putting him in the 20-man complement.

Now when you"re searching for somepoint significant to occur in the early component of the display, placing Cesaro in would certainly attract among the biggest pops of the whole night without doubt.

And if he enters, he"s gained to come to be among the hot favorites right away.

It would certainly be among the moments of the night and also might be the springboard for some massive success for Cesaro upon his rerevolve. If the agency trusts him, he"ll fulfil the potential he has promised for so lengthy.

1. Braun Strowman
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This list has featured plenty of candidates the fans would love to view win—but unfortunately, the many likely candiday for success this year is someone that wouldn"t go dvery own that well at all.

Braun Strowman isn"t evidenced as an entrant for the enhance just yet, however favor Luke Harper, he has actually a solid opportunity of showing up in the bout and also bring about mayhem.

And if he"s in, it will certainly likely be a big clue towards the fact that the firm is still high on pushing him—which would certainly probably mean victory here.

It would be a kick in the teeth for the reduced midcard guys that will be hoping for their opportunity in the spotlight, yet unfortunately, the plans to push Strowmale display no indicators of slowing dvery own.

If he enters, he"s probably the overwhelming favorite.

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