I’m not a particularly unpatriotic perchild. I love India – not just bereason I’m born right into it, yet because it has so much potential. Tbelow are plenty of fregulations, but I think that things will obtain better. I love its democracyand also I more or much less favor the direction its taking.

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Can you Blindly Obey?

But would certainly I provide up my life for it? After some believed, I’ve decided the answer is…No.

A “nation” is also vague an concept for me sacrifice something so valuable. I have the right to imagine giving my life to safeguard someone cshed to me – someone, or some civilization I love. Such as a household for circumstances if the threat is significant enough. But I can’t imagine dying to protect guy made boundaries to which I have actually no actual close connection.

In short, I would make a poor soldier.

It’s because I’m unable to blindly follow anything. I can never before completely submerge myself in a larger entity, a larger reason, and will certainly myself to shut my eyes to everything else. My core individualism simply doesn’t allow that to occur. I’m glad tbelow are some civilization that can carry out that – put their stays at risk in unquestioning obedience to their premium police officers. But there shouldn’t be as well many. After all, that’s what fanatics are made of.


Just Following Orders?

I see my life as as well precious a gift to squander away without a tangible advantage. I get one swarm at living and also will dissolve right into nothingness once I die. It’s so brief a spark after all. We’re all born alone, essentially die alone – and also that’s the end.

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Sometimes tactical sacrifices are essential in war. Maybe a contingent to delay the opponent for a while. They’re intended to fail. And often, just the exceptional police officers understand the meant outcome. Only they recognize the overall strategy. The rest of the soldiers are pawns. Pawns who don’t question why they’re asked to execute whatever before they’re asked to carry out. I can never before be that pawn. To relinquish my grip on life just to serve a higher cause under someone else for functions I don’t completely understand…not for me.

What does this intend as an Indian? I know it’s patriotic to say that you’ll give your life for your nation. I understand there’s no legislation saying that you must desire to provide up your life. And that’s among the factors why I love India. But how a lot is it meant informally? Are Indians intended to lay down their stays to protect their borders?

How many kind of people are choose me? Would you offer up your life for your nation in the manner outlined above?