Near the finish of a game of Words With Friends, the game seems to be stuck in a mode wright here neither player have the right to make a move. On the main display on both phones it indicates that it"s my relocate, but once I go right into the game board it shows my last relocate rather of my opponent"s. The pass, recall, and also swap butloads are all disabled, and I"m not permitted to resign because the game doesn"t identify that it"s my relocate on this display screen.

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I"ve tried rebooting my phone to unstick the game (so did my opponent), and also that didn"t occupational. This is the cost-free variation of the game on Android if that helps. Has anyone else skilled this certain problem? If so, exactly how execute I acquire this game unstuck?


I"ve had this trouble prior to also, never before really looked right into just how to solve it, yet now that I think about it.

Wiping the application information for words with friends (Setups -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> Words Free -> Clear Data), then founding the application aacquire (requiring you to log in since you wiped the data) need to refresh your game.

As I was inputting the over I observed that there"s a "clear cache" button listed below the "clear data" switch. That might deal with the problem also. Clearing the cache would empty what is tright here and pressure a refresh from the servers. If clearing the cache doesn"t job-related, the the paragraph above must deal with the difficulty.


I had a somewhat various problem wright here there"s an "Oops" message and also that specific game disappears from the Android phone. To job-related roughly it I logged on using a PC to end up that round.

Not the greatest solution, however better than remove/reinstall.

Also....I terminated without rerelocating the application, which additionally fixed my problem. This is under settings....apps....Words With Friends. May also clear information and cache while you"re there. This additionally took care of players" names that were numbers.

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Sorean my game was still stuck. I ended up having actually to uninstall the game completely then reinstall it. That synched the game up to its correct state.



Login to: Go to "Broken Game?"Select "Words via Friends" Click "Refresh Game(s)"


The means i did it was by going to manage apps then going to the game then clearing the cache. Then pressure speak. I had actually to carry out this a few times but finally it deleted it..Note: you"ll have to return to the game and pull down to refresh it, that"s exactly how you would certainly understand it"s gone. It will soptimal popping up on your recurring game web page. Then go to the bottom and inspect to view if it"s on the finimelted game area. You"ll need to be patient as it have the right to acquire frustrating. But inevitably it will certainly clear it....ZTE max Android....Hope this helps

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