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Gray skies are gonna clear up,Put on a happy face;Brush off the clouds and also cheer up,Placed on a happy confront.Take off the gloomy mask of tragedy,It"s not your style;You"ll look so excellent that you"ll be gladYa" decide to smile!Pick out a pleasant outlook,Stick out that noble chin;Wipe off that "complete of doubt" look,Slap on a happy grin!And spcheck out sunshine everywhere the area,Just put on a happy face!Put on a happy facePut on a happy faceAnd if you"re feeling cross and also bitterishDon"t sit and also whineThink of banana break-up and licoriceAnd you"ll feel fineI kbrand-new a girl so gloomingShe"d never laugh or singShe wouldn"t listen to meNow she"s a suppose old thingSo spreview sunshine all over the placeJust put on a happy faceSo, put on a happy face
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