I think this is initially a term provided in biology or development concept. I heard it in a youtube video yet I cannot discover it now.

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Edit: This word does not have actually negative connotations. For instance, an animal may construct a various means to usage an organ intfinished for something else. Or you can use a large book as a door speak.




Using "improvise" and "improvisation" in a sentence to illustrate the meaning:

We lacked the purpose-developed devices to perform the task, so we had actually to improvise, utilizing just the devices easily accessible.

Our improvisation of utilizing a garden hoe to mix the cement worked well.



Argained -what"s the answer to the title?

ad hocLatin, meaning: for this -Wiki

ad hoc have the right to additionally mean makeshift options, shifting contexts to produce brand-new interpretations, poor planning, or improvised occasions.

See more: There Are Two Closing Entries. The First One Is To Close _____; The Second One Is To Close _____.

ad hoc ˈad-ˈhäk, -ˈhōk; ˈäd-ˈhōk adjective -MW

1,b : formed or offered for particular or prompt difficulties or needs 2: fashioned from whatever is automatically available: improvised

Shoehorn perhaps?


Verb 1. shoehorn - fit for a particular purpose even when not well suited

Anomaly? possibly the civilization anomaly might be offered to describe this practice or

anomalous-being out of the ordinary that was an anomalous year for the housing sector, so the variety of starts is anypoint but typicalSynonyms aberrant, aberrated, abnormal, superior, atypical, eunique, exceeding, extraordinaire, extrasimple, freak, odd, strange, phenomenal, preternatural, rare, singular, unprevalent, uncustomary, distinctive, inexplicable, unwonted

Palimpsest. A beautiful word and also a magical thing. "Something such as a work-related of art that has actually many kind of levels of meaning, forms of style, etc. that build on each various other," according to the Cambridge Thesaurus.

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A single noun for a composed article intfinished to sway the reader to a particular political purpose?
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