I newly started finding out French and am perplexed by its pronunciations. The primary problem being that the words never seem to sound the means they"re written - isn"t what it seems to be! (I recognize lutz-heilmann.info isn"t any better, however objections of my monitorings are safely off-topic here!) I require a word which suggests this deceptiveness/inconsistency while not sounding as well negative. Because I still am fascinated by French.

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For instance, here"s somepoint I"d choose to say: Oh french, you ____________ beauty!

So it really cant be too negative, unless you think the following word "beauty" renders for an amusing/endearing oxymoron. Then if the all at once sentence doesn"t sound as well negative, I"m willing to accept any kind of word.

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asked Sep 19 "16 at 11:58

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"Devious" appears to fit.
Sep 19 "16 at 12:02
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The Oxford Dictionaries website provides as a definition of "inconstant" the following: "Frequently changing; variable or irregular". Synonyms suggested encompass fickle, wayward, capricious, volatile, flighty, erratic, mutable, mercurial, and also ircontinual. Any among these could fill the blank in your sentence.

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answered Sep 19 "16 at 15:30
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If you desire to emphadimension that you are generally tricked right into making use of the wrong pronunciation, possibly cozening. It"s a reasonably rare, old-fashioned word that sounds friendly and also cozy, but to cozen actually means

a. trans. To cheat, defraud by deceit.

a. To deceive, dupe, beguile, impose upon.

To beguile or cwarm right into, up, and so on.; †to induce by deception to perform a point.

("cozen, v." OED Online. Oxford College Press, September 2016. Attestations and also some added sub-definitions omitted.)

As suggested by the third definition, cozen and also cozening often have connotations of seductiveness, which seems specifically apropos for somepoint that is fascinating and also beautiful but leads you right into error. For example:

No courtesan! Hast thou deceived me then? Tell me, thou wicked-honest cozening beauty! Why didst thou draw me in with such a fair pretence, why such a tempting preconfront to invite, and the entirety piece so usemuch less and also unedifying? (Aphra Behn, The Feigned Courtesans, initially staged 1679)

I never before did believe in your false face,/I kbrand-new you well in eincredibly various other point,/But your fine eyes shone with so bappropriate a grace,/Your functions were so sweet and also cozening,/That to your promises my hopes would cling;/My heart believed in them; and for this I die. (Alistair Moffat, Tuscany: A History, 2011; translating from Italian)

He remained in a manner tricked, coney-caught, a court-dor to a cozening cotquean. (Anthony Burgess, Nopoint Like the Sun, 2013)

So, in your phrase:

Oh French, you cozening beauty!

Keep in mind that this is a fairly archaic term; although it is still in use, it certainly has actually an old-fashioned feel, and also some of the current usages which I"ve viewed do not appear to understand also the link to deception. For your functions, these facts may be somewhat in the term"s favor, as they might rather reduce the negative connotations.

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For a more alliterative expression, beguiling beauty has actually a nice ring, though I think the connotations of deceptiveness are much less clear tright here.