Joker is the term that defines human being that joke. Are tbelow any type of terms to explain the opposite of joker?


A formal adjective is


Some informal nouns are




I can"t think of any type of formal nouns or informal adjectives.

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If you desire to go the metaphorical course, there"s "machine," "robot," and also such choose. Of course the interpretation changes depending on context, but still, it"s an choice.

The mechanical metaphor sort of indicates a general lack of emotion, though, in which instance "Vulcan" could be more obvious for some people.

Another slangy sort of option would be "stiff." In my experience it doesn"t imply anything other than being unnecessarily formal, tense, no fun at all, which to me indicates not joking around and having fun through everyone else. Still not a perfect complement, though. In specific circles being a "stiff" also implies being dead. You can want to save that in mind just in case.


Some synonyms of already-suggested killjoy are grouch,spoilsport, and also wet blanket. However before, I"d look for synonyms of strait-laced, "Having narrow views on moral matters; prudish." (Prudish: "of too much propriety; quickly offfinished or shocked...") Synonyms of the latter encompass demure, priggish, prim, prissy, puritanical, square-toed, squeamish, straightlaced, straitlaced, tight-laced. Going for synonyms of recently-said deadpan gives impassive, poker-faced, unexpressive.

Edit: Prompted by Larry Morries discuss non-jokers I looked up some provides of it. It isn"t a prevalent term (fewer than 3000 Google hits) however in a half-dozen peras I looked at was continuously provided especially to contrast people that joke via people that do not. Example: 1898 J. F. Muirhead book, page 139.

How about uptight? Has someone thought about this to be an apt word for world that hate jokes. I tried in search of a word after I dubbed somebody a snob for hating jokes and landed up right here.



Literary. Never before laughing; morose, laughter-hating.

The term offered to be obsolete but has been upgraded to "rare" by the OED.

See World Wide Words for an amazing conversation on the term.

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