Wonder Woman Seaboy 2, episode 3: “The Man Who Could Move the World” Original airdates: Sept. 30, 1977

Noel: So it shows up that we’re not done via World War II simply yet, Kerensa. This week the series tackled Japanese internment camps in the U.S. while tossing some telekinesis for good 1970s sci-fi measure. What say you about this episode? 

Kerensa: I chosen it! It was kinda slow-moving at times, however overall took pleasure in it. And I desire everything that Diana was wearing. 

What did you think?

 I think I have to begin on Steve, Jr.’s workout setup to pull off shirts choose he was wearing once he arrive in Los Alamos. Sexy.

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No, I really chosen it also, despite the type of ridiculous samurai stuff at the finish, bereason, really, type of painful.

What attracted me the majority of into the episode was, sort favor last week’s episode, that the show is willing to communicate the scars of World War II, still. It’s not making any considerable statements about them, mind you — no one in 1977 was going to say that the Japanese internment camps were specifically what we necessary to execute following Pearl Harbor — but the message is still out tbelow, the sense of awareness, and also it’s not somepoint I would’ve expected from this seaboy once it began off through a fencing robot.

Kerensa: Agreed totally. I thought that totality conversation between Wonder Womale and Ishida about the Japanese internment camps–and also about exactly how he thought she killed his brother was so amazing. Especially once he clearly dubbed her out about functioning through the enemy? I think in the background of the display (well what’s we’ve checked out at least) was among the the majority of political conversations that has actually taken place. I recognize that you were previously worried around this seakid re: having any type of type of deeper context–does this help?

Noel: Yes. I’m not expecting the display to acquire extremely thorough through a political and also activist agenda regarding this, or anything else, really. It’s not the show’s nature, and also it’s not the nature of this kind of genre, either, at the moment, as it sort of is currently. It’s a nice little of window-dressing for the display, and we view it extfinished right into the 80s as Vietnam ended up being a way of defining some mirrors and also masculinity, however the emphasis isn’t always on those scars. I am absent an extra feminist bent (where are all the various other ladies?!), but we’re just three episodes into a much much longer second seakid, so I’m pgetting to patience to myself.

My expectation around this, yet, might be a touch unfair. Wonder Woman’s an inherently political character, so I like for her to deal with these issues in some means. Then aobtain, I also assumed particular things about Supermale that we’re now apparently tossing aside.

What else stood out for you?

 I agree that I’m lacking a feminist bent too–and absent the lady villains of last seakid as well. 

Something else that stood out for me is again the partnership in between Diana and also Steve. I really choose that she’s treated as his equal in their functioning relationship. In comparison to last season, she was constantly treated as Steve’s secretary who didn’t carry out much and also right here she is currently splitting up the job-related via Steve–who doesn’t seem prefer he minds at all. It’s so excellent to see. I also like that they haven’t even appeared to think around delving right into romantic area in between the two. 

However, this computer system boss thing has acquired to go shortly. It feels SO cliche. 

Do you have thoughts around Steve and also Diana’s relationship?

Noel: This might be where my problem is? I’m searching for more woguys for Diana (and Wonder Woman) to connect with rather of zeroing in on the working connection in between Steve and Diana. It is, as you’ve provided, even more a heart of cooperative, equal work, through Diana…trusted?…to manage certain facets of the investigation It likewise gives a nice means for Diana to twirl right into Wonder Womale without having actually to consist of a ridiculous excuse to get away from everyone.

The computer system boss thing is horrible, however I’m simply resigned to it at this point. If only Blankenship were still alive! Marty made the point in the comments an episode or 2 earlier that it’s supposed to sound choose Jimmy Carter, however acomponent from the attempted southerly drawl, I’m not hearing it.

Kerensa: That’s a really excellent suggest re: Diana and also Steve. Let’s hope that we gain more women for Diana to interact via. Do you think we’ll obtain another version of our girl Etta? 

Anything else stand also out for you?

Noel: One point that has actually stood out for me has been the alters in Wonder Woman’s costume. These are detailed in the book we kept saying we were reading and would certainly comment on, so I thought I’d carry it up currently, as I felt like the lower cut of Wonder Woman’s height just appeared really noticeable this week.

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Kerensa: Interelaxing. I totally didn’t notice that at all. Why execute you think it specifically stood out?

Noel: Great. Make me look prefer the perv staring at Lynda Carter’s breasts all throughout an episode. Thanks, Kerensa!

No, Levine’s book did kind of prime me to alert it. She writes about the change to CBS: “In this variation, Carter’s hair was longer, looser, and also even more wilder and the Wonder Woguy costume revealed also more skin, through a lower-reduced bustier and higher-cut legs.” Levine identifies this as component of a larger trfinish within the second incarnation of the show as a “move amethod from her feminist status” and also towards coming to be “even more of a sex symbol.” I notification the hair once the season began, but I feel prefer the bustier was simply a more tbelow this time roughly than it was prior to. 

Levine links this up through putting Diana/Wonder Woman even more into a Charlie’s Angels mode (specifically in the 3rd seachild, it seems, once Diana’s not twirling exceptionally much, and taking down the bad guys as herself and not WW). So is she more jiggle TV-y at this point? Maybe not, considering that you didn’t notice…? 

Kerensa: Anytime I deserve to contact you out, Noel!

That does entirely make sense–I guess I simply wasn’t paying enough attention to the Wonder Woguy outfit. Mostly bereason I’m coveting all Diana’s 70s fashions. 

I execute agree via it seeming favor it’s going even more in the direction of a Charlie’s Angels mode even now–which I don’t understand if I like…

Noel: Levine pairs the 2 reflects in the chapter that I was quoting from, so it’s not too much of a surpincrease that we’re seeing the overlap. 

Kerensa: Oh god. That sounds so depressing. I honestly don’t recognize just how you can’t think about WW without a feminist context. It makes no feeling to me. 

I completely think that if Wonder Woman becomes exclusively a 1970s activity fantasy it will certainly gain boring because choose we’ve both talked around at size, we check out WW as a character that is inherently political so if that gets stripped amethod then what? 

Will it become specifically favor that awful Wonder Womale movie we watched? I’m gonna say no bereason we still have actually Lynda but it’s going to be really disappointing if it heads in that direction.