Who claims wine is just for stuffy snobs? Put the fun earlier in your glass and drink vino from Wino Sippers, glass cups with an included straw.

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Each pair of Wino Sippers is a single item of glass that’s both cup and straw! It’s not just whimsical; drinking from a straw keeps your pearly whites unstained from the wine’s tannins.The fun drinkware also functions a pair of incorporated feet that occupational in conjunction through the bottom of the straw to administer an extremely secure three-suggest base, regardless of how tipsy you are.

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Features & specsPair of wine glasses with incorporated drinking straws3-allude base for stabilityHolds 5 fl. oz. of wineMaterial: glass
Sip wine from a straw

Put down the pretense, pick up a Wino Sipper, and also toast to fun! The glass has a permanently attached straw on the bottom, so you deserve to enjoy eexceptionally last drop of your favorite fermented grapes in a fun way that won’t stain your teeth.

Sip doesn’t suppose gulp.

Never tipsy

You’re probably going to gain Wino Sippers so much that you usage them a lot. That suggests you might obtain a tiny tipsy occasionally. So it’s an excellent thing that the glasses themselves are super secure. Two glass feet team up through the under-installed glass straw to make a tripod that won’t be toppled over.

It stands on its very own 3 feet.

Deep reds and pat an early stage whites

Thanks to Wino Sipper’s stable three-allude base, wine won’t stain your carpet. And thanks to the included straw, wine won’t stain your teeth. Ordinarily, as soon as wine washes over your teeth, it deserve to leave unsightly maroon residue on your chompers. But as soon as you drink wine via a straw, you have the right to confidently smile, discovering your teeth aren’t turning crimboy.

You still should examine for spinach in between your teeth.

Double your drinking

What can be more fun than a Wino Sipper? Two Wino Sippers, of course! Each set contains a pair of straw-attached wine glasses. So grab a frifinish, get pouring, and also have actually some fun!

This specific wine pairs well via even more wine.

Question: Are they breakable?

Answer: They’re as breakable as any other glass.

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Question: Can I drink something various other than wine from them?

Answer: You can fill Wino Sippers via any type of beverage your little heart desires.

Question: If I blow into the straw, will it make bubbles?

Answer: Yep! Ordinarily, blowing bubbles in wine is unadvanced, but these glasses have no pretense. Plus, making bubbles is fun!