What was it you wantedTell me again so I’ll knowWhat’s happening in thereWhat’s going on in your showWhat was it you wantedCould you say it againI’ll be back in a minuteYou can obtain it together by then

The Studio, New Orleans, Louisiana.

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Dylan had actually percreated it 22 times live, initially on Jan 12, 1990 (New Haven, Connecticut) and also last time on April 6, 1995 (Edinburgh, Scotland).Top year was 1990 through 20 performances.

Toad’s PlaceNew Haven, Connecticut12 January 1990

What was it you wantedYou can tell me I’m backWe deserve to begin it all overGet it earlier on the trackYou acquired why attentionGo ahead speakWhat was it you wantedWhen you were kissing my cheek

Was tright here somebody lookingWhen you offered me that kissSomeone tright here in the shadowsSomeone that I might have actually missedIs tbelow somepoint you neededSomething I don’t understandWhat was it you wantedDo I have it in my hand

Whatever you wantedSlipped out of my mindWould you remind me againIf you’d be so kindHas the record been breakingDid the needle just skipIs tbelow somebody waitin’Was there a slip of the lip

What was it you wantedI ain’t keepin’ scoreAre you the very same personThat was right here beforeIs it somepoint importantMaybe notWhat was it you wantedTell me aget I forgot

Whatever before you wantedWhat deserve to it beDid somebody tell youThat you can gain it from meIs it somepoint that comes naturalIs it basic to sayWhy execute you desire itWho are you anyway

Is the scenery changingAm I obtaining it wrongIs the entirety point going backwardsAre they playing our songWhere were you when it startedDo you want it for freeWhat was it you wantedAre you talking to me

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