The assumed of un-pasting a display protector from one tool and re-applying it to an additional does not sound extremely wise. Screen protectors are not exceptionally expensive. Are you specific you want to carry out this?

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The "screens" (that percent provided to display things) are the same in dimension.

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The home button will be somewhat different.

The believed of un-pasting a screen protector from one device and also re-applying it to another does not sound exceptionally wise. Display protectors are not exceptionally expensive. Are you specific you want to do this?

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No, my setup was to buy an iPhone 6s glass screen protector bereason they are cheaper then the iPhone 7 display protectors. I understand they have actually them hiked up bereason this phone is brand-new. I simply believed I could save if the old ones fit.

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Robwithtoast wrote:

No, my setup was to buy an iPhone 6s glass display protector because they are cheaper then the iPhone 7 display protectors.

Well, I think the screens are different (as in in different ways made - they absolutely have various shade display capabilities) ... yet as I say the size of the screen area has actually not changed.

You"re paying rather a bit for a brand also new iPhone. Is it really worth saving a tiny amount of money on the protector? There is most likely a factor the protectors expense different quantities aside from sindicate taking care of a newer design iPhone. The protectors may well be literally different - though not in size.

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Yes it fits. I recently had ordered the privacy display from zagg and also it wasn"t even a month into having it where I upgraded from the 6s to the 7. I carefully removed the screen from the 6s and also put it on the 7. It fit perfectly. Although I am going to purchase the Sapphire glass by Zagg when it"s easily accessible.

yea good luck through that. It could be scratch resistant yet trust me it easily breaks or cracks. Haven"t you watched it from the watch sapphire displays?

Although the display screens are the very same dimension, the issue comes in through the peak component of your phone where the speaker/microphone is. The cut-outs tright here may be different. I had ordered a display screen protector to be ready for the launch and had to call firm for replacement. Could be I gained a defective one.

Of course, the peak percentage where the speaker is should not be extended by any type of protector, regardless of the iPhone version. Tright here should be no cut-outs, as there is no visible screen above the speakers. A screen protector must just cover the visible display area. The protector should not go past the visible location all over close to the speakers.

sbermale, that"s ssuggest not true. Some screen protectors are intended to cover the whole display, consisting of roughly the speaker and also over or roughly the camera lens (note, I said AROUND the speaker). Some display protectors might cover strictly over the display area, but your blanket statement is in error.

I am wondering the same point. I am utilizing an iphone 6 and also must replace the display protector. But many commodities now say they are for 7 so I am wondering if they are 6 compatible.

I think it need to job-related as they are virtually of similar outfits, but haven"t tried yet.

iPhone 7: 138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1 mm

iPhone 6: 138.3 x 67.1 x 5.04 mm <1>

So the just visible distinction is the depth yet that is irrelevant for a screen protector.

And from the photo below I think tright here is nearly, if not all, no difference from the looking. <2>



<2>Forbes Tech/iPhone 7 Vs iPhone 6: What"s The Difference?

One Thing Some Rumors That Have Been Spcheck out Around Is That The EarPiece is Longer Than The IPhone 6 because the 7 has actually the extra speaker however not truly sure if it will make much of a distinction for the display protector considering that tright here are various protectors through various cutouts.

I"m an IT manager. While waiting for "iPhone 7 screen protectors" I"d ordered to come in, an employee showed up with their 7, so I looked at among the brand-new iPhone 6 protectors I had about and also it appeared to be a perfect fit. Undoubtedly it was. When the iPhone 7 protectors actually arrive, I"ll hold them up against the various other ones just to watch if there"s an actual difference (they will be the same brand).

Not sure if there are still people wondering but after experimentation in perkid, both Zagg and Bodyguardz" tempered glass screen protectors for iPhone 7/S are just perfectly fine on iPhone 6/S. So I would certainly love to take the bet that various other branded ones need to be so as well a lot of most likely, glass-made or film materialed. But if you want to usage among those protective skin for your MacPublication lapoptimal choose Bestskinever, Bodyguardz or such simply pay attention to what sort of case you are making use of, if you are utilizing one. Due to the fact that these skin form protectors will certainly go to the very incredibly edge and won"t leave sufficient, if there is any type of room for your case, incredibly most likely. You don"t require a bulky one to make that take place, probably the branded ultra slimmed ones or such can make peace via those skin.

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I guess Sberguy does not know. I have actually the same question. My reason for asking is that a have many type of 6/6s screen protectors. One of our 8 i6s was upgraded to a i7.

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