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Double Feature! WILD ON THE BEACH 1965 UNITED STATE film. Excellent quality. It"s mayhem at the beach in this tuneful romp that centers on a coed and a frat boy that fight it out for possession of the exact same beach house. Both had actually scheduled parties there on the same weekfinish. Great tunes by The Astronauts, Sonny and also Cher, Jackie & Gayle and Sandy Nelson. Rock "n" roll, dancing, wild parties and lovin"! Frankie Randall, Sherry Jackson, Russ Bender, Booth Colmale. Wild on the Beach!Plus this bonus selection... HULLABALOO - 1965 U.S. TV Sjust how. Oct-11-65. Season 2. Sexactly how 22 Host: George Maharis: The Animals, Dionne Warwick, Joe & Eddie:, Hullabaloo Dancers, The Gentrys. WILD ON THE BEACH 1965 movie on DVD

Our discs are guaranteed for life.If a disc ever stops playing correctlytell us and also we"ll relocation for free.

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