Can"t Speak Thinking About Your Partner"s Past?

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Wife’s previous killing you?

Can’t sheight reasoning about your wife’s past? Wondering whether or not your wife’s previous is a “dealbreaker?”

If you’re struggling through your wife’s previous, you are not alone.

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Because I launched this webwebsite earlier in 2013, I’ve obtained hundreds of emails from thousands of husbands struggling through the adhering to subject: “Wife’s past is killing me.”

Sometimes, a husband has actually been troubled by his wife’s past because prior to their engagement. Sometimes, a husband also just starts obsessing about his wife’s previous years, or even years, after the wedding.

Although I receive emails from men and also women concerning all various kinds of “retroactive jealousy”—ie. intrusive thoughts concerning a partner’s past relationships/sex-related history—emails from husbands troubled by their wife’s previous virtually constantly come down to the same topic: sex.

Some husbands are troubled by the reality of their wife having any type of sex through anyone else prior to they married. Thinking of their wife’s previous partners renders them sick.

Other husbands find out some “dark sexual secret” around their wife’s past which can be thought about a “dealbreaker.” This is particularly common when the wife is talking around ex lovers non-speak.


However before, most of the husbands that write to me are fixated on simply one “thing;” one occasion, one perkid, one scenario, one sexual act… simply this “one thing” about their wife’s past that they can’t seem to stop thinking about. “I can’t gain over my wife’s past” – prevalent believed that goes through their mind.

Regardless of what did, or didn’t occur in your wife’s previous, dealing with unwanted curiosity and also intrusive thoughts deserve to be exhausting, depushing, and exceptionally frustrating.

And let me be absolutely clear: tright here is no “overnight fix” for retroactive jealousy concerning your wife’s past. To obtain to the bottom of this worry takes some initiative, humility, dedication, and an open mind.

And as I’ve learned after working through numerous one-on-one coaching clients and students taking my online course, retroenergetic jealousy is not simply about what did or didn’t happen in your partner’s past.

To acquire to the bottom of retroactive jealousy, we must acquire to the bottom of our worths, our expectations, our conception of ourselves and also our companion, our childhood, our own sexual past, and also much more.

All of this is to say: retroenergetic jealousy is complicated. (I wrote an entire book, and also designed a 10+ hour online course on this extremely topic.)

However: if you’re struggling through your wife’s previous, and you’re in search of a way to begin healing, here are 5 suggestions and also perspective shifts you have the right to implement instantly.

I have actually a lot more to say around this topic, however hopetotally, this will certainly serve as an excellent starting suggest.

(Buckle up. This is a little of a prolonged one…)

And to be clear, this advice is based upon my very own experience of retroactive jealousy, and also the experiences of hundreds of readers, students taking my online course “Get Over Your Partner’s Past Fast,” and also one-on-one coaching clients.


#1) Sheight talking to your wife about her previous.

I’ve extended this problem at length in various other videos and blog posts, so I’ll keep this allude brief.

However, if you desire to “sheight the bleeding” as quickly as feasible, the initially step is to automatically soptimal asking your partner inquiries about her previous. Wife talking about ex lovers? Stop her.

I recognize it’s tempting, I know you can’t stop thinking about it, and I recognize there’s a part of you that thinks that if you obtain the answer to “just one or two” more questions, you’ll uncover some tranquility.

But let me tell you from experience:

Retroactive jealousy doesn’t job-related that means.

You can’t “think” or “reason” your method via this worry. Really. And your wife can’t resolve this problem for you, no matter exactly how much she divulges about her past.

What’s more, the even more information you receive, the even more you’ll think you require. It’s a neverfinishing cycle, favor a junkie who assures himself he just requirements “another deal with.”

It just. Doesn’t. Work.

Chances are good that if you found this article/video, you currently recognize way too much around your wife’s past already.

And opportunities are additionally good that you have actually the answers to the most “important,” potential “dealbreaker” questions about your wife’s previous. (Which we’ll get to in a moment…)

So be disciplined with yourself, and also commit to STOP talking to your wife about her past—at least for the next 2 months.

And speak the Facebook/social media stalking too. I have the right to promise you that no great will come from it.

#2) Think hard around your values—and make a decision, one method or the other.

I composed an article/video about worths which I’d encourage you to take a look at. But in brief:

One thing I’ve learned over the years functioning on this problem, is that the civilization who occupational their means through retroenergetic jealousy are the ones who get clear around their worths, and also whether or not their partner shares their worths.

It’s incredibly hard to obtain past your wife’s past if you’re still grappling with whether or not your wife’s past is a “dealbreaker.”

Look, I get it. It’s confutilizing. You can love your wife, she can be the mom of your kids and also the woman you view yourself flourishing old with, however still… tright here are these nagging questions relating to her past…

How can she let herself carry out those things? What kind of woman would execute that? Why can’t I speak thinking around it? What does her past say about that she is, and that she can be in the future? My wife’s previous is killing me.

Now, nine times out of ten, the guy struggling with these concerns does not precisely have actually a squeaky-clean previous himself…

Retroenergetic jealousy deserve to seriously warp and distort our perspective on what is “normal” and also not normal, what is and also isn’t acceptable, what’s a dealbreaker, and also what’s not.

This is the single most-mistaken aspect of my job-related on retroenergetic jealousy.

When I tell you that retroactive jealousy is your problem, and also not your partner’s, I am NOT saying that your partner’s previous isn’t a dealbreaker. Of course, your values might be various than mine, and also anyway, I have actually no concept.

What I AM saying is that a) your companion can’t deal with this problem for you, and also b) you have actually a decision to make, one way or the various other, before you deserve to relocate forward.

Many males act choose the victim via regard to their wife’s previous.

And, in my mind, acting like the victim, and also being indecisive, is the antithesis of masculinity.

So don’t put it off: carry out whatever before you must carry out to acquire clear around your values, and decide, one way or the other: carry out I want to leave my wife, or work-related with this issue? Is this element of my wife’s past a “dealbreaker,” or not? Do I want to put in the job-related to obtain previous this, and also conserve my marriage, or not?

Spfinishing time in solitude deserve to be enormously advantageous in this regard. So can meditation, physical activities choose running, cycling, or hiking, spfinishing time through trusted male friends, an extensive solo road expedition, or speaking with a (good) therapist.

Whatever before decision you make, be sure you make it during an extended period when you deserve to think fairly clearly—NOT in the midst of a panic or stress and anxiety attack, or as soon as your retroactive jealousy is at its height.

Take my word for it:

MANY males make a rash decision around their wife’s past before they begin putting in the work-related toward overcoming retroenergetic jealousy and also then regret it for years afterward.

So whatever before decision you make: give it some major consideration, and also commit, one way or the various other.

Don’t necessarily rush your decision, yet in the interemainder of your personal sanity/tranquility of mind, don’t put it off forever either.

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Ask yourself: “Am I going to overcome this problem, or not?” It really is as easy as that. If you want to conquer this—truly, in your heart of hearts—and also you’re willing to put in the job-related, you will attain your goal.

And whatever before you decide, really commit to it. Write it dvery own on a tiny slip of paper, and store it in your wallet. Remember your decision, in your darkest moments, so you can continue to be on track via your healing.

What is NOT an choice is keeping one foot in, one foot out of the connection, sporadically “punishing” your wife for her past for the foreseeable future.

The reality is many, if not many womales have episodes from their past they regret, or feel shame about. And of course, your wife can’t change her past, and also neither deserve to you.

That leaves you to, as the ancient Stoics preferred to say, “focus on what is within your spbelow of affect, and also disregard every little thing else. Anything else is madness.”

So decide to leave her, or don’t.

If you decide to stay, commit to staying—and also doing whatever before it takes to stay disciplined, and also work via this problem.

And if you decide to leave, let me tell you that it might not ultimately fix your problem: retroenergetic jealousy has a nasty halittle bit of adhering to world throughmultiple relationships.

So don’t say you weren’t warned.

#3) Rely on your very own interior compass once it comes to your wife’s past.


With the explosion of the blogosphere, and also YouTube, and also endless easily accessible indevelopment from an endless variety of resources, I frequently say there’s never before been a much better, or worse time to be dealing with retroenergetic jealousy.

On the one hand, tbelow is most high-top quality indevelopment out tbelow, created by thoughtful, responsible world, through a real aim to assist others.

Unfortunately, at the exact same time tright here are many bitter, misogynistic, ridiculously insecure guys out there who think they have actually all the answers as soon as it involves womales, who is “wife material” and who is not, what is an “acceptable” number of past partners, that is a “slut” and who’s not, and exactly how to think around a woman’s past.

But it’s not up to them, or me, or anyone else, to tell you just how to think about your wife’s previous.

So rely on your own internal compass, whatever decision you make. Be mindful about the information coming in. Be cautious that you turn to for guidance.

Beware of civilization trying to gain you to concreate to their belief, and also infect you through their bitterness and also insecurity.

Life is confutilizing, we all make mistakes, we all have actually regrets, and also hopefully, a lot of of us are trying to be a much better perchild tomorrow. Hopecompletely, that additionally describes your wife.

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Be certain that you aren’t buying right into any ideology or perspective which is going to rob you of what you truly value in your life.