It is not often crucial to completely disassemble a mobile phone. However before, as soon as a technician is first learning about Mobile phones, disassembly have the right to be both informative and also fun. Technicians could disassemble a phone to perdevelop precautionary cleaning or to troubleshoot a problem. It might also be correct to disassemble a mobile phone when it has a problem of undetermined cause. Sometimes, the only means to diagnose a problem is to disassemble the phone external the situation . Disassembling a phone exterior the case can help via grounding troubles. A grounding difficulty occurs once the pcb is not correctly installed and also a map (a steel line on the pcb) touches the phone structure or any various other component on the phone, causing various other components to stop working. Don’t forget to rerelocate jewelry (ring) before disassembling a mobile phone.

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Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)

prealerts should be taken when disassembling a Phone. The pcb of mobile phones are subject to ESD.

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is a distinction of potential between two items that reason static electrical power. Static power have the right to damages digital devices without the technician’s expertise. The average person requires a static discharge of 3,000 volts before he or she feels it. An electronic component deserve to be damaged with as bit as 30 volts. Some digital components might not be damaged the first time static power occurs. However before, the results of static electricity deserve to be cumulative, weakening or eventually ruining a component. An ESD occasion is not recoverable—nopoint can be done about the damages it induced. Electronic chips are most vulnerable to ESD strikes.

Tech Tip: Atmospheric conditions impact static electricity

When humidity is low, the potential for ESD is higher than at any type of other time; yet, too a lot humidity is poor for electronic devices. Keep humidity in between 45 and also 55 percent to minimize the threat of ESD.


A technician have the right to prevent ESD by making use of a variety of techniques. The a lot of common tactic is to usage an anti-static wrist strap also called an ESD strap. One end encircles the technician’s wrist.

At the various other end, an alligator clip attaches to the pcb. The clip attaches to a grounding post or a metal component such as the power supply.

The digital symbol for ground is

.An anti-static wrist strap allows the technician and the mobile phone pcb to be at the exact same voltage potential. As long as the technician and also the electronic part are at the very same potential, static electrical energy does not take place. Technicians should usage an ESD wrist strap whenever before feasible.

A resistor inside an anti-static wrist strap protects the technician in case something accidentally touches the ground to which the strap attaches while he or she is functioning inside a computer. This resistor cannot defend the technician versus the possible extremely high voltperiods.

Tech Tip: When not to wear an anti-static wrist strap

Technicians should not wear an ESD wrist strap when functioning on power through high voltperiods tright here. Of course, a technician have to not be inside these tools unless correctly trained in electronic devices.

Anti-static gloves deserve to likewise be used rather of an anti-static wrist strap. Mobile Phones frequently carry out not have great locations to attach the wrist strap and the anti-static gloves work-related much better.

Anti-static bags are good for storing spare mobile phone pcb when the components are not in use. However, anti-static bags lose their performance after a few years.


ESD mats are accessible to place underneath a mobile phone being repaired, which might have actually a snap for connecting the anti-static wrist strap. Anti-static heel straps are likewise available.


If an anti-static wrist strap is not available, you can still minimize the opportunity of ESD damages. by staying attached to any kind of unpainted steel component. . This “self-grounding” approach is an reliable means of maintaining the technician and also the mobile phone at the very same voltage potential, thus reducing the possibility of ESD damage. It is not as safe as using an anti-static wrist strap. Also, removing the battery from the phone is a great idea. The battery offers a tiny amount of power to the pcb also when the phone is powered off and also will certainly not be provided for a long time. Almethods remove the battery and also use an anti-static wrist strap once removing or replacing parts inside a mobile phone.

Tech Tip: Good news about ESD

Due to the fact that your body and clothes have the right to keep up to 2,500V of static electrical power, you will be happy to note that digital manufacturers are making components that are much less susceptible to ESD. However, still ground yourself utilizing any kind of means possible. Each zap weakens a component!

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)

Electromagnetic interference (EMI, periodically called EMR, for electromagnetic radiation) is noise brought about by electric devices. Many gadgets deserve to reason EMI, such as a computer, a pencil sharpener, a motor, a vacuum cleaner, an air conditioner, and also fluorescent lighting. The electrical tools about the mobile phone case, consisting of a speakers,vibrator, reason even more problems than the pcb.


To assist via EMI and RFI difficulties,mitigate the inflow of dust.

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A specific type of electromagnetic interference that negatively affects computer systems is radio frequency interference (RFI). RFI is ssuggest noises that take place in the radio frequency selection. Anytime a mobile phone has an intermittent trouble, check the bordering devices for the source of that trouble. For instance, if the mobile phone goes dvery own only as soon as the pencil sharpener, EMI might be to blame. EMI problems are incredibly difficult to track to the source. Any electronic device, consisting of mobile phone,computers and also printers, can be a source of EMI or RFI. EMI/RFI have the right to impact any kind of digital circuit. EMI can additionally come via power lines. Move the mobile phone to a various wall outlet or to a completely different circuit to determine whether the power outlet is the trouble resource.