CCNA 2 v7 Modules 14 – 16: Routing Concepts and Configuration Full Exam Answers

1. Which attribute on a Cisco router permits the forwarding of traffic for which tright here is no specific route?

next-hopgatemethod of last resort*course sourceoutgoing interface

2. Which three benefits are gave by static routing? (Choose 3.)

Static routing does not advertise over the network, hence offering much better defense.*Configuration of static routes is error-cost-free.Static paths scale well as the netjob-related grows.

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Static routing frequently offers much less network-related bandwidth and fewer CPU operations than dynamic routing does.*The route a static route uses to sfinish information is known.*No treatment is compelled to maintain transforming course information.

3. What are two functions of dynamic routing protocols? (Choose 2.)

to keep routing tables*to assure low rexternal overheadto prevent exposing network informationto discover the network*to pick the path that is mentioned by the administrator

4. What is an advantage of using dynamic routing protocols instead of static routing?

less complicated to implementeven more secure in managing routing updatesfewer rexternal reresource overhead requirementsability to actively search for new courses if the current route becomes unavailable​*

5. What happens to a static path enattempt in a routing table once the outgoing interconfront linked via that route goes into the dvery own state?

The static course is rerelocated from the routing table.*The router polls next-door neighbors for a replacement route.The router immediately redirects the static course to use one more interchallenge.The static path remains in the table bereason it was defined as static.

Explanation: When the interchallenge connected through a static path goes dvery own, the router will remove the course because it is no longer valid.

6. What is a characteristic of a static path that matches all packets?

It provides a solitary netjob-related address to send multiple static courses to one location address.It identifies the gateway IP resolve to which the router sends all IP packets for which it does not have a learned or static path.*It backs up a route currently uncovered by a dynamic routing protocol.It is configured with a higher governmental distance than the original dynamic routing protocol has.

Explanation: A default static route is a route that matches all packets. It identifies the gatemethod IP deal with to which the rexternal sends out all IP packets for which it does not have a learned or static path. A default static route is simply a static course through as the location IPv4 resolve. Configuring a default static route creates a gateway of last retype.

7. When would it be more valuable to usage a dynamic routing protocol instead of static routing?

in an company wright here routers experience from performance issueson a stub network that has a single departure pointin an company through a smaller netjob-related that is not expected to prosper in sizeon a network-related wright here there is many topology changes*

Explanation: Dynamic routing protocols consume more rexternal resources, are suitable for larger networks, and are even more useful on networks that are prospering and changing.

8. Which path would certainly be supplied to forward a packet through a resource IP address of and also a location IP attend to of

C is directly linked, GigabitEthernet0/1O <110/65> through, 00:01:20, Serial0/1/0*S* <1/0> using is directly associated, GigabitEthernet0/0

Explanation: Even though OSPF has actually a greater governmental distance value (much less trustworthy), the finest enhance is the path in the routing table that has the a lot of variety of far left corresponding bits.

9. Refer to the exhilittle bit.


What is the administrative distance worth of the path for rexternal R1 to reach the location IPv6 deal with of 2001:DB8:CAFE:4::A?


Explanation: The RIP course through the resource code R is provided to forward data to the destination IPv6 resolve of 2001:DB8:CAFE:4::A. This course has actually an AD value of 120.

10. Which worth in a routing table represents trustworthiness and also is provided by the rexternal to determine which course to install into the routing table when tright here are multiple paths towards the very same destination?

governmental distance*metricoutgoing interfacerouting protocol

Explanation: The administrative distance represents the trustworthiness of a particular course. The reduced an governmental distance, the even more reliable the learned course is. When a router learns multiple courses towards the same location, the router offers the governmental distance worth to identify which route to location right into the routing table. A metric is provided by a routing protocol to compare paths received from the routing protocol. An exit interface is the interconfront provided to send a packet in the direction of the location netjob-related. A routing protocol is supplied to exchange routing updays in between two or even more surrounding routers.

12. Refer to the graphic.


Which command would be supplied on rexternal A to connumber a static route to direct website traffic from LAN A that is destined for LAN C?

A(config)# ip route ip path ip path ip course ip path*

Explanation: The location netjob-related on LAN C is and also the next-hop deal with from the perspective of router A is

13. On which two routers would certainly a default static course be configured? (Choose two.)

any type of rexternal where a backup path to dynamic routing is necessary for reliabilitythe router that serves as the gateway of last resortany kind of rexternal running an IOS before 12.0stub router connection to the remainder of the corpoprice or campus networkedge rexternal link to the ISP*

Explanation: A stub router or an edge router connected to an ISP has actually just one various other router as a connection. A default static path functions in those instances bereason all website traffic will be sent to one destination. The location rexternal is the gatemeans of last rekind. The default route is not configured on the gatemethod, yet on the router sfinishing website traffic to the gatemethod. The rexternal IOS does not issue.

14. Refer to the exhibit.


This netjob-related has actually 2 relations to the ISP, one using rexternal C and one by means of rexternal B. The serial connect in between router A and router C supports EIGRP and also is the main connect to the Net. If the primary link stops working, the administrator needs a floating static course that prevents recursive route lookups and any kind of potential next-hop concerns caused by the multiaccessibility nature of the Ethernet segment through router B. What should the administrator configure?

Create a static course pointing to via an AD of 95.Create a completely specified static route pointing to Fa0/0 with an AD of 1.Create a fully mentioned static path pointing to Fa0/0 through an ADVERTISEMENT of 95.*Create a static path pointing to through an AD of 1.Create a static path pointing to Fa0/0 via an AD of 1.

Explanation: A floating static route is a static route via an bureaucratic distance better than that of one more route currently in the routing table. If the route in the table disappears, the floating static path will certainly be put into the routing table in its place. Internal EIGRP has actually an AD of 90, so a floating static path in this scenario would should have actually an AD greater than 90. Also, when creating a static path to a multiaccessibility interface like a FastEthernet segment a completely specified course must be provided, via both a next-hop IP address and also an exit interchallenge. This stays clear of the router from doing a recursive lookup, yet still ensures the correct next-hop device on the multiaccessibility segment forwards the packet.

15. What is a characteristic of a floating static route?

When it is configured, it creates a gatemeans of last rekind.​It is supplied to administer load balancing between static courses.It is ssuggest a static path with as the location IPv4 address.It is configured via a greater bureaucratic distance than the original dynamic routing protocol has actually.*

Explanation: Floating static routes are static routes supplied to provide a backup path to a main static or dynamic route, in the event of a attach faitempt. They need to be configured with a greater governmental distance than the original dynamic routing protocol has actually. A default static path is sindicate a static path through as the destination IPv4 attend to. Configuring a default static course creates a gateway of last rekind.

16. What network-related presolve and prefix-length combicountry is supplied to produce a default static route that will complement any type of IPv6 destination?


Explanation: A default static course configured for IPv6, is a network-related prefix of all zeros and a presettle mask of 0 which is expressed as ::/0.

17. Consider the following command:

ip route 5What does the 5 at the end of the command signify?

departure interfacemaximum number of hops to the networkmetricgovernmental distance*

Explanation: The 5 at the end of the command also signifies governmental distance. This value is included to floating static courses or paths that only show up in the routing table when the preferred route has gone down. The 5 at the finish of the command signifies administrative distance configured for the static course. This worth indicates that the floating static path will show up in the routing table as soon as the preferred route (through an bureaucratic distance less than 5) is dvery own.

18. Refer to the exhilittle bit.


The routing table for R2 is as follows:

Explanation: When a static course is configured via the following hop attend to (as in the case of the network), the output of the present ip route command also lists the path as “via” a specific IP deal with. The router hregarding look up that IP deal with to recognize which interchallenge to send the packet out. Since the IP attend to of is part of netoccupational, the router sends out the packet out interchallenge Serial0/0/1.

19. An administrator issues the ipv6 route 2001:db8:acad:1::/32 gigabitethernet0/0 2001:db8:acad:6::1 100 command on a rexternal. What administrative distance is assigned to this route?


Explanation: The command ipv6 course 2001:db8:acad:1::/32 gigabitethernet0/0 2001:db8:acad:6::1 100 will configure a floating static course on a router. The 100 at the finish of the command states the bureaucratic distance of 100 to be applied to the route.

20. Refer to the exhilittle bit.


Which default static course command also would allow R1 to possibly reach all unwell-known networks on the Internet?

R1(config)# ipv6 course 2001:db8:32::/64 G0/0R1(config)# ipv6 route ::/0 G0/0 fe80::2R1(config)# ipv6 path 2001:db8:32::/64 G0/1 fe80::2R1(config)# ipv6 route ::/0 G0/1 fe80::2*

Explanation: To path packets to unrecognized IPv6 networks a router will need an IPv6 default path. The static course ipv6 course ::/0 G0/1 fe80::2 will enhance all netfunctions and sfinish packets out the specified departure interconfront G0/1 toward R2.

21. Refer to the exhibit.


The netjob-related engineer for the agency that is displayed wants to use the main ISP link for all external connectivity. The backup ISP link is used only if the main ISP connection stops working. Which set of regulates would certainly attain this goal?

ip route s0/0/0ip path s0/1/0

ip route s0/0/0ip course s0/1/0 10*

ip path course 10

ip route route

Explanation: A static route that has actually no governmental distance added as part of the command also has a default administrative distance of 1. The backup link should have a number higher than 1. The correct answer has an governmental distance of 10. The other quad zero route would certainly load balance packets throughout both web links and also both web links would show up in the routing table. The continuing to be answers are simply static paths (either a default course or a floating static default route).

22. Refer to the exhibit.


Which set of regulates will certainly configure static paths that will enable the Park and also the Alta routers to a) forward packets to each LAN and b) straight all other web traffic to the Internet?

Park(config)# ip route ip course ip route s0/0/0*

Park(config)# ip course ip course ip route s0/0/0

Park(config)# ip course ip route ip path

Park(config)# ip course ip route ip course s0/0/1

Explanation: The LAN linked to the rexternal Park is a stud netjob-related, therefore, a default route have to be provided to forward netjob-related web traffic destined to non-regional netfunctions. The router Alta connects to both the internet and the Park rexternal, it would require two static routes configured, one toward the internet and also the various other toward the LAN linked to the router Park.

23. Refer to the exhibit.


The little company shown supplies static routing. Users on the R2 LAN have reported a trouble through connectivity. What is the issue?

R1 demands a static route to the R2 LAN.*R2 demands a static path to the R1 LANs.R1 requirements a default route to R2.R2 demands a static course to the Net.R1 and also R2 should use a dynamic routing protocol.

Explanation: R1 has actually a default path to the Internet. R2 has a default route to R1. R1 is absent a static route for the network-related. Any website traffic that reached R1 and also is destined for will certainly be routed to the ISP.

24. Refer to the exhibit.


An administrator is attempting to install an IPv6 static route on router R1 to reach the netoccupational attached to rexternal R2. After the static route command is gone into, connectivity to the network is still failing. What error has been made in the static path configuration?

The next hop resolve is incorrect.The interface is incorrect.*The location network is incorrect.The network-related prefix is incorrect.

Explanation: In this instance the interconfront in the static course is incorrect. The interface should be the leave interface on R1, which is s0/0/0.

25. Refer to the exhibit.


How was the hold course 2001:DB8:CAFE:4::1/128 mounted in the routing table?

The route was dynamically developed by router R1.The course was dynamically learned from one more rexternal.The path was manually entered by an administrator.*The route was immediately installed as soon as an IP attend to was configured on an energetic interface.

Explanation: A hold course is an IPv6 route through a 128-little bit mask. A hold course deserve to be mounted in a routing table immediately when an IP attend to is configured on a router interchallenge or manually if a static course is produced.

26. Refer to the exhilittle bit.


HostA is attempting to call ServerB. Which two statements effectively define the addressing that HostA will certainly generate in the process? (Choose two.)

A packet via the destination IP attend to of RouterA.A structure via the location MAC address of SwitchA.A packet via the location IP deal with of ServerB.*A framework via the destination MAC resolve of RouterA.*A frame with the location MAC address of ServerB.A packet through the location IP deal with of RouterB.

Explanation: In order to send information to ServerB, HostA will generate a packet that consists of the IP deal with of the location gadget on the remote netjob-related and also a structure that includes the MAC resolve of the default gatemethod gadget on the neighborhood network-related.

27. Refer to the exhilittle bit.


A ping from R1 to is successful, however a ping from R1 to any kind of attend to in the netjob-related falls short. What is the reason of this problem?

Tright here is no gatemethod of last rekind at R1.The static path for is mistakenly configured.*A default path is not configured on R1.The serial interface between the 2 routers is down.

28. Refer to the exhilittle bit.


An administrator is attempting to install a default static path on router R1 to reach the Site B netjob-related on router R2. After entering the static path command, the route is still not arriving in the routing table of rexternal R1. What is preventing the route from installing in the routing table?

The netmask is incorrect.The leave interchallenge is missing.The following hop address is incorrect.*The location netoccupational is incorrect.

29. Refer to the exhilittle.


The Branch Rexternal has an OSPF neighbor relationship with the HQ rexternal over the netoccupational. The network link need to serve as a backup once the OSPF link goes down. The floating static route command also ip path S0/1/1 100 was issued on Branch and also now website traffic is using the backup attach even once the OSPF connect is up and also functioning. Which readjust should be made to the static route command also so that web traffic will just use the OSPF link once it is up?

Add the next hop neighbor deal with of the administrative distance to 1.Change the destination network to the administrative distance to 120.*

Explanation: The problem with the existing floating static course is that the governmental distance is collection as well low. The administrative distance will certainly must be greater than that of OSPF, which is 110, so that the rexternal will only use the OSPF link when it is up.

30. What characteristic completes the following statement?When an IPv6 static course is configured, the next-hop resolve have the right to be ……

a location organize path via a /128 preresolve.the “display ipv6 route static” command IPv6 link-regional deal with on the nearby rexternal.*the interface type and also interconfront number.

31. Gateway of last resort is not set. is variously subnetted, 7 subnets, 3 masksO <110/10> using, 00:00:24, Serial0/0/0O <110/20> using, 00:00:56, Serial 0/0/1O <110/10> through, 00:00:24, Serial 0/0/0C is straight associated, GigabitEthernet0/0L is straight associated, GigabitEthernet0/0C is straight linked, GigabitEthernet0/1L is straight linked, GigabitEthernet0/1172.19.39.0/24 is variably subnetted, 4 subnets, 2 masksC is directly associated, Serial0/0/0L is straight linked, Serial0/0/0C is straight connected, Serial0/0/1L is directly associated, Serial0/0/1S <1/0> by means of, 00:00:24, Serial0/0/0R1#

Refer to the exhibit. Which interconfront will be the departure interchallenge to forward a documents packet that has the destination IP resolve

GigabitEthernet0/1None, the packet will certainly be dropped.GigabitEthernet0/0*Serial0/0/1

32. Refer to the exhibit.


What routing solution will certainly enable both PC A and COMPUTER B to access the Internet through the minimum amount of router CPU and also netjob-related bandwidth utilization?

Connumber a dynamic routing protocol in between R1 and Edge and also advertise all courses.Configure a static route from R1 to Edge and also a dynamic path from Edge to R1.Connumber a static default route from R1 to Edge, a default course from Edge to the Net, and also a static path from Edge to R1.*Connumber a dynamic course from R1 to Edge and a static course from Edge to R1.

Explanation: Two paths have to be created: a default path in R1 to reach Edge and a static course in Edge to reach R1 for the rerotate website traffic. This is a finest solution when PC A and PC B belong to stub networks. In addition, static routing consumes less bandwidth than dynamic routing.

33. Refer to the exhilittle bit.


What would certainly occur after the IT administrator enters the brand-new static route?

The static route would certainly be gotten in right into the running-config but not displayed in the routing table.The course learned from RIP would be reinserted through the static route.*The default path would be reinserted through the static path.The static route is included to the existing courses in the routing table.

Explanation: A course will be mounted in a routing table if tbelow is not an additional routing resource through a reduced governmental distance. If a course through a reduced administrative distance to the very same location netoccupational as a current route is gone into, the course with the lower governmental distance will certainly relocation the path through a higher bureaucratic distance.

34. What two pieces of information are necessary in a fully mentioned static course to eliminate recursive lookups? (Choose two.)

the interface ID of the next-hop neighborthe interconfront ID leave interface*the IP deal with of the departure interfacethe IP resolve of the next-hop neighbor*the administrative distance for the location network

Explanation: A fully mentioned static path deserve to be supplied to protect against recursive routing table lookups by the rexternal. A fully specified static course has both the IP attend to of the next-hop rexternal and the ID of the exit interface.

35. Refer to the exhilittle bit.


Which command will effectively connumber an IPv6 static course on R2 that will permit website traffic from PC2 to reach PC1 without any type of recursive lookups by router R2?

R2(config)# ipv6 path ::/0 2001:db8:32::1R2(config)# ipv6 path 2001:db8:10:12::/64 S0/0/0*R2(config)# ipv6 route 2001:db8:10:12::/64 2001:db8:32::1R2(config)# ipv6 path 2001:db8:10:12::/64 S0/0/1

Explanation: A nonrecursive course must have actually an departure interface stated from which the destination netoccupational can be got to. In this instance 2001:db8:10:12::/64 is the location network and R2 will certainly usage leave interchallenge S0/0/0 to reach that netoccupational. Thus, the static path would certainly be ipv6 route 2001:db8:10:12::/64 S0/0/0.

36. Refer to the exhilittle.


Which static route would certainly an IT technician enter to develop a backup course to the netjob-related that is only provided if the major RIP learned route fails?

ip course s0/0/0ip course s0/0/0 121*ip route s0/0/0 111ip route s0/0/0 91

Explanation: A backup static route is dubbed a floating static route. A floating static route has actually an bureaucratic distance better than the bureaucratic distance of an additional static course or dynamic route.

37. Open the PT Activity. Perdevelop the tasks in the activity instructions and also then answer the question.


A user reports that PC0 cannot visit the internet server Troubleshoot the network configuration to determine the problem.What is the reason of the problem?

The clock rate on one of the serial web links is configured mistakenly.A serial interface on Branch is configured incorrectly.The DNS server attend to on PC0 is configured incorrectly.Routing between HQ and also Branch is configured mistakenly.*

Explanation: In order to allow interaction to remote netfunctions, proper routing, either static or dynamic, is vital. Both routers have to be configured through a routing strategy.

38. Match the routing table entry to the equivalent attribute. (Not all alternatives are supplied.)


39. Refer to the exhilittle.


PC A sends a request to Server B. What IPv4 address is supplied in the location field in the packet as the packet leaves COMPUTER A?*

Explanation: The destination IP attend to in packets does not change alengthy the route in between the source and location.

40. What does R1 use as the MAC address of the destination once creating the framework that will go from R1 to Server B?


If the destination MAC attend to that coincides to the IPv4 attend to is not in the ARP cache, R1 sends out an ARP repursuit.*R1 supplies the location MAC deal with of S1.The packet is encapsulated right into a PPP framework, and R1 adds the PPP destination deal with to the framework.R1 leaves the area blank and forwards the data to the PC.

Explanation: Communication inside a neighborhood netjob-related offers Address Resolution Protocol to attain a MAC attend to from a known IPv4 attend to. A MAC address is necessary to construct the framework in which the packet is encapsulated.

41. What course would certainly have actually the lowest bureaucratic distance?

a course obtained via the OSPF routing protocola straight connected network*a static routea path obtained through the EIGRP routing protocol

Explanation: The a lot of believable path or the path through the lowest administrative distance is one that is straight associated to a rexternal.

42. A network administrator connumbers the interchallenge fa0/0 on the router R1 via the command ip deal with However, when the administrator worries the command display ip course, the routing table does not show the directly linked network. What is the feasible cause of the problem?

The subnet mask is incorrect for the IPv4 deal with.The interface fa0/0 has not been caused.*The configuration demands to be saved initially.No packets through a destination network-related of have actually been sent out to R1.

Explanation: A directly linked network-related will certainly be included to the routing table once these 3 problems are met: (1) the interface is configured through a valid IP address; (2) it is triggered with no shutdown command; and (3) it receives a carrier signal from one more tool that is connected to the interchallenge. An incorrect subnet mask for an IPv4 attend to will certainly not proccasion its appearance in the routing table, although the error may prevent effective communications.

43. A rexternal has actually used the OSPF protocol to learn a route to the network-related. Which command also will certainly implement a backup floating static route to this network?

ip path S0/0/0 100ip route S0/0/0 200ip course S0/0/0 200*ip course S0/0/0 100

Explanation: OSPF has actually an bureaucratic distance of 110, so the floating static course should have an administrative distance better than 110. Since the taracquire netoccupational is, that static route have to usage the network and also a netmask of

44. Consider the complying with command:

ip route 5

How would certainly an administrator test this configuration?

Delete the default gatemeans route on the router.Manually shut dvery own the rexternal interface used as a main path.*Ping from the netjob-related to the deal with.Ping any kind of valid resolve on the network-related.

Explanation: A floating static is a backup route that just appears in the routing table once the interchallenge offered with the major course is dvery own. To test a floating static route, the course have to be in the routing table. Therefore, shutting down the interchallenge supplied as a major path would certainly enable the floating static path to appear in the routing table.

45. Refer to the exhibit.


Which kind of IPv6 static route is configured in the exhibit?

floating static routecompletely mentioned static routerecursive static route*straight attached static route

Explanation: The path offered points to one more address that have to be looked up in the routing table. This makes the route a recursive static course.

46. What characteristic completes the following statement?When an IPv6 static course is configured, it is initially necessary to configure ……

the next-hop resolve of 2 various surrounding routers.the “ipv6 unicast-routing” command.*an IPv6 link-local address on the adjacent bureaucratic distance of 2.

47. Gatemeans of last rekind is not collection. is otherwise subnetted, 7 subnets, 3 masksO <110/10> via, 00:00:24, Serial0/0/0O <110/20> through, 00:00:56, Serial 0/0/1O <110/10> using, 00:00:24, Serial 0/0/0C is directly associated, GigabitEthernet0/0L is directly connected, GigabitEthernet0/0C is directly connected, GigabitEthernet0/1L is straight associated, GigabitEthernet0/1172.18.32.0/24 is variably subnetted, 4 subnets, 2 masksC is directly connected, Serial0/0/0L is directly linked, Serial0/0/0C is straight associated, Serial0/0/1L is straight connected, Serial0/0/1S <1/0> via, 00:00:24, Serial0/0/0R1#

Refer to the exhilittle. Which interchallenge will be the departure interface to forward a data packet that has the location IP deal with

GigabitEthernet0/0GigabitEthernet0/1Serial0/0/0*None, the packet will be dropped.

48. Open the PT Activity. Perform the tasks in the task instructions and also then answer the question.A user reports that PC0 cannot visit the internet server Troubleshoot the network configuration to determine the difficulty.What is the reason of the problem?

The clock rate on one of the serial links is configured wrongly.A serial interchallenge on Branch is configured mistakenly.The DNS server deal with on PC0 is configured wrongly.Routing between HQ and Branch is configured wrongly.*

Explanation: In order to allow interaction to remote networks, proper routing, either static or dynamic, is vital. Both routers should be configured with a routing method.

49. Consider the following command:

ip course 5

Which path would certainly have to go down in order for this static route to show up in the routing table?

a default routea static route to the network*an OSPF-learned path to the networkan EIGRP-learned route to the network

Explanation: The bureaucratic distance of 5 included to the finish of the static route creates a floating static case for a static course that goes down. Static routes have a default bureaucratic distance of 1. This path that has an bureaucratic distance of 5 will not be put right into the routing table unless the formerly entered static route to the goes dvery own or was never before gotten in. The governmental distance of 5 added to the finish of the static course configuration creates a floating static path that will certainly be put in the routing table once the main route to the exact same destination netjob-related goes down. By default, a static course to the network-related has actually an bureaucratic distance of 1. Thus, the floating route with an administrative distance of 5 will certainly not be put into the routing table unmuch less the formerly entered static path to the goes down or was never gone into. Due to the fact that the floating course has actually an bureaucratic distance of 5, the path is desired to an OSPF-learned path (through the administrative distance of 110) or an EIGRP-learned path (through the governmental distance of 110) to the exact same location network-related.

50. What are 2 benefits of static routing over dynamic routing? (Choose two.)

Static routing is more secure bereason it does not advertise over the netoccupational.*Static routing scales well with expanding networks.Static routing calls for extremely little expertise of the network-related for correct implementation.Static routing provides fewer rexternal sources than dynamic routing.*Static routing is relatively simple to configure for large networks.

Explanation: Static routing needs a thorough knowledge of the whole network for correct implementation. It have the right to be susceptible to errors and does not scale well for large networks. Static routing offers fewer rexternal sources, because no computing is required for updating courses. Static routing deserve to likewise be more secure because it does not advertise over the netoccupational.

51. What characteristic completes the complying with statement?When an IPv6 static course is configured, it is possible that the exact same IPv6 link-neighborhood attend to is offered for …

a destination host path through a /128 predeal with.the “ipv6 unicast-routing” command also.

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the next-hop deal with of two different surrounding routers.*an bureaucratic distance of 2.