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Beginning via the Cisco IOS Software Release 15.0, which license is a prerequisite for installing added modern technology pack licenses?IPBase*UCDATASEC
Cisco IOS Software release 15.0 incorpoprices four modern technology packs. They are IPBase, DATA, UC (combined Communications), and also SEC (Security). Having the IPBase license installed is a prerequiwebsite for installing the other innovation packs.

What is the major release number in the IOS photo name c1900-universalk9-mz.SPA.152-3.T.bin?15*52219003
The part of the image name 152-3 shows that the major release is 15, the minor release is 2, and also the brand-new feature release is 3.

Refer to the exhilittle. What does the number 17:46:26.143 represent?
the time passed considering that the sysiog server has been startedthe moment on the router when the display logging command also was issuedthe moment passed since the interdeals with have been upthe moment as soon as the syslog message was issued*

What statement describes a Cisco IOS image through the “universalk9_npe” desigcountry for Cisco ISR G2 routers?It is an IOS version that gives just the IPBase function setIt is an IOS version that, at the repursuit of some countries clears any type of strong cryptographic functionality*It Is an IOS variation that offers every one of the Cisco IOS Software function setsIt is an IOS version that can only be used in the United States of Amenca
To support Cisco ISR G2 platdevelops, Cisco gives two forms of universal imeras. The imperiods with the “universalk9_npe” designation in the photo name execute not assistance any kind of strong cryptography use such as paypack cryptography to meet the import requirements of some countries. The “universalk9_npe” imperiods include all various other Cisco IOS software functions.

Refer to the exhilittle bit. Routers R1 and R2 are linked through a serial link. One rexternal is configured as the NTP understand, and also the other is an NTP client. Which two pieces of indevelopment deserve to be acquired from the partial output of the display ntp associations information command also on R2? (Choose two.)Both routers are configured to usage NTPv2.Rexternal R1 is the master, and R2 is the client*The IP attend to of R2 is 192 168.1.2.Router R2 is the understand, and also R1 is the clientThe IP attend to of R1 is*

A netoccupational administrator connumbers a router via the command also sequence:R1(config)# boot system tftp://c1900-universalk9-mz.SPA.152-4.M3.binR1(config)# boot mechanism romWhat is the result of the command also sequence?The router will copy the IOS photo from the TFTP server and also then reboot the mechanism.The router will search and pack a valid IOS picture In the sequence of flash, TFTP, and also ROM.On next reboot the router will certainly load the IOS image from ROM.The rexternal will certainly fill IOS from the TFTP server. If the photo stops working to load. It will certainly pack the IOS picture from ROM.*
The boot device command also is a worldwide configuration command also that permits the user to specify the source for the Cisco IOS Software photo to load. In this situation, the router is configured to boot from the IOS photo that is stored on the TFTP server and will usage the ROMmon imagethat is situated in the ROM if it falls short to situate the TFTP server or stops working to fill a valid image from the TFTP server.

What is offered as the default event logging location for Cisco routers and also switches?terminal lineworkstationsyslog serverconsole line*
By default, Cisco routers and switches send event messages to the consingle. Various IOS versions will certainly also send their event messeras to the buffer by default. Specific commands must be enforced to permit logging to other places.

When a customer purchases a Cisco IOS 15.0 software package, what serves as the receipt for that customer and also is supplied to obtain the license as well?Software Claim CertificateEnd User License AgreementProduct Activation Key*Unique Device Identifier
A customer who purchases a software package will certainly get a Product Activation Key (PAK) that serves as a receipt and is offered to obtain the license for the software program package.

Refer to the exhibit. Which two conclusions can be drawn from the syslog message that was created by the router? (Choose two.)This message resulted from an inexplicable error requihng reconfiguration of the interfaceThis message indicates that service timestamps have been configured*This message indicates that the interconfront readjusted state 5 timesThis message is a level 5 alert message*This message suggests that the interconfront need to be replaced
The message is a level 5 notification message as presented in the %LINEPROTO-5 area of the output. Messperiods reporting the connect standing are prevalent and do not require replacing the interface or reconfiguring the interchallenge. The date and also time displayed at the beginning of the message indicates that company timestamps have actually been configured on the rexternal.

What code in the Cisco IOS 15 picture filename c1900-universalk9-mz.SPA.153-3.M.bin suggests that the file is digitally signed by Cisco?mzSPA*universalk9M
The various parts of the Cisco IOS image file are as follows:c1900 – Identifies the platform as a Cisco 1900 rexternal.universalk9 – states the photo has strong – Indicates the file runs from RAM and is compressed.SPA – designates that the file is digitally signed by Cisco.152-4.M3 – states the filename format for the photo 15.2(4)M3. This is the version of IOS, which contains the significant release, minor release, maintenance release, and maintenance reconstruct numbers. The M suggests this is a prolonged maintenance release.bin – This expansion indicates that this file is a binary executable file.

In addition to IPBase, what are the 3 innovation packs that are shipped within the universal Cisco IOS Software Release 15 image? (Choose 3.)SP ServicesSecurity*Advanced IP ServicesDATA*Unified Communications*Cutting edge Enterpclimb Services
State-of-the-art IP Services, Advanced Enterprise Services, and SP Services are IOS release 12.4 function sets.

Which three software packeras are accessible for Cisco IOS Release 15.0?IPVbiceUnified Communications*DATA*Enterprise ServicesAdvanced IP Services

Cisco IOS Release 15.0 has actually four obtainable modern technology software application packeras.IPBaseDATAUnified CommunicationsSecurity

A netjob-related engineer is upgrading the Cisco IOS picture on a 2900 series ISR. What command might the engineer usage to verify the complete amount of flash memory as well as just how much flash memory is currently available?present flashO:*display startup-configdisplay versionshow interlaces

A ping stops working once percreated from router R1 to straight associated router R2. The network-related administrator then proceeds to problem the show cdp neighbors command. Why would the network-related administrator worry this command if the ping failed between the two routers?The netjob-related administrator desires to venfy the IP address configured on router R2.The netoccupational administrator suspects a virus because the ping command also did not occupational.The netjob-related administrator wants to verify Layer 2 connectivity.*The netoccupational administrator desires to recognize if connectivity deserve to be establiburned from a non-directly linked netjob-related.
The present cdp neighbors command also have the right to be provided to prove that Layer 1 and also Layer 2 connectivity exists in between two Cisco tools. For example, if two devices have duplicate IP addresses, a ping between the gadgets will fail, however the output of present cdp next-door neighbors will certainly be effective. The display cdp next-door neighbors detail can be supplied to verify the IP resolve of the directly linked gadget in instance the exact same IP attend to is assigned to the 2 routers.

Refer to the exhibit. From what area have the syslog messages been retrieved?
syslog serversyslog clientrouter RAM*router NVRAM
The output is recorded from a online terminal connection on a router. The syslog messages are stored in the RAM of the monitored rexternal.

Which command also is supplied to configure a one-time acceptance of the EULA for all Cisco IOS software application packages and features?license savelicense accept end user agreement*display licenselicense boot module module-nameNext
The license save command is supplied to ago up a copy of the licenses on a machine. The present license command is offered to display additional indevelopment around Cisco IOS software program licenses. The license boot module module-name command also activates an Evaluation Right-To-Use license. To connumber a one-time acceptance of the End User License Agreement (EULA) extending all Cisco IOS packeras and functions, usage the license accept end user agreement command also.

Which command also would certainly a netjob-related engineer use to discover the distinct tool identifier of a Cisco router?present running-configurationlicense install stored-locabon-urishow license udi*present version
The license install stored-location-url command is used to install a license file. The show variation and display running-configuration regulates screen router configuration and also other details, but not the UDI.

Which syslog message form is accessible just to an administrator and also just using the Cisco CLI?errorsalertsdebugging*emergency
Syslog messeras have the right to be sent out to the logging buffer, the console line, the terminal line, or to a syslog server. However before, debug-level messages are only forwarded to the internal buffer and also just obtainable with the Cisco CLI.

Refer to the exhilittle. Match the components of the IOS picture name to their description. (Not all alternatives are offered.)The command ntp server is issued on a router. What influence does this command have?determines which server to sfinish system log files tosynchronizes the system clock through the moment source with IP deal with 10.1 1 1*ensures that all logging will certainly have actually a time stamp connected via itidentifies the server on which to keep backup configurations
The ntp server ip-address global configuration command also configures the NTP server for IOS tools.

Which two statements are true about NTP servers in an enterprise network? (Choose 2.)NTP servers encertain an accurate time stamp on logging and also debugging information*NTP servers manage the intend urne between failures (MTBF) for essential network devicesNTP servers at stratum 1 are directly connected to an authoritative time source*All NTP servers synchronize directly to a stratum 1 time sourceTright here can just be one NTP server on an enterpincrease network
Netoccupational Time Protocol (NTP) is offered to synchronize the time across all devices on the netjob-related to make sure specific timestamping on devices for controlling, securing and also troubleshooting. NTP netfunctions use a hierarchical device of time sources. Each level in this hierarchical system is called a stratum. The stratum 1 tools are directly connected to the authoritative time sources.

A netjob-related administrator has actually issued the logging trap 4 international configuration mode command also. What is the result of this command?After four events the syslog client will sfinish an occasion message to the syslog server.The syslog client will sfinish to the syslog server any type of occasion message that has actually a seventy level of 4 and greater.The syslog client will sfinish to the syslog server occasion messperiods via an identification trap level of only 4.The syslog client will certainly send to the syslog server any kind of occasion message that has a seventy level of 4 and lower*
The logging trap level permits a netjob-related administrator to limit occasion messages that are being sent to a syslog server based on severity.

Which statement is true about CDP on a Cisco device?​The show cdp neighbor detail command will certainly expose the IP attend to of a neighbor only if there is Layer 3 connectivityTo disable CDP around the world, the no cdp permit command also in interconfront configuration mode must be usedCDP can be disabled worldwide or on a specific interface*Because it runs at the data connect layer, the CDP protocol can just be imposed in switches
CDP is a Cisco-proprietary protocol that deserve to be disabled globally by utilizing the no cdp run worldwide configuration command also, or disabled on a certain interconfront, by utilizing the no cdp allow interface configuration command. Since CDP opeprices at the information link layer, two or more Cisco network gadgets, such as routers deserve to learn around each other also if Layer 3 connectivity does not exist. The present cdp next-door neighbors detail command reveals the IP deal with of a bordering device regardmuch less of whether you can ping the neighbor.

Why would certainly a network administrator concern the show cdp neigbors command on a router?to display rexternal ID and also various other indevelopment around OSPF next-door screen routing table and various other indevelopment about directly linked Cisco display line standing and also other information about directly associated Cisco screen tool ID and also other information around directly linked Cisco tools.*
The show cdp next-door neighbors command provides indevelopment on directly associated Cisco gadgets including Device ID, local interconfront, capcapacity, platform, and also port ID of the remote gadget.

Which protocol or service allows netjob-related administrators to receive system messeras that are provided by network-related devices?SNMPNetFlowNTPNextsyslog*
Cisco occurred NetFlow for the objective of gathering statistics on packets flowing via Cisco routers and also multilayer switches. SNMP deserve to be offered to collect and save indevelopment about an equipment. Syslog is supplied to accessibility and also save mechanism messeras.NTP is provided to permit netoccupational tools to synchronize time settings.

Which 2 problems should the network-related administrator verify before attempting to upgrade a Cisco IOS picture utilizing a TFTP server? (Choose two.)Verify that the TFTP server is running utilizing the tftpdnld commandVerify that tbelow is enough flash memory for the new Cisco IOS image using the display flash command*Verify the name of the TFTP server utilizing the display hosts commandVerify connectivity in between the rexternal and also TFTP server utilizing the ping command*Verify that the checksum for the photo is valid using the display variation command

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Refer to the exhibit. A netoccupational administrator is implementing the stateless DHCPv6 procedure for the company. Clients are configuring IPv6 addresses as supposed. However, the clients are not acquiring the DNS server address and also the domajor name information configured in the DHCP pool. What might be the reason of the problem?
The GigabitEthernet interchallenge is not activated.The router is configured for SLAAC procedure.*The DNS server deal with is not on the very same netoccupational as the clients are on.The clients cannot communicate with the DHCPv6 server, evidenced by the variety of active clients being 0.

Which DHCPv4 message will a customer sfinish to accept an IPv4 address that is offered by a DHCP server?unicast DHCPACKbroadcast DHCPACKuniactors DHCPREQUESTbroadactors DHCPREQUEST*

What is the reason why the DHCPREQUEST message is sent out as a broadactors during the DHCPv4 process?to inform various other DHCP servers on the subnet that the IP address was leased*to notify various other hosts not to request the exact same IP addressfor hosts on other subnets to receive the informationfor routers to fill their routing tables through this brand-new information

Which attend to does a DHCPv4 server targain as soon as sfinishing a DHCPOFFER message to a client that makes an address request?client IP addressclient hardware address*gateway IP addressbroadcast MAC address

As a DHCPv4 client lease is around to expire, what is the message that the client sends the DHCP server?DHCPDISCOVERDHCPOFFERDHCPREQUEST*DHCPACK

Which collection of regulates will connumber a rexternal as a DHCP server that will certainly asauthorize IPv4 addresses to the LAN while reserving the first 10 and also the last addresses for static assignment?ip dhcp excluded-address dhcp excluded-resolve dhcp pool LAN-POOL-100netoccupational default-gatemeans dhcp excluded-attend to dhcp excluded-address dhcp pool LAN-POOL-100network*dhcp pool LAN-POOL-100ip dhcp excluded-resolve dhcp excluded-deal with dhcp excluded-attend to dhcp excluded-resolve dhcp pool LAN-POOL-100ip netjob-related default-gatemeans

What is an benefit of configuring a Cisco rexternal as a relay agent?It will allow DHCPDISCOVER messages to pass without change.It can forward both broadcast and also multiactors messeras on befifty percent of clients.It have the right to administer relay services for multiple UDP services.*It reduces the response time from a DHCP server.

An administrator worries the commands:Router(config)# interchallenge g0/1Router(config-if)# ip attend to dhcpWhat is the administrator trying to achieve?configuring the rexternal to act as a DHCPv4 serverconfiguring the rexternal to acquire IP parameters from a DHCPv4 server*configuring the rexternal to act as a relay agentconfiguring the rexternal to solve IP attend to conflicts

Under which two situations would certainly a router typically be configured as a DHCPv4 client? (Choose two.)The router is intended to be used as a SOHO gatemeans.*The administrator demands the rexternal to act as a relay agent.The rexternal is meant to provide IP addresses to the hosts.This is an ISP necessity.*The router has a resolved IP attend to.

A hold on the LAN is not being assigned an IPv4 address by an enterpclimb DHCP server with the resolve What is the best means for the network engineer to resolve this problem? Issue the command also ip helper-resolve on the rexternal interface that is the gatemethod.*Issue the command default-rexternal at the DHCP configuration prompt on the LAN gatemeans router.Issue the command ip helper-address on the rexternal interface that is the gatemethod.Issue the command netjob-related at the DHCP configuration prompt on the LAN gatemethod rexternal.

A agency supplies the SLAAC approach to configure IPv6 addresses for the employee workstations. Which resolve will a customer usage as its default gateway?​the all-routers multiactors addressthe link-local attend to of the rexternal interconfront that is attached to the network*the unique neighborhood deal with of the rexternal interface that is attached to the networkthe global unicast address of the rexternal interconfront that is attached to the network

A netoccupational administrator connumbers a router to sfinish RA messages through M flag as 0 and also O flag as 1. Which statement defines the result of this configuration as soon as a PC tries to configure its IPv6 address?It have to contact a DHCPv6 server for all the indevelopment that it needs.It must usage the indevelopment that is had in the RA message solely.It have to use the information that is included in the RA message and call a DHCPv6 server for additional information.*It have to call a DHCPv6 server for the presolve, the prefix-size indevelopment, and also an interface ID that is both random and distinct.

A firm implements the stateless DHCPv6 technique for configuring IPv6 addresses on employee workstations. After a workterminal receives messages from multiple DHCPv6 servers to suggest their availcapacity for DHCPv6 organization, which message does it sfinish to a server for configuration information?DHCPv6 SOLICITDHCPv6 REQUESTDHCPv6 ADVERTISEDHCPv6 INFORMATION-REQUEST*

An administrator wants to configure hosts to instantly assign IPv6 addresses to themselves by the use of Rexternal Advertisement messperiods, yet additionally to acquire the DNS server deal with from a DHCPv6 server. Which resolve assignment method must be configured?SLAACstateless DHCPv6*stateful DHCPv6RA and EUI-64

How does an IPv6 client encertain that it has actually a distinct address after it configures its IPv6 attend to using the SLAAC allocation method?It sends out an ARP message via the IPv6 attend to as the destination IPv6 attend to.It checks with the IPv6 attend to database that is hosted by the SLAAC server.It contacts the DHCPv6 server via a distinct developed ICMPv6 message.It sends out an ICMPv6 Neighbor Solicitation message via the IPv6 deal with as the taracquire IPv6 resolve.*

What is offered in the EUI-64 process to create an IPv6 interface ID on an IPv6 enabled interface? the MAC deal with of the IPv6 allowed interface*a randomly created 64-little bit hexadecimal addressan IPv6 resolve that is offered by a DHCPv6 serveran IPv4 attend to that is configured on the interface

Refer to the exhilittle. Based on the output that is presented, what kind of IPv6 addressing is being configured?


SLAACstateful DHCPv6statemuch less DHCPv6*static link-local

A network-related administrator is implementing DHCPv6 for the company. The administrator configures a router to sfinish RA messages via M flag as 1 by using the interface command also ipv6 nd managed-config-flag. What result will this configuration have actually on the operation of the clients?Clients have to use the indevelopment that is had in RA messperiods.Clients have to use all configuration information that is gave by a DHCPv6 server.*Clients need to usage the preresolve and also predeal with length that are provided by a DHCPv6 server and generate a random interconfront ID.Clients must usage the prefix and predeal with length that are gave by RA messperiods and also achieve extra information from a DHCPv6 server.

Refer to the exhibit. What should be done to enable PC-A to get an IPv6 deal with from the DHCPv6 server?


Add the ipv6 dhcp relay command to interface Fa0/0.*Connumber the ipv6 nd managed-config-flag command also on interconfront Fa0/1.Change the ipv6 nd managed-config-flag command to ipv6 nd other-config-flag.Add the IPv6 deal with 2001:DB8:1234:5678::10/64 to the interface configuration of the DHCPv6 server.

Refer to the exhilittle. A network administrator is implementing stateful DHCPv6 operation for the company. However, the clients are not utilizing the preresolve and prefix-size indevelopment that is configured in the DHCP pool. The administrator concerns a show ipv6 interchallenge command also. What can be the cause of the problem?


No online link-neighborhood resolve is configured.The Duplicate Address Detection function is disabled.The router is configured for SLAAC DHCPv6 procedure.The rexternal is configured for statemuch less DHCPv6 procedure.*

Fill in the empty. Do not abbreviate.Type a command to exclude the first fifteen useable IP addresses from a DHCPv4 resolve pool of the netoccupational ip dhcp excluded-attend to

A firm provides DHCP servers to dynamically asauthorize IPv4 addresses to employee workstations. The address lease duration is set as 5 days. An employee returns to the office after an lack of one week. When the employee boots the workstation, it sends a message to obtain an IP resolve. Which Layer 2 and also Layer 3 destination addresses will certainly the message contain?FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF and also*both MAC and IPv4 addresses of the DHCP serverMAC resolve of the DHCP server and and IPv4 address of the DHCP server

Which is a DHCPv4 address allocation strategy that asindications IPv4 addresses for a restricted lease period?hands-on allocationpre-allocationautomatic allocationdynamic allocation*

A netjob-related engineer is troubleshooting hosts on a LAN that are not being assigned an IPv4 attend to from a DHCP server after a brand-new Ethernet switch has actually been mounted on the LAN. The configuration of the DHCP server has been confirmed as correct and the clients have actually netjob-related connectivity to other networks if a static IP resolve is configured on each one. What action need to the engineer take beside settle the issue?Issue the ipconfig/release command on each client.Issue the show ip dhcp binding command on the switch.Confirm that ports on the Layer 2 LAN switch are configured as edge ports.*Issue the show interchallenge command on the router to confirm that the LAN gatemethod is operational.

A company offers the technique SLAAC to connumber IPv6 addresses for the workstations of the employees. A network-related administrator configured the IPv6 address on the LAN interface of the rexternal. The interchallenge condition is UP. However, the workstations on the LAN segment did not obtain the correct prefix and also presettle size. What else have to be configured on the router that is attached to the LAN segment for the workstations to acquire the information?R1(config-if)# ipv6 enableR1(config)# ipv6 unicast-routing*R1(config-if)# ipv6 nd other-config-flagR1(config)# ipv6 dhcp pool

Which protocol supports Statemuch less Address Autoconfiguration (SLAAC) for dynamic assignment of IPv6 addresses to a host?ARPv6DHCPv6ICMPv6*UDP

Match the descriptions to the equivalent DHCPv6 server kind. (Not all options are provided.)
Place the options in the complying with order:Statemuch less DHCPv6<+> enabled in RA messperiods with the ipv6 nd other-config-flag command also <+> clients send only DHCPv6 INFORMATION-REQUEST messeras to the server <+> allowed on the client via the ipv6 resolve autoconfig command also

Stateful DHCPv6<#> the M flag is set to 1 in RA messeras <#> uses the deal with command also to produce a pool of addresses for clients <#> permitted on the client through the ipv6 deal with dhcp command<+> Order does not issue within this team.<#> Order does not matter within this group.

Launch PT Hide and Save PTOpen the PT Activity. Percreate the work in the task instructions and also then answer the question. How many kind of IP addresses has the DHCP server leased and also what is the variety of DHCP pools configured? (Choose two.)one pool*three leases*2 pools6 poolsseven leasesfive leases

Order the steps of configuring a router as a DHCPv4 server. (Not all options are used.)
Place the choices in the adhering to order:<+> Tip 2 -> Configure a DHCP pool.

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<+> Tip 1 -> Exclude IP addresses. – not scored – <+> Tip 3 ->Define the default gateway router – not scored –

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