‘Infinity War’ and ‘Endgame’ were 2 Marvel films that were too epic to take care of. So what does this intend for ‘WandaVision’?

Paul Bettany kind of as Vision and Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff in “WandaVision.” Marvel Studios, Disney Plus

I’m a tiny surprised I took pleasure in “WandaVision” as a lot as I did. I didn’t expect to choose it. Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany) were never my favorite Marvel personalities (though they were still much better than Hawkeye — there are levels to this). The show appeared prefer a funky return to Marvel and a little off-placing. I know we were meant to see “Babsence Widow” before the pandemic, which would have actually truly released us right into a new era. But we ended up via “WandaVision” and also, reality to be told, I was a small unsure exactly how to feel around it.

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As the present went on each week, I delighted in it even more and also even more. Sure, I had bit gripes right here and tright here. But for the most part, I appreciated it.

Hours after watching the series finale — titled “The Series Finale” — a sense of disappointment settled over me. But I couldn’t figure out why. Was the ending lame? Was the hype as well hyped? Were the answers weak compared to the fan theories?


‘WandaVision’ series finale leaves us via so many concerns. So what’s next?

I started to think more about it all, and also it quickly involved me that it wasn’t a disappointment at all. It was that I was looking at “WandaVision” wrong this entire time. It wasn’t intended to be the all-time epic new film that recollection the entire towel of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. “WandaVision” was intended to be a grounded story about grief, love and also mourning.

It wasn’t around the multiverse, the alternate realities or magic. “WandaVision” was about the means we address every one of these things.

There’s no question civilization will be disappointed by the finale. “WandaVision” director Matt Shakmale told Entertainment Weekly that fans with major theories about the display will certainly be disappointed by the finale because it won’t provide them the answers they look for.

“I hope that they feel favor the journey was satisfying for them,” he said. “I know there are so many type of theories out there; there will be most people that will certainly no doubt be disappointed by one theory or one more. But we’re constantly telling this story about Wanda managing grief and also discovering how to accept that loss, and hopefully human being will discover that the finale is surpincreasing however likewise satisfying and that it feels inevitable because it’s the very same story they’ve been watching the entirety time.”

So what gives? Why did we have such high expectations for “WandaVision” out of the gate? Why did we mean this Disney+ show — with its different format, a complicated storyline and also confmaking use of timeline — to provide something so groundbreaking and mind-altering?

I blame “Avengers: Infinity War.”

Let’s wind the clock back to 2018 and also talk about “Infinity War.” The film — which centered about Thanos (Josh Brolin) seeking out the Infinity Stones — was full of chaos, battle, brutality and also destruction. We hopped from one character to another. We saw the culmination of about 20 various movies in one. All the lingering threads are wstove together to provide us an all-time epic that will certainly stand the test of pop culture’s pantheon for the following decade, if not much longer. It was an all-time epic.

In a way, even the sequel “Avengers: Endgame” could never before enhance the hype that “Infinity War” produced. “Infinity War” ended with such a crazy cliffhanger — all the Marvel heroes disappearing after Thanos’ Snap — that human being were as well shocked to be shocked aacquire in “Endgame.” At the end of “Infinity War,” inquiries were asked about which Avengers would certainly return in “Endgame.” Many type of wondered what would certainly take place to Thanos. Tright here was speculation at the moment that all the heroes that disappeared would be erased from Marvel and also that future tasks — prefer “Black Panther 2” and “Doctor Strange 2” — would be scrapped up from the upcoming movie slate bereason of their characters’ disappearance at the end of “Infinity War.”


Marvel Studios boss defines why the "Avengers: Infinity War" ending is even more tragic than you think

An all-time epic like “Infinity War” legitimately had actually us questioning the future of the Marvel franchise. We wondered what would occur to our favorite personalities and also just how points would certainly form out for future movies and also television reflects. “Endgame” couldn’t enhance those concerns or the hype. Neither might “WandaVision.”

“WandaVision” couldn’t do that, nor would it ever try to perform it. “WandaVision” was, in a method, the brand-new “Iron Man.” It’s the initially in the next era of Marvel films that will carry us right into the brand-new realm of possibilities. “WandaVision” was meant to be simplistic and ordinary. It was expected to be a collection that brought us back right into Marvel and teased us through what’s to come. Tbelow weren’t over-the-optimal connections explored. The end credits scene with Wanda reading the Darkhold book is the closest point we’ll obtain to linking us to the following “Doctor Strange” film.

Fans gathered high expectations for the show — as if we were owed somepoint of a mind-changing magnitude. Theories ran rampant that the Fantastic Four or X-Men would display up. Tright here were some thoughts that the adversary Mephisto would certainly show up. Marvel didn’t help matters as soon as Evan Peters — who played QuickSilver in the “X-Men” movies — verified up and also pretended to be Marvel’s version of QuickSilver (before it was revealed in the series finale that Peters was playing a regular dude who had actually his mind altered). But still, we supposed so much of this present, and also yet, really, we need to have actually been looking at it from an additional perspective — this is sitting up the epic moments yet to come.

I’m not certain if this is going to put anyone’s mind at ease. I don’t understand if this will assist. But “WandaVision” shouldn’t be remembered as a disappointment. Don’t bemoan the fact that we didn’t see Reed Richards or Magneto or Doctor Stselection. Don’t rant on message boards about exactly how we never acquired an answer about the aeroarea engineer.

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Just remember this is setting up the next “Infinity War.” Keep your vision clear for what’s to come following.