Only around 2.5% of all the water on our earth is freshwater, but, ________.

A) the majority of of this is in underground aquifers

B) a lot of of this is in polar ice caps, glaciers, and also underground aquifers and also is not conveniently accessed for huguy use

C) over half of this is very difficult water and is practically unusable for drinking or agriculture

D) a lot of of this is in huge, freshwater lakes

E) over half of this is in wetlands close to shores and also is becoming contaminated through saltwater

many of this is in polar ice caps, glaciers, and underground aquifers and also is not easily accessed for human use

Of the adhering to, ________ characterize(s) an oligotrophic lake or pond.

A) high nutrient levels

B) low oxygen concentrations

C) high oxygen concentrations

D) low nutrient levels

E) Both C and D

Precipitation that drops on Earth"s surchallenge ________.

A) might take a range of pathways with surchallenge water or groundwater flow

B) is usually currently unusable because of acid rain

C) is mostly taken up by plants or other organisms

D) mostly runs off into salt marshes or the ocean

E) practically completely filters down right into the underground aquifers

One-fifth of Earth"s total fresh water supply is in ________.

A) estuaries

B) groundwater

C) ponds

D) the ocean

E) the tundra

Freshwater wetlands provide essential ecosystem services, consisting of ________.

A) slowing runoff

B) reducing flooding

C) recharging aquifers

D) filtering pollutants

E) all of the above

An artesian well occurs when ________.

A) an aquifer is trapped under press between two layers that are much less permeable

B) granite is overlain by a sandy substprice, allowing percolation right into the aquifer

C) a water-bearing, porous layer of rock, sand also, or gravel has actually gathered groundwater over a long duration of time

D) tright here are a number of aquifers that have actually merged

E) a well is dug with layers of sand also and also gravel into the water table

Humans alfind about 70% of their annual freshwater usage for ________.

A) agricultural watering and providing water for livestock

B) washing and also residence use

C) electric production

D) mining and commercial processes

E) drinking and cooking

Water bodies wright here rivers flow into the oceans, mixing fresh water via saltwater, are dubbed ________.

A) upwellings

B) estuaries

C) littdental ecosystems

D) salt marshes

E) mangroves

Of the adhering to, ________ finest defines floodlevels.

A) an area where flood watering of crops is provided, such as a rice paddy

B) a space that is incidentally flooded when farming or mining operations readjust the course of rivers

C) an area of land that has been deliberately, permanently flooded because of huguy disturbance, such as in dam building

D) an area of land that is periodically flooded as soon as a river overflows

E) an area that is periodically flooded bereason human beings have altered the landscape

an area that is periodically flooded because people have changed the landscape

Oceans have actually absorbed approximately one-3rd of the excess carbon dioxide that humans have actually added to Earth"s environment so far. This has actually slowed the progression of global climate readjust, yet it has resulted in ________.

A) development of oyster populations worldwide

B) loss of oxygen from the oceans

C) a decrease in the pH (sea acidification)

D) a rise in the pH of the world"s oceans

E) rises in growth of coral reefs

a decrease in the pH (sea acidification)

We construct dams to ________.

A) drainpipe wetlands for city development

B) boost habitat for aboriginal fish

C) manage the spcheck out of water borne diseases

D) transcreate watersheds right into farms, communities, and recreational areas

E) generate electrical energy, prevent flooding, and also carry out irrigation and also drinking water

geneprice electrical power, proccasion flooding, and also provide irrigation and drinking water

Dam removal in this country ________.

A) will most likely continue bereason the ecological effects of dams are reperceived periodically

B) will most likely increase promptly as we move to a much more fossil-fuel-dependent society

C) is controversial bereason dams provide such good habitats for indigenous species

D) offers many kind of brand-new jobs and also opportunities and also so is economically beneficial

E) will certainly aid via our transition to more natural creates of renewable energy

will certainly probably proceed bereason the eco-friendly impacts of dams are reregarded periodically

File suggest that the current price of freshwater consumption in most developed countries is ________.

A) enhancing groundwater storage and decreasing surchallenge water storage

B) irpertinent, as water is not presently limiting

C) just a problem in locations not on the coast

D) sustainable for the foreseeable future

E) unsustainable


Why was the watering of Soviet cotton farming operations a problem?

A) There was governmental opposition that limited water accessibility, killing plants.

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B) It angered neighborhood rekind areas, which did not desire farming in the region.

C) Irrigation water came from rivers feeding right into among the largest lakes on Planet and brought about significant contamicountry of that source.

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D) It was, for the many component, not a trouble.

E) It drained the Aral Sea and brought about the loss of 60,000 fishing jobs
It drained the Aral Sea and caused the loss of 60,000 fishing jobs

Water in the surchallenge zamong the ocean is, for the many part ________.

A) the saltiest

B) the coldest

C) the densest

D) depleted of oxygen

E) well-mixed


Which of the following will certainly add to water conservation?

A) Planting non-native wetland plants for landscaping

B) Watering lawns during top sunlight hrs, once plants require water most

C) Watering lawns at night, utilizing low-flow faucets, landscaping through native plants

D) Using aerial sprays for chop irrigation

E) Washing dishes by hand

Watering lawns at night, utilizing low-flow faucets, landscaping via aboriginal plants

The area that underlies the shenable water bordering continents is dubbed the ________.

A) groundwater aeration zone

B) pelagic zone

C) water table

D) benthic zone

E) continental shelf

continental shelf

Of the complying with, ________ is just one of the major pollutants of groundwater.

A) carbon dioxide

B) home garbage

C) acid rain

D) fertilizers from agricultural fields

E) treated sewage from cities

fertilizers from agricultural fields

Pathogens and also waterborne conditions enter drinking water gives from ________.

A) oil and chemical spills

B) excess nitrogen and phosphorus as farming runoff

C) poorly treated wastewater or from pet wastes from feed lots

D) upwelling

E) pesticides entering groundwater

poorly treated wastewater or from pet wastes from feed lots

You desire to maintain a healthy pond at your school site. Last year one more pond became eutrophic; to protect against that, you desire to ________.

A) boost the carbon-based fertilizers in the littoral zone

B) stop enhancing phosphorus runoff right into the limnetic zone

C) decrease the calcium available in the profundal zone

D) increase the ozone in the littdental zone

E) administer nitrogen for great nutrient mixing in the benthic zone

protect against increasing phosphorus runoff into the limnetic zone

All of the adhering to are examples of suggest sources of contamination except ________.

A) a huge farm

B) a sewer pipe

C) a manufacturing facility discharging wastes into a lake via a big outlet

D) a automobile repair shop dumping waste oil right into the storm drain

E) an overturned tanker truck that spills into a creek
a big farm

Wastewater that is stirred and aerated so that aerobic bacteria consume a lot of of the little pieces of organic matter in the wastewater is being based on ________.

A) pre-treatment

B) major treatment

C) standard treatment

D) tertiary treatment

E) secondary treatment

second treatment

The "blue-baby" syndrome that suffocates babies is a repercussion of excess ________ in the water supply.

A) phosphates

B) E. coli

C) chlorine

D) carbon

E) nitrates


The major result of thermal contamination on aquatic ecodevices is ________.

A) lowering the pH of the water

B) lowering the water table

C) leading to a huge increase in plant productivity

D) enhanced evaporation

E) depleting liquified oxygen

depleting liquified oxygen

Zooxanthellae are ________.

A) bacteria that solve nitrogen in ocean sediments

B) symbiotic algae that carry out energy to many kind of species of corals

C) an invasive kelp species in the Indian Ocean

D) an threatened species of fish in the Aral Sea

E) provided in the therapy of wastewater

symbiotic algae that provide energy to many type of species of coral

The initial consequence of falling water tables would be the loss of ________.

A) birds that live in upland areas

B) agricultural watering water

C) trees that execute finest with low precipitation

D) deep lakes

E) mammals that grow in dry habitats
farming irrigation water

A septic device is ________.

A) a rural approach of dealing with sewage

B) a 2nd level system to rerelocate bacteria at a wastewater therapy plant

C) a toxic or badly polluted waterway

D) a very early version of a wastewater therapy plant

E) the use of herbal wetlands to cleanse wastewater
a rural approach of taking care of sewage

In a municipal water treatment plant, the primary therapy action is composed of ________.

A) filtering the sewage

B) chlorinating the sewage

C) stirring the sewer to increase oxidation

D) letting sewage sit in large tanks so suspfinished solids work out out

E) including bacteria to the sewage

letting sewer sit in huge tanks so suspfinished solids clear up out

Much of the biosolids product that is the finish product of a water therapy plant is ________.

A) used as crop fertilizer in the United States

B) trucked to distinct biohazard landfills for disposal

C) loaded onto barges and sent out to underdeveloped nations to use as fertilizer

D) put in deep injection wells to store it out of the water table

E) used as component of the "fill" to develop wetlands into farming or housing areas

supplied as chop fertilizer in the United States

The exceptionally strong warming of the eastern Pacific is described as ________.

A) cyclonic storm formation

B) downwelling

C) La Niña

D) the Coriolis effect

E) El Niño

El Niño

Upwelling ________.

A) is the circulation of heat water upward towards the sea surface

B) occurs in areas wright here tbelow are no currents

C) transporting activities oxygen from deep to surchallenge waters

D) brings benthic nutrients to the ocean surface fostering high major productivity

E) occurs once winds blow at right angles to a coastline
brings benthic nutrients to the ocean surconfront promoting high primary productivity

Overpumping groundwater in seaside locations can cause ________ to move right into aquifers, making the water undrinkable.


B) saltwater

C) untreated sewage

D) tough water ions

E) suspfinished solids


Xeriscaping deserve to conserve water by ________.

A) developing wetlands rather of landscaping

B) eliminating landscape plantings, replacing plants via rocks, sand and sculpture

C) planting invasive exotic plant species

D) collecting rain water and storing it in cisterns or tanks

E) planting indigenous or drought-resistant plants through little or no water requirements

planting aboriginal or drought-resistant plants through bit or no water requirements

Recent research study that analyzed the content of commercial bottled water indicates that ________.

A) all surveyed brands had actually indevelopment around the source and also how it was treated

B) bottled water has actually no contamicountry from hormone mimic plasticizers

C) bottled water consumes much less fossil fuels in reaching the consumer than tap water does

D) bottled water is considerably cheaper than tap water

E) bottled water is no safer or purer than the majority of samples of tap water

bottled water is no safer or purer than many samples of tap water

Artificial wetlands ________.

A) are the significant regimen for replacing lost natural wetlands

B) purify water for use as bottled drinking water

C) can assist purify water and also likewise carry out recreational opportunities

D) are a source of arsenic contamination in Bangladesh

E) are produced using xeriscaping methods
deserve to help purify water and also additionally carry out recreational opportunities

Salt marshes are ________ ecounits, while mangroves are ________.

A) tempeprice intertidal; uncovered on subtropical and also tropical shorelines

B) overcame by kelp; found in cdental reefs

C) tropical intertidal; discovered on temperate shorelines

D) benthic; freshwater tropical ecosystems

E) freshwater; pelagic

tempeprice intertidal; uncovered on subtropical and also tropical shorelines

Bycapture ________.

A) refers to the accidental capture of animals

B) is the practice of returning female and young fish ago to the ocean

C) is fishing for 2 species of fish concurrently

D) is fishing only at deep levels of the ocean

E) is fishing just at the surface of the ocean

describes the accidental capture of animals

Many kind of contemporary fisheries managers ________.

A) favor temporary options to marine ecodevice problems

B) want all laws concerning fishing to be abolished

C) favor taxes on commercial fishing boats

D) wish to set aside areas of sea wright here devices have the right to feature without huguy interference

E) favor defense of commercially valuable species and not others

wish to set aside locations of ocean wbelow systems can attribute without huguy interference

Most marine defended locations ________.

A) prohilittle bit the installation if oil pipelines and fiber-optic cable lines within them

B) ban fishing and also extractive activities

C) have been establimelted without the consent of the United States

D) are in the open oceans

E) are along the coasts of emerged nations

are along the shores of emerged nations

The quick melting of Greenland"s ice cap can disrupt the NADW formation by ________.

A) reversing the El Niño-La Niña cycle

B) adding warmth and also salt to deep sea waters

C) including huge amounts of much less thick fresh water to the surchallenge of the system

D) acidifying sea water

E) adding excess nutrients to cold north waters
adding astronomical quantities of less thick fresh water to the surchallenge of the system

In thermohaline circulation of global current units, surchallenge water is ________.

A) warm and also dense

B) moved by winds from north to south

C) saltier and also colder

D) much less salty, less dense, and also warmer

E) cold and dense

much less salty, less dense, and warmer

A 2003 examine reported that ________% of large-bodied fish and also sharks were lost in the first decade of developed fishing.

A) 50

B) 20

C) 40

D) 10

E) 90


Right now, the biggest eco-friendly crisis encountering marine food webs is ________.

A) abandoned fishing nets

B) radiation

C) oil spills

D) overharvesting

E) plastic dumping