The assassicountry of John F. Kennedy, 1963

A Spotlight on a Main Source by Dow Jones News Service

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On November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas, Texas. This Dow Jones News Service ticker tape tells the story of that day as it taken place. The fifteenager sheets expectations the whole day of the assassicountry. The tape starts out mundanely sufficient, noting Kennedy’s morning speech in Ft Worth and also his plans to appear in Dallas later in the day.

The reports rotate grim, however, reporting the panic, confusion, and also tragedy of Kennedy’s murder. An initial report of the shooting explains the scene: "PRESIDENT KENNEDY WAS SHOT TODAY JUST AS HIS MOTORCADE LEFT DOWNTOWN DALLAS — MRS KENNEDY JUMPED UP AND GRABBED MR KENNEDY — SHE CRIED OH NO— THE MOTORCADE SPED ON." Anvarious other notes that the President has actually been taken to a hospital, yet "TWO PRIESTS WHO WERE WITH KENNEDY SAY HE IS DEAD OF BULLET WOUNDS." An upday shortly confirms the report of the President’s death: "KENNEDY DIED OF A GUNSHOT WOUND IN THE BRAIN AT APPROXIMATELY 1 P M."

Further updates try to make sense of the events, reporting on the search for an assassin and Oswald’s capture. The tape additionally reports Vice President Lyndon Johnson’s swearing in aboard Air Force One that afternoon: "MR JOHNSON BECAME THE 36TH PRESIDENT OF THE U S AT 2 39 CENTRAL STANDARD TIME — THE PLANE MARKED AIR FORCE 1 WAS STILL PARKED WHERE IT HADVERTISEMENT LANDED TO BRING PRESIDENT KENNEDY TO DALLAS THIS MORNING."

A fulltranscriptis accessible.

Questions for Discussion

Read the record arrival, the excerpt, and also the imeras of the ticker tape. Then use your understanding of Amerideserve to background in order to answer the inquiries that follow.

Exordinary exactly how ticker tape reports differed from methods provided now to transmit fast-breaking news.How can we account for the often puzzled and also inconsistent summary of events as described by reporters for the Dow Jones news company.Identify and explain segments of the ticker tape that show how Constitutional provisions regarding emergency carry of power were enacted on November 22, 1963.A printer-friendly version is easily accessible here.

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