(lutz-heilmann.info) -- Animal Adundertaking Park Owner Jordan Patch went on Facebook Live Friday and addressed the fatality of April the Giraffe"s calf, Azizi.

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Azizi spent eight months at Animal Adventure after he was born. The calf died at East Texas and Gator Park in Grand Saline, Texas as a result of a twisted gut about his cranial mesenteric artery.

Patch dubbed the calf"s death "nopoint brief of tragic" and also sassist what led to his fatality was unpreventable.

"We know that many kind of of you are feeling the same grieving and also mourning that we are suffering," Patch shelp. "We"re with you. We understand also."

Patch did not deal with a statement made by PETA on Thursday. The company shelp it was "calling on the park to sheight its greedy reproduction cycle.

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12 News reached to Animal Adendeavor for comment after PETA made its statement. The park decreased to comment.



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