Every welder thinks they understand what “Duty Cycle” indicates until their machine starts smelling prefer charred plastic. In truth, below at IOC, many type of of our most-asked questions are about Duty Cycle. It seems like a simple principle, however knowledge it will make a people of difference for your welding and the life of your welder.

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So, What is Duty Cycle?


Millermatic 212

Duty Cycle is exactly how long you must run your welder prior to it’ll shutdown. Duty cycle is offered in a portion out of 10 minutes. For instance, the Millermatic 212 at 160 amps (at 24.5 VDC) has actually a 60% Duty Cycle. This means it deserve to weld consistently for 6 minutes straight before it hregarding recollection itself. Welders through 80% Duty Cycle can weld for 8 minutes right before the machine hregarding recollection. It’s worth noting that all the machines marketed on Welding Supplies from IOC will reset themselves unprefer some cheaper devices marketed by some huge box stores that could burn up if their duty cycle is maxed out.

Why Should I Care About Duty Cycle?

Most welders don’t realize that the high quality of your weld deserve to decrease as soon as you’ve hit your duty cycle time limit. Depfinishing on your procedure, your welding pool can become progressively stiffer and also more agitated. If you’re a capable welder and you’re trying to figure out why your welds all look destructive, let your machine take a break. This’ll provide you a 2nd possibility to double examine your parameters and also gain prepared for your next weld.

What Happens If I Exceed My Duty Cycle?

Probably nothing… At initially. Quality devices will certainly instantly switch off if they end up being overheated. However before, some welders deserve to actually catch fire if left running also lengthy. Marshmallows anyone?

How Do I Figure Out A Welder’s Duty Cycle?

Many makers have actually the duty cycle listed on the front of the unit or through the wire parameter indevelopment. If the welder’s still in production, you can probably find it here by inputting in your welder and looking under the “Manufacture’s Specs.” If it’s an older welder, you need to still have the ability to find its specs via the manufacture’s website.

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Still Got Questions?

Good, because we’ve acquired a team of professionals to answer those concerns. Duty Cycle’s a lot more important than a lot of welders realize. Give us a speak to at 866-854-7380.