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“As I’ve been driving across the USA, I’ve noticed a bunch of Kingdom Halls of Jehovah’s Witnesses that carry out not have windows. Most of the Christian churches have windows. So, why don’t Jehovah’s Witnesses have actually them? Is it to store their human being from looking out the windows while they are trying to brainwash them? Is it to save others from looking in and also observing their meetings?”

Dear frifinish,

It is true that many type of, although not all, Kingdom Halls are built without windows in North America. When one asks Jehovah’s Witnesses why this is the situation, many type of of their answers will differ, but these are the the majority of common answers given:

Security: For the building and contents. Unlike many churches, they perform not have a parish residence attached or near by to keep an eye on their belongings inside the Hall.

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Cost: It costs more money to develop and also preserve a structure with windows. Installing windows takes more time to install during building than a simple wall. Double-pane home windows price more per square foot than brick or siding. Windows create greater heating and cooling prices bereason they have a much lower “R” rating than an insulated wall.

Volunteer Labor: Kingdom Halls are constructed by Jehovah’s Witnesses that volunteer their time to work-related once accessible as conveniently as possible. The typical build-time allotted for the finish structure is 3 days – Friday with Sunday. Their volunteer labor force has only so a lot time to give to building, bereason, like a lot of human being, they work full time work to support themselves and their families. Since the structure prices are passist for by regional congregations, whenever before feasible, they usage standardized plans to save prices and construction time down. Until tbelow are sufficient members to afford a committed Hall, congregations will certainly often purchase existing residences or small commercial structures and also transform them for usage as Halls.

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So in answer to your question, No, they do not construct Kingdom Halls without home windows or through just tiny windows to store Jehovah’s Witnesses from looking out or the public from looking in. They welcome any and also all tourists to their meetings. They are likewise mindful to observe neighborhood government building codes and will install home windows when and wbelow compelled by law for a public structure holding approximately 200 civilization at once.