the difference between the maximum and minimum data entries in the set. To find the​ selection, the information should be quantitative.Range=​(Maximum data ​entry)minus−​(Minimum data​ entry)
Exordinary the connection between variance and also conventional deviation. Can either of these actions be​ negative? Exordinary.

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The typical deviation is discovered by taking the positive square root of the variance.​ Thus, the conventional deviation and also variance deserve to never before be negative. Squared deviations can never be negative.
Describe the difference between the calculation of population typical deviation and that of sample standard deviation.
When calculating the population standard​ deviation, the amount of the squared deviation is split by​ N, then the square root of the result is taken. When calculating the sample standard​ deviation, the sum of the squared deviations is split by n−​1, then the square root of the result is taken.

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Keep in mind that sigmaσ represents the population standard deviation and also s represents the sample typical deviation. One would certainly need to use the offered indevelopment carefully to decide whether the information represents the population or it is a sample taken from the populace.
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