Throughout the summer months, the upstairs of a two-story residence is frequently considerably warmer than the downstairs, also when the air conditioning is running. This is a common complaint from homeowners through forced-air HVAC devices with a solitary thermostat situated on the initially floor. To understand why the mechanism isn’t maintaining the upstairs as cool as the downstairs, it helps to have actually an easy expertise of exactly how a forced-air system functions. Then you can use a couple of DIY methods that will certainly aid distribute the cool air more evenly throughout your home.

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How Does a Forced-Air HVAC System Work?

A forced-air HVAC mechanism starts at the thermostat. You set the thermostat to your preferred cooling temperature, and also once the temperature in the room rises above the setallude, the AC unit kicks on to cool things dvery own. Whenever your AC unit is running, it is illustration air in via return vents, cooling the air, and also then forcing the air earlier out through the supply ducts and right into the living room. When the temperature in the living space drops to the setallude, the thermostat responds by shutting the AC down. Cooler air settles right into the reduced locations of the house (normally where the thermostat is located); while warm from the outside starts to warm points up again. Due to the fact that warm rises, the temperature on the second floor rises initially, leading to the second floor to feel warmer than the initially floor. This cycle of cooling dvery own and heating up is one of the primary factors dwellings with forced-air warm never before truly enjoy a continual temperature, but tbelow are some points you can carry out to minimize the upstairs/downstairs difference.

What Can You Do to More Consistently Cool Your Home?

Homeowners have the right to perform a number of do-it-yourself adjustments to even more evenly cool their homes and make them more power effective. Here’s a list of straightforward changes you have the right to carry out on your very own, yet if you’re not that handy or you just don’t feel comfortable, contact your local HVAC service provider. A qualified technician deserve to quickly display you exactly how.

Adjust the dampers.If your vents have actually levers or dials, that implies you can control the aircirculation by adjusting the dampers (the little bit louvers inside that move up and down to restrict or open airflow). If the second floor of your home is warmer in the summer months, save the dampers on the second-floor vents totally open up and just partly open up the vents on the first floor to pressure even more of the cool air to enter the second-floor areas. (Hint: If your downstairs is cooler than your upstairs throughout the winter, restrict the aircirculation on the second floor and also fully open up the vents on the first floor to pressure more heat air downstairs. See:Why Is It So Cold Downstairs?)

Open height rerotate vents.If you have actually a top/bottom rerotate vent setup, open the optimal vents in the summer months. Opening the optimal vents will make your system draw in air from a higher point in the room where the warmer air collects. (Hint: In the winter months, close the optimal vents store the warmer air in the room. See:Why Is It So Cold Downstairs?)

Use your ceiling fans effectively.If you have ceiling fans in your house, you have the right to use them to directly cool a room as well as to enhance the as a whole efficiency of your HVAC mechanism. Throughout the summer months, set the switch on the base of your ceiling fan so that the fan chisels move in a counterclockwise direction. When the fan’s knives revolve counterclockwise, they push the air in the room downward to develop a cooling sensation on your skin also though the temperature of the room doesn’t adjust. Creating this impact provides it possible to set your thermostat a small higher yet make it feel just as comfortable as if the temperature were set reduced. See:Which Direction Should a Ceiling Fan Turn?

Pull your blinds and cshed your curtains throughout the day, especially on the second floor.Blocking the straight rays of the sun from entering your residence during the day will normally help keep the indoor temperature cooler and also area less demand on your AC mechanism.


If you’ve performed all of theseadjustments and you’re still uncomfortable, your cooling system might be the wrong dimension for your house. If your device is also tiny, it will run longer and even more regularly. If its’ too big, it will run on shorter, more constant cycles and also possibly burn out the motor. Both of these sizing concerns can cause greater power bills and also enhanced repairs because of mechanical wear and tear. If think your device is the wrong size, contact a trusted HVAC contractor for an assessment. You must additionally have actually your device serviced yearly for height effectiveness and also tranquility of mind.


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