Professionally attracted, fully-dimensioned engineering drawings that display eextremely aspect of Mustang II Street Rod Front Suspension building and construction. The plans will certainly job-related with stock or dropped spindles, and stock or aftersector manage arms. Standard or a wide array of afterindustry coil springs and shocks can be used. Coil over shocks deserve to be provided with aftersector regulate arms.

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Hot Rod background has it that Chuck Lombarexecute was the initially person to usage the Mustang II Front Suspension on a street rod ago in 1974, soon after the Mustang II was presented. Why? As Chassis Engineering’s Eric Aurand noted in Rod & Custom Magazine, “This is the most contemporary passenger car non-strut tower independent front suspension ever before made, because everything developed after this architecture has been either front-wheel drive or a tower-form configuration.”

Originally, the Mustang II IFS became popular with street rodders not just bereason it was reasonably simple to install, compared to a substructure swap, however likewise bereason it handles so well and offers better brakes and also a rack and also pinion steering option as a bonus.

Top 10 Reasons Street Rodders Use

the Mustang II Front Suspension:

Great geomeattempt — corners so well it’s used on many type of Cobra replicarsNarrow track width renders it perfect for hot rods and also street rodsSpindles designed to occupational via more trustworthy rack and also pinion steeringPower rack and pinion steering conveniently and financially adaptableIn various other IFS cars, installing the Mustang II will allow you to eliminate bulky shock towers and make room for bigger enginesDisc brakes conveniently mountedLight weight — many drag racers usage the Mustang II IFS to knock most weight from the front end of their carsPredictable road manners — lightweight suspension and also wheels add to better ride top quality bereason tright here is much less momentum behind the wheel travel and also the spring have the right to more conveniently store the wheels planted on the pavementEasy and financial to repair — aftermarket stock and performance components widely obtainable (Speedmethod and many others)Easy to update via expensive array of aftersector parts: tubular manage arms, strut rods, coil-over shocks, air suspension, dropped spindles, chrome pieces, etc.

That’s why the Mustang II front suspension is by far today’s a lot of famous independent front end through the Street Rod, Resto-Rod, Hot Rod, Rat Rod and also Custom Car neighborhood. 

Heck, the Mustang II IFS is so versatile that you’ll occasionally even check out them improving the ride on T-Bucket warm rods.
The Mustang II IFS that street rodders love was developed from 1974 to 1978 and also deserve to also be discovered under the 1974-1980 Ford Pinto and also Mercury Bobcat. However before, the Mustang II Front Suspension has been so sought after by hot rodders and also street rod builders over the previous 40 years that you’d be exceptionally lucky to discover one you deserve to scrounge on the cheap from your neighborhood junkyard. The excellent news is they’re so famous that all the component components are still commonly accessible in the automotive aftermarket!

Over the years many street rod shops developed their very own Mustang II IFS kits, made up of the Mustang II aftermarket suspension components and their very own fabrications of the instrumental vital framework comprised of the crossmember, spring towers and steering rack mounts. The difficulty is they offer for almost everywhere from over $1000 to well over $2000 or more — however that’s difficult to swing if you’re a street rodder on a budgain or a grease-under-the-nails build-it-yourselfer! Heck, you’d also spfinish cshed to $500 simply for a crossmember do-it-yourself kit!

So, also if you did uncover a junkyard Mustang II via its front suspension still intact, swapping it right into your street rod isn’t just a bolt-on upgrade as it involves welding in a new crossmember, and also new mounts for the suspension pieces. Now, there’s a true solution for the average street rodder …

Why pay massive bucks to some rod shop as soon as you have the right to make your own suspension for a portion of the cost? The Mustang II Front Suspension we present you just how to construct in our plans looks and also works the very same but expenses a whole lot less!

Materials are inexpensive and easily accessible.The price for products is only a little fraction of what a rod shop kit costs!You have the right to execute it yourself via these plans!Assembly is simple and needs no even more tools than it would certainly to mount the suspension using one of those expensive chassis shop kits.These thorough, basic plans display you how to take the raw products and also form them to the correct dimensions the exact same way the warm rod shops do it.

Our “Build Your Own Mustang II Front Suspension” plans package has the following:

Fourteenager (14) huge 11×17″ peras showing you how to make all components, assemble them and then install the finimelted product effectively on your auto.In addition to the drawings detailed below you will certainly additionally get full installation instructions and necessary information on exactly how to pick which options will certainly work-related for your vehicle.Plans include 3D views of all parts and assemblies to make fabrication and also installation less complicated than ever before. You execute not should understand exactly how to review blueprints to usage these plans.Application: Universal fit for the majority of Street Rods , trucks, tradition cars and drag cars.Options: Fully adjusecure ride elevation. Locate the front wheels where you want them front to back. The plans through work-related via a stock or dropped spindles, as well as stock or afterindustry regulate arms. Standard or a vast variety of aftermarket coil springs and shocks can be provided. Coil over shocks an be supplied with afterindustry regulate arms.The drawing package includes both the plans to construct the front finish and also a second set showing just how to install the front finish.All drawings are of skilled quality developed making use of the latest in CAD (computer aided design) software. The computer-attracted plans permits the appropriate geometry to be emerged so that the suspension on your construct will certainly be the exact same top quality that professional rod shops sell.

In addition to the illustrations listed below you also will certainly obtain full installation instructions and important indevelopment on just how to choose which options will certainly job-related for your auto.

Steering Rack Mounts (2 types)Spring Tower “Set Up Gauge” PlatesCrossmember Front and Rear PlatesCrossmember Top and also Bottom PlatesCrossmember Side PlatesCrossmember General AssemblySpring Tower Top PlateSpring Tower Spring RingSpring Tower CapSpring Tower WrapSpring Tower General AssemblyHow to Set Ride Height During InstallationHow to Install the Crossmember to your ChassisHow to Install the Spring TowersHow to Install the Strut RodsAlignment for the Best Ride and also HandlingFrame Modifications for Steering Rack or Spring Clearance (if needed)

You will certainly get professionally attracted, fully-dimensioned design illustrations that show eextremely facet of Mustang II Street Rod Front Suspension construction. The Mustang II Front Suspension Plans illustration package includes: Fourteenager (14) big 11×17” peras reflecting you just how make all components, assemble them and then install the finished Mustang II Front Suspension successfully in your vehicle.

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Just click the “Add to Cart” button and your Mustang II Front Suspension Plans will certainly be sent out to you promptly by return mail.