Reading Time: 3 minutesSilica gel is just one of the most versatile and effective agents used in chromatography now, making it likewise one of the most famous. It is a polar absorbent via slight acidity, permitting it to absorb basic contents in a product that demands separation throughout chromatography, while additionally remaining neutral and preserving its very own framework throughout the procedure.

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For high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), in specific, accuracy is king. Tower packing, separation and also purification influence accuracy, making the high quality of the silica gel offered an very vital variable once processing tough separations.

AGC Chemicals Americas provides high-purity, porous silica gel via low moisture content and high lot-to-lot consistency. When offered as a packing medium, this microspherical gel enables a separation procedure that is highly reproducible.

What is Silica Gel?

Silica gel is an amorphous silicic acid polymer stood for as SiO2-nH2O. Three kinds of silanol teams are on the surchallenge of silica gel: isolated, vicinal and germinal. Silanol teams typically exhibit weak acidity and also serve as absorption-energetic sites. Chemical bonding is offered to add a stationary phase useful group to the silica gel particle. For example, M.S.GEL™ pposts can be bonded with C4, C8, C18, NH2, SP, CM, epoxy, diol and also phenyl.

Ideal Applications for Microspright here Gels
HPLC packingsProcess chromatographySeparation media for proteins, peptides, and also energetic pharmaceutical ingredientsAdsorption and removal of ionized compounds from organic solventsMedical & PharmaceuticalAntibody purificationInsulin purificationCoQ10 separationHemodiafiltrationIndustrialLiquid crystal purificationMetal scavengerFood & BeverageResidual pesticide analysisMaterial analysisEnvironmental ResearchWater qualitySoilAtmosphere

When choosing silica gel, keep in mind the 3 physical properties that affect separation: pwrite-up form, ppost dimension and also pore diameter.

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Particle Shape

Ppost form can really impact separation performance. The more spherical the shape, the more homogenous the packing attributes and the less solvent required for the procedure. M.S.GEL pposts have actually a near-perfect spherical shape that is complimentary from cavities and cracks. This provides three advantages over plastic beads:

Higher loading capacityLower column ago pressureBetter component separation

Pwrite-up Size and Pore Diameter


Pwrite-up size determines the effectiveness of the silica product. Smaller particles create even more effective separations. Small pshort articles (Contact us today to learn more.