One of the many kind of boons to owning physical rather of digital games is that they may come to be rare and also they deserve to act as an investment. As time goes on, the price and also rarity of a game have the right to fluctuate because of exactly how many kind of copies it initially offered, if it ever before obtained released, and what mechanism it was released on.

Based on that principle, we’ve done our research and also compiled a list of seven games that are surprisingly tough to discover. Be certain to leave your thoughts and also any type of games we might have actually missed in the comment area below.

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Pokemon Soul Silver/Heart Gold


Nintendo is recognized for mega-hits like The Legend of Zelda and also Mario, as they still use the IPs to develop new games even this day. Living in the shadow of these mascots, though, are plenty of other famous franchises that have been left in the retro days yet to rerevolve, choose The Mother series

The franchise acquired a cult complying with throughout the years because of its satirical tone, distinctive gameplay mechanics, and charming establishing. The series has yet to view any type of brand-new games given that Mother 3 came out in 2006, though. Earthbound, which is technically the second game in the series, but the initially to release in the West, may have actually a large cult adhering to, however it’s still a challenging game to discover.

Earthbound had an expensive marketing campaign in the West however still regulated to flop once it involved sales numbers, resulting in less manufacturing. Even just the cartridges can go for anything from $300 to $500, while the finish in-box variation goes for thousands. At least Ness is in Super Smash Bros, right?

The King of Fighters series has actually been going considering that the early nineties, through the fifteenth mainline game is due to come out this year. With so many kind of games in the series, it isn’t surprising that one of them would certainly inevitably pop up as rare. That game turned out to be King of Fighters 2000.

King of Fighters 2000 was the seventh mainline game in the series, releasing on NEO GEO in the summer of 2000. Despite the franchise’s prospering acclaim overseas, it still had a restricted release in the West. In fact, it was so restricted, that the English version of the game currently sells for at leastern $10,000.

King of Fighters 2000 would go on to be ported to other, even more contemporary consoles, yet that hasn’t lowered the price of the original at all. That’s honestly if you can also find the original. It’s conveniently the raremainder game on the list.

P.T is a specific instance because it’s not technically possible to buy the actual game now and also in reality was just developed as a playable teaser for a now-canceled game dubbed Silent Hills, a new game in the long-running Silent Hill franchise. Even though it was just a demo, though, the game obtained a substantial complying with online.

When beginning the game, players are offered no direction on what to do, how to play, or just how to deal with any kind of of the game’s plethora of puzzles. This fun, brief, and also straightforward principle led to it to be significantly renowned among streamers and also lets players, raising its notoriety and reach as a result.

Unfortunately, the game was canceled shortly after, prompting Sony to rerelocate the teaser from the PlayStation keep, also including an update later that would make it unplayable. The just method to play it after the update wregarding buy a PS4 via its variation that wasn’t updated, making it super rare.

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Depending on what version of PS4 you buy through P.T on it, you’ll pay even more than a pair of hundred dollars for the consingle.

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