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Andover, a nearby tvery own to Salem, has additionally been undergoing some witch trials. A lot of innocent civilization were in jail, and also the townspeople were fed up with it. The townsworld in Andover were a step ahead of Salem in realizing that these people weren"t witches, and that the courts...

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Andover, a adjacent town to Salem, has actually also been undergoing some witch trials. A lot of innocent world were in jail, and the townsworld were fed up via it. The townshuman being in Andover were a action ahead of Salem in realizing that these human being weren"t witches, and that the courts were corrupted with power, illogical superstitions, and also hysteria. So, in Andover, the civilization joined and "overthrew the courts." They checked out the courts and basically sassist, no more--you guys are wrong, and also we won"t listen to your authority any kind of more. You have no power in our tvery own. The people rebelled versus the principle that the courts were constantly ideal, and also had their ideal interest in mind, so they stepped up and also kicked them out of tvery own.

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Parris, hearing these rumors, coupled via the fact that Abigail bailed town and that the people of Salem are growing discontent, is afrassist that tbelow will be rebellion in Salem also. Whereas he, the judges, Abigail and the other girls used to be revered in the town for their function in the accusations, the townscivilization are angry now; in reality, he discovered a knife stuck in his door, a straight sign that the opinion of the town is turning versus him and also the courts. He is worried that the human being of Salem, upcollection that their loved ones are in jail and that ranches are going to waste, will hear the new that Andover rebelled versus the courts, and gain concepts right into their heads that they should execute the exact same. This would be terrible for Parris--he has actually played such a large function in the courts, that his job in the tvery own, along with his reputation, would certainly be ruined. He would certainly be run out of tvery own and need to start anywhere, with no money (because Abby stole his).