The mouse wheel may only manage your system’s volume if the computer mouse is in media mode. Additionally, conflicting applications may likewise reason the computer mouse behavior at hand also.

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The issue arises once a user desires to usage the computer mouse wheel to scroll some pages/displays on his screen yet in location of scrolling, the system’s volume is changed. Some customers reported the difficulty to be brought about by a Windows upday. The concern is not limited to a details brand also of computer mouse.

Mouse Scroll Only Affects Volume

Before relocating on to stop the computer mouse from adjusting volume, check if refounding the PC solves the trouble. In addition, it will certainly be an excellent concept to try the computer mouse on one more system or one more mouse on the problematic system.

Equipment 1: Disable the Media Mode of the Mouse

With the advances in the I.T. sector, mouse modern technology has actually advanced (from just a basic input device) and also many type of new functions are included to the computer mouse of your system. One such attribute is to manage the system’s multimedia functions (as your keyboard currently does) through the system’s mouse and also these functions have the right to be allowed by a hardware switch on the mouse. You might enrespond to the worry at hand also if the media control switch of the system’s computer mouse is permitted i.e., the system’s mouse is in media mode. In this instance, disabling the media mode of the system’s mouse may solve the issue.

Now push and organize the media mode switch for 3 seconds.Then release the switch and also examine if the concern is resolved.If not, then push and also host the media mode switch for 5 seconds to inspect if that resolves the issue.

If you are encountering the worry with a set of keyboard/mouse (wbelow the computer mouse is not accessible separately), then tbelow deserve to be a crucial combination (e.g., concurrently pressing the right and left click) to activate/deactivate the media mode of the computer mouse.

Systems 2: Edit the Mousage Settings

The issue at hand could be a momentary glitch of the input modules of the OS. In this conmessage, editing and enhancing the computer mouse settings may clear the glitch and hence resolve the difficulty. The instructions, discussed below, may slightly differ from user to user.

Press the Windows vital and open Settings.Then open up Devices and, in the left pane, steer to the Mouse tab.
Open Devices in Windows SettingsNow, in the best pane, click on Further Mouse Options, and also then, in the Mousage Properties window, go to the Wheel tab.
Open More Mouse OptionsThen, in the area of Vertical Scrolling, choose the option of One Screen at a Time (if it is already schosen, then, choose The Following Number of Lines at a Time and also set its worth to 3).
Select the Vertical Scrolling of Mousage to One Screen at a TimeNow apply your alters and also examine if the system’s computer mouse is working fine. If so, then you might revert the computer mouse setting as per your liking.If the worry persists, then open the system’s Settings (step 1) and also open Ease of Access.
Open Ease of Access in SettingsThen, in the left pane, steer to the Mouse Pointer tab, and also then, in the best pane, change the tip color in Change Pointer Color area (it is much better to usage a solitary color).
Change the Color of Mouse PointerNow inspect if the mouse worry is resolved. If so, then you might revert the mouse tip shade as per your liking.

Equipment 3: Re-insert the Batteries of the Wiremuch less Mouse or re-plug the Wired Mouse

The worry might be a result of a short-lived glitch in the computer mouse driver. In this situation, removing/reinserting the wiremuch less computer mouse batteries or plugging/unplugging the wired computer mouse may deal with the difficulty.

Wiremuch less Mouse

Rerelocate the cover of the battery compartment (typically situated at the bottom of the mouse) of the wiremuch less mouse and pull out the batteries.
Change the Wiremuch less Mouse BatteriesWait for 3 minutes and also then put the batteries ago.Now place the battery cover in its location and also press it right into its holder.Then inspect if the mouse is functioning fine.If not, then examine if replacing the old pair of batteries through a brand-new pair resolves the computer mouse issue.

Wired Mouse

Unplug your mouse from the mechanism and wait for 1 minute.
Unplug the Mousage from the SystemThen plug the mouse back and inspect if the concern is reresolved.

If the issue persists, then reinstalling the computer mouse driver may fix the trouble.

Launch a web browser and download the latest mouse driver from the OEM webwebsite.Then launch the Power User food selection (by right-clicking the Windows button) and also select Device Manager.
Open Device Manager of Your SystemNow expand also Mice and also Other Pointing Devices and also right-click on the mouse.
Uninstall the Mousage from the Device ManagerThen choose Uninstall Device and then confirm to Uninstall (make certain to checkmark the alternative of Delete the Driver Software of This Device).
Checknote Delete the Driver Software of This Device and also Click on UninstallNow, wait for the uninstallation to finish (your computer mouse may become unresponsive) and then unplug the Wired computer mouse.Then wait for 1 minute and also plug back the computer mouse (Windows might install its default driver) to inspect if the issue is resolved.If not, then install the latest computer mouse driver (downloaded at action 1) and also check if the computer mouse is working fine.

Equipment 4: Rerelocate Conflicting Applications

Your computer mouse might show the actions under discussion if any type of of the set up applications are hindering the procedure of the mouse. In this context, removing the conflicting applications (bring about the mouse issue) might solve the difficulty. To find out the problematic application, clean boot your PC. If the problem does not appear in the clean boot state, then allow the applications/processes (which were disabled while clean booting the system) one by one till you uncover the problematic one. Once found, either disable the process/application or uninstall it. For illustration, we will discuss the procedure for Smilebox.

Hit the Windows crucial and open Settings.Now open up Apps and also expand Smilebox.
Open Apps in the Windows SettingsThen click Uninstall and confirm to uninstall the Smilebox application.After reinstalling, hopetotally, the computer mouse problem is readdressed.

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Users reported the adhering to applications to cause a similar kind of worry for them:

If the concern persists, then you may use a 3rd party utility (e.g., X-Mouse Button Control) to map the mouse butloads that might settle the problem.