The the majority of likely reason that you’re just hearing sound out of one speaker is bereason you’re using a two-channel audio interconfront and also your recording or streaming software is expecting the left signal on input one and also the right signal on input 2.

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If you just have actually one microphone and also it’s associated to Input 1 on your audio interface, you’ll only document to the left channel and also the ideal channel will certainly be empty.Here’s how you have the right to resolve the trouble if you’ve currently taped and also just how you have the right to proccasion the trouble from happening later on.

How To Proccasion The Problem Before Recording or Streaming

If you should resolve an existing recording, go ahead and skip to the next area. In this section I’ll show you how to proccasion this concern before recording.In order to proccasion this from happening, you just need to make sure to put up your software properly prior to recording. This will certainly be a little bit different relying on which software program you’re utilizing, but the general procedures are the same.

When including a brand-new track in some DAWs favor Pro Tools and also Audacity you gain the option to choose in between a stereo track and a mono track. If this is the instance with your software application, just make certain to develop a mono track if you’re just using one input. This goes for recording a microphone, a line input, or a straight input from an instrument.In other DAWs, prefer Reaper, there is just one kind of track, but you acquire to choose the type of input. In this case, make certain to select a mono input instead of a stereo input.

Configuring a 2-channel Audio Interface in OBS

For the streamers out tright here, let me show you just how to deal with this problem in OBS.

You can see that I’m just seeing level on the initially meter. To settle this, click the equipment icon and then click ‘Cutting edge Audio Properties’.All you need to execute is check this box that states ‘Mono’.

You can additionally uninspect the boxes of the inputs you aren’t utilizing, yet it isn’t crucial – it will just eliminate any type of added noise coming from the various other inputs.

How To Fix The Problem With An Existing Recording

If you’re having actually this difficulty through something you’ve already taped, don’t problem – you have the right to still resolve the issue. Aobtain, it’s a little different in each DAW, yet the basic principle is the very same.In some DAWs, like Audacity, you can settle this trouble by clicking the dropdown arrowhead at the optimal of your track and choose ‘Split Stereo to Mono’.
In other DAWs, you’ll appropriate click the audio region to solve the trouble.In Reaper, I appropriate click the region and hover over ‘Item Settings’. It provides me a few options… If I schosen ‘Take channel mode: Mono (downmix)’, it would certainly mix the left channel and also the appropriate channel together. This wouldn’t be disastrous, yet it would certainly include any type of noise that came from input 2 while recording. To prevent this, I’ll pick ‘Take channel mode: Mono (left)’, instead.

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