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After a nice walk via your beloved furry frifinish, you are relaxing on your couch. You call Maya over and she gives you warm slobbery kisses to your legs. While some can discover it gross more than others, you may be curious as to why she’s displaying this sort of behavior. Why does my dog lick my legs? Is there something wrong? Is she trying to tell me something?

Dogs display all kinds of weird behaviors that we may not understand, such as licking your legs, but to them, it is among their methods to connect through their human counterparts. Knowing the reasons why your dog is doing it just helps even more solidify the loving bond in between you and also your furry frifinish.

A dog licks your legs bereason she is grooming you. Dogs lick themselves and other dogs as a type of cleaning. Other factors incorporate your dog is trying to show you affection or she just loves the taste of your legs.

No dogs are alike as they have actually their own distinctive individualities. With that being said, there are many factors why your pooch feels the have to lick your legs. Below are some of the many widespread reasons behind her doggie psychology.

Why Does My Dog Lick My Legs?

7. Releases Endorphins

When dogs lick, they suffer a “feel good” sensation. Their brains create and release a hormone recognized as endorphins that offers them a feeling of pleasure and comfort. Similarly, our brains release the exact same chemical, a feeling of euphoria, after we have an intense workout. Next off time when Maya licks, possibly she is feeling blissful.

6. Grooming You

Did you just finish taking a shower? Sometimes your pooch will groom you, by licking your legs, so you are clean and dry. Canines lick to clean themselves so it’s part of their instinct. Since you are her hooman, she has a feeling of duty to clean you off.

5. Food Crumbs

Look, your valuable fursphere probably smells kibbles from a mile ameans. It deserve to be basic food crumbs that we may not alert are on our legs and Maya, through her adorable snout, smells it, therefore she licks. “Mmm..dis iz soo tasties!”

4. You’re Needed For Something

She might be trying to tell you that you are required or wanted for something. As pointed out previously, licking is just another method dogs interact, so to get their points throughout they lick, or even periodically paw at you. Maya might be signaling she’s hungry or demands to potty. Typically, if her research is not met, it’ll many likely be followed by sparse whimpering or those insanely cute puppy-dog eyes that we have the right to not resist. “Can u gib me chimken pweez?”

3. Like The Taste

Another reason deserve to probably be Maya loving exactly how you taste. Did you simply end up working out or perhaps is sweating? Our body produces sweat and oil that are rather salty. Your dog more than likely loves the taste, thus licks your legs. “Wuv salty taste!”

2. To Get Your Attention

Sometimes, dogs lick your legs bereason they understand by doing so, they will acquire a reactivity from you. You could pet your dog, communicate via her, offer her a treat, or simply laugh. All these reactions not only offers her a factor to execute it aget however likewise encourages her to do so. This procedure is actually a kind of training recognized as classic conditioning. Dogs learn to associate their licking to your response and as an outcome, this habits is formed.

1. Affection

Ssuggest put, your fluffy furround is many most likely licking your leg because she loves you! She’s basically providing you dog “kisses”. Your leg is probably the only obtainable patch of skin she is able to interact through at that extremely minute. If she’s able to lick your confront, she will absolutely carry out it. Dogs are some of the many loyal animals out tright here and their love is truly unconditional. “Wuv you, hooman!”

Should You Allow This Behavior?

This licking behavior is reasonably harmless. However before, if you have an open up wound, you have to refrain from letting Maya lick you because her saliva does contain bacteria. Though incredibly rare, it deserve to price infections in human beings through weakened immune systems. It is much better to be safe than sorry.

On the flip side, if you are not germaphobic or have actually no open up wounds, licking, as mentioned previously, doesn’t cause damage. Just make sure that you don’t have actually any cream or ointments applied to the area wright here it is being licked, as they may contain ingredients that might be harmful to the pup.

In the end, whether to enable it or not comes dvery own to individual choice. If you carry out choose to sheight this habits, don’t worry, we have actually some useful tips on exactly how to carry out so.

Don’t Like It? Here’s How To Correct The Behavior

Not everyone enjoys slobbery dog kisses and also some might discover the licking is gaining out of control. However before, tright here are means to speak the habits, however it will certainly take time and also patience.

We will certainly be making use of a technique known as operant conditioning in which canines learn with actions causing rewards or punishments.

This training involves ignoring your pup. Of course, make sure your dog has actually no underlying reason for the behavior before flat out ignoring her. If that is the case, have your veterinarian check her out to make sure she has actually no clinical difficulties.

Next time when your pooch decides to lick your legs again, sindicate ignore her. Don’t show any kind of reaction. Look away or go to an additional room if necessary. Once the dog understands by licking your leg does not receive the reactivity (laughs, treats, etc..) she is looking for, she’ll be conditioned against the licking. When your furround stops licking, then you have the right to offer her attention and/or treats. She will start to learn her actions of not licking will certainly be met with reactions she was hoping to gain as soon as licking.

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Nonetheless, only train when she is displaying undesirable licks. You don’t desire to completely phase out the act of licking altogether as this deserve to reason significant behavior concerns.

For those who occasionally want to get some lovely doggie kisses, you have the right to execute so by teaching your fur friend commands. Below is a helpful video that walks you via the process: