Got 100% disk intake in Windows 10? Here are several tips and potential fixes! One is bound to help you settle this annoying Windows issue.

Got 100% disk intake in Windows 10? So your computer system is hanging and also freezing. Same old Windows, right? Except you"re using a brand-brand-new Windows 10 device; you"ve just had actually it a few days. So simply what is going on?

Investigating, you discover that your system drive is running at 100%. Surely this can"t be, right? Sadly, it is. The latest versions of Windows have actually a difficulty with the drives being overfunctioned, which slows down the operating mechanism. This concern affects both tough disk drives (HDDs) and also solid-state drives (SSDs).

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Several fixes are available for this. But first, you must map the trouble.

When the error was initially found, just a few culprits were found. But as time passes, despite the 100% disk consumption error being reported to Microsoft, even more reasons of this bug are uncovered, not fewer.

Click the link above for each possible cause of the bug to watch exactly how to fix it.

Once you"ve establimelted that tright here is a trouble, you have actually several choices easily accessible. Check the complying with procedures one at a time, checking the disk consumption in the Task Manager after each.

Keep in mind that also if you discover a solution, a Windows Upday might reset the changes you"ve made. Bookmarking this web page will help you find it in the future and run via the fixes aacquire.

1. Slow Performance? Run Disk Check

This performance concern is a lot of evident once attempting to use Windows Search to find a paper or regimen, and anypoint else that needs the drive to carry out some job-related (possibly copying and also pasting a team of files).

To establish whether it is a problem that is affecting you, as soon as your computer next slows dvery own, use Task Manager to run a disk examine.

First, press Ctrl+Alt+Del and also pick Task Manager (or right-click the Taskbar and also choose Task Manager, or hit Ctrl+Shift+Esc). Keep in mind that this may take some time to open up via the drive being under strain.

why is 100 disk being used
On the Processes tab look for the Disk column. If you"re having problems through drive performance, this will be at 100%, and also shaded red to indicate whether you have a difficulty or not.

Problem sectors on your HDD deserve to cause the 100% disk consumption issue in Windows 10. However, making use of Windows" integrated disk examine can settle this:

Open Windows Explorer Select This PC Right-click on the C: drive and also choose Properties > Tools Under Error checking click Check > Scan drive

Wait while the mechanism scans the drive; a reboot might be compelled for a complete disk repair. This need to resolve the error.

2. Upday Your Anti-Virus if Windows 10 Disk Is Running at 100%

As with any performance concern, the first point to perform is confirm that your computer system hasn"t been infected through malware. Your defense software should be able to resolve this, whether it"s a complimentary application or a passist suite.

At the incredibly least, tools prefer Malwarebytes Anti-Malware must have the ability to sdeserve to your device drive and also detect any kind of problems. Note that through a hefty fill on your drive currently this might take a while.

If threats are uncovered, use the software"s recommendations to discard them and reboot. Next off, examine your drive"s performance aobtain. Hopecompletely, you"ve reresolved the issue; if not, then malware wasn"t to blame, so review on.

3. Disable Windows Search for Imverified Disk Performance

The next point to inspect is whether the 100% disk intake error has actually anything to execute through Windows Search.

A bug in Windows 10 outcomes in a "search loop" that causes an enhanced fill on the device drive.

To sheight this and also prevent it from happening in the time of your present session (until Windows is rebooted):

Right-click Start Select Windows PowerShell (Admin) Enter net.exe sheight "Windows search"

That must fix most concern. If tright here is no adjust, also after rebooting, you have the right to permanently disable Windows Search and also Indexing.

Press WIN+R Type msc, then click OK In the Services home window that opens up uncover Windows Search and also double-click to open up In Windows Search Properties uncover Startup type and select Disabled

exactly how to alleviate disk usage
You deserve to also click Stop to abort the company Click OK to conserve your transforms. A few moments after disabling Windows Search, your Windows 10 performance need to enhance significantly. If not, relocate on…

4. Disable SysMain to Fix 100% Disk Usage in Windows 10

Another Windows 10 feature determined as a potential cause of the 100% disk consumption problem is the superfetch service. Because Windows 10 1809 (the 2018 Windows 10 October Update) this has been renamed to "SysKey."

To prevent this company from causing the disk usage worry, open an additional Windows PowerShell (Admin) and enter:

disk usage 100% in home windows 10 fix
Aobtain, wait a few moments to check whether this has actually had actually any kind of effect on your computer"s performance. You have to likewise run Check Disk in PowerShell:

chkdsk.exe /f /rYou"ll be increated that your PC have to be rebooted for Check Disk to finish, so make certain you have actually closed all your applications initially.

If this doesn"t work, it is most likely that you"re experiencing a frustrating iteration of this worry that is basic to fix.

5. Is Flash Camaking use of the 100% Disk Usage Bug?

Flash remains one of the many vulnerable aspects of contemporary computing and also must be disabled. Adobe eliminated off its multimedia plugin in 2020, so there"s bit reason to keep making use of it, especially as Flash appears to be one of the many prevalent culprits for the 100% difficult disk intake in Windows 10 with the Google Chrome internet browser.

To disable Flash in Google Chrome browser:

Open Menu > Settings > Privacy and also security Click Site Settings Find Flash and set the toggle to Block sites from running Flash Click Back to confirm, then rebegin the web browser

The following point to perform is upday to the latest version of Chrome. In the majority of situations this happens automatically, but if not simply go to Menu > Help > About Google Chrome and wait for the update to finish.

If you can"t check out any type of of the alternatives, don"t concern. It ssuggest means that your variation of Chrome has currently updated and no much longer supports Flash.

6. Disk Usage at 100%? Switch Internet Browsers

It may not be Flash that is impacting on your internet browser performance.

Anvarious other reason can be the browser itself, particularly if you"re using Google Chrome.

The obvious alternative is to select a various internet browser. Windows 10 currently has two browsers built in. You most likely do not desire to use Web Explorer, yet Microsoft Edge is an sufficient replacement for Chrome.

Several browsers are easily accessible, some better than others.

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7. Is Skype Eating Disk Resources?

Another commonly supplied application can additionally be leading to your 100% HDD intake is Skype. In an era as soon as virtual teamwork and also video meetings is raising, Skype is a most likely culprit.

Due to the fact that Skype has actually been even more closely included through Windows 10, it is a tiny trickier to attend to. What you can carry out, but, is soptimal Skype from running to aid determine if it is the cause of the concerns.

Is Skype leading to 100% of disk being used
Head earlier to the Task Manager to see the adjust. You may additionally take into consideration finding a Skype different. If the 100% disk intake bug tends to take place directly after Windows tons, it"s a good idea to disable Skype from auto-loading. Under Runs at log-in, readjust the switch from On to Off.

Further concerns through Skype can additionally be encountered in this display. You deserve to Repair, Reset, and also Uninstall Skype to assist with your troubleshooting.

8. Refix PCI-Expush Firmware Bug

Some vehicle drivers don"t run rather as they have to in Windows 10. One that has actually been uncovered to be causing 100% HDD usage is the StorAHCI.sys driver, which has actually a firmware bug. StorAHCI.sys intended for storage gadgets connected to the COMPUTER or lapheight motherboard via Modern Host Controller Interchallenge PCI-Expush.

To discover out if this is the difficulty and dominance it out:

Right-click Start and choose Device Manager Expand also IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers Double-click the AHCI Controller entry In the Driver tab pick Driver Details

If the driver listed as C:Windowssystem32DRIVERSstorahci.sys, you can be influenced by this bug. Next:

Cshed the driver details box In the Details tab pick Device instance path from the drop-down food selection Right-click the worth, then Copy. Launch Notepad and Paste the contents Next, press WIN+R and type regedit, and click OK Find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESystem CurrentControlSetEnumPCI and use the pasted string from Notepad to open the correct AHCI Controller, complied with by the random number.

Here, expand also Device ParametersInterrupt Management MessageSignaledInterruptProperties and also you must view MSISupported listed in the right-hand pane. Double-click this, then change the Value data: to 0.

Click OK to confirm and also follow the instructions to rebegin Windows.

9. Is Steam Maxing Out Your HDD?

Enjoy gaming and have actually Steam installed? There"s an excellent possibility this digital distribution system is leading to 100% disk intake.

Usually this is due to upday delivery, resulting in the background downloader to get caught in a loop. Clear the Steam cache to solve this.

First, make certain you have actually exited Steam. Wbelow Steam is a likely cause of the 100% disk usage error, it may hang as soon as you try to leave. In this situation, use the Windows 10 Task Manager to cshed the software program.

Next, open the WIN+R run box and enter

steam://flushconfig You"ll see a dialogue box, indeveloping you that content will be deleted.

Click OK to continue.

Keep in mind that games and saves will certainly be kept, so there is no risk of them being deleted.

10. Disable Diagnostic Tracking in Windows 10

Finally, it"s worth considering the affect of diagnostic tracking in Windows 10. A function that you can have otherwise disabled for privacy factors, it has been blamed for 100% HDD usage on many PCs.

When it comes to reducing your difficult disk drive consumption, it"s quicker to sindicate disable the DiagTrack company. If this is the resource of the 100% disk consumption error in Windows 10, you can stop the organization launching.

However, to execute this you"ll must access Command Prompt in administrator mode.

Click Start and form cmd in the search box In the results pick Run as administrator Input sc config "DiagTrack" start= disabled Input sc speak "DiagTrack"

11. Windows Update Can Causage 100% Disk Usage

As well as affecting transforms you make to your COMPUTER once fixing the 100% disk use difficulty, Windows Update can likewise be a cause.

This usually just happens as soon as Windows Upday has a trouble (which is generally as a result of a file refmaking use of to download). You have actually 2 alternatives here:

Leave your computer system alone---shut all your open up applications and wait. At some point, the documents will download, but depending on how Windows Upday is booked on your computer system, it might require a reboot. Shutdvery own your computer---once you"ve done that, restart and also wait for Windows Update to fix the difficulty.

Once the update has actually finimelted downloading, it"s wise to run it as shortly as feasible. Remember to examine any type of previous fixes for 100% disk usage prior to proceeding; as provided over, Windows Update have the right to reverse these fixes.

12. Reset Your Virtual Memory

Virtual memory is a mix of RAM and hard disk space and deserve to be responsible for overuse of your HDD. If tright here isn"t sufficient RAM to percreate a task, the HDD is offered to supplement the RAM. Data moved to the HDD is then returned to RAM when forced.

If you"ve made it this far and also you"ve yet to fix the 100% disk consumption problem, it might be worth reestablishing your online memory.

Press Windows+Break/Pause On the right, discover and also click State-of-the-art System Settings
In the Advanced tab go to Performance > Settings Select the new Advanced tab Under the area labeled Virtual memory click Change
Clear the checkbox for Automatically control paging file dimension for all drives Next off, select the Windows drive (commonly C:) and then Custom size Add an Initial size and a Maximum size; note both are measured in MB quite than GB Once the worths are inputted, click Set then OK to proceed
These numbers deserve to be confutilizing, so via the initially value, depend on the recommfinished alternative. For the maximum value, aim for a number no even more than 1.5 times your device RAM.

For instance, a computer via 4GB of RAM must have actually no even more than 6.5GB (6144MB).

The next action is to clear the short-term files that have actually been supplied in the previous digital memory allocation.

Open Run via WIN+R Enter temp and also click OK In the temp directory, select all papers with Ctrl+A and hit Delete

13. Activate High Performance Mode

Windows" traditional power settings are prone to the 100% disk consumption bug however switching to high performance frequently overcomes the problem.

The downside, of course, is that your computer system will use even more power. Thanks to modern processor design this shouldn"t be a massive problem. However before, notepublications and desktop computer replacement laptop computers may take a hit on battery life.

To change to high performance:

Click WIN+X > Power Options In the Power & sleep display click Further power settings Here, choose High performance, then OK

If this isn"t a displayed option, you"ll need to develop your very own tradition power arrangement. Click Create a power plan, then choose High performance. Give the setup a name, tweak any type of individual settings you require then select it as a power plan to usage.

In a minute or 2, the 100% disk consumption issue must drop dvery own to much less than 10%.

14. Install the Latest SATA Drivers

Could a storage gadget driver be resulting in the 100% disk usage error?

Your Windows 10 computer virtually absolutely uses SATA relations for hard drives, SSDs, and also optical drives. If the chauffeurs aren"t approximately day, the disk consumption error deserve to occur.

Avoid this by upgrading to the latest SATA motorists.

Right click Start In the Power User food selection choose Device Manager Expand also Storage controllers Identify the correct controller for your SATA gadgets To update, right-click on each controller and also select Update driver
Select the Browse my computer system for driver software option Next off, select then Let me pick from a list of accessible vehicle drivers on my computer Here, select Standard AHCI Controller and also check out just how this impacts performance You may must reboot Windows for this to take impact. Keep in mind that if it doesn"t work-related, you can still try this by checking the manufacturer"s webwebsite for a brand-new driver. This deserve to be set up using the instructions that accompany it.

15. Could Your PC"s Power Supply (PSU) Cause 100% Disk Usage?

Tright here is a possibility that your computer"s hardware is resulting in the 100% disk intake concern in Windows: specifically, the PSU.

If disk intake problems deserve to be attributed to extreme disk activity, then it complies with tbelow might be a power-related reason.

100% disk intake has been spotted on Windows 10 laptops running on the battery. Once plugged right into the power adaptor, the concern resolves. Similarly, the problem has actually been presented to reduce once a brand-new PSU is set up in a desktop COMPUTER.

Check our overview to brand-new COMPUTER power supply systems to assist you select a replacement.

16. Windows Help Is Camaking use of 100% HDD Use

Anvarious other issue that has been traced to 100% disk intake in Windows 10 is the operating system"s built-in active aid tool. You"ll have noticed this function that pops up once you"re doing somepoint for the first time with helpful tips and suggestions.

If you suspect this is leading to a difficulty in Windows 10 with disk intake, you have the right to disable it:

Press WIN+I to open Settings Here, select System > Notification & actions Find and disable Get tips, tricks and also suggestions as you usage Windows

17. Is WaasMedicAgent.exe Slowing Dvery own Windows 10?

Inappropriately identified as a virus or malware, WaasMedicAgent.exe (part of the Windows Upday Medic Service) is a Microsoft mechanism process that checks downloaded Windows Upday papers. If tright here is a problem through the data, the records are redownloaded – a process that can leave your HDD at 100%.

To solve this,

Press WIN+R to open a Run box Enter regedit then OK to open Registry Editor Before proceeding, make a registry backup via Data > Export, conserving the backup somewright here safe In the internet browser bar, paste this path: ComputerHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesWaaSMedicSvc In the ideal pane, right-click Start and select Modify Set the Value information to 4 then OK to cshed
Disabling the upday medic is a severe action to take. However before, it is one method to avoid Windows 10 disk usage hitting 100%.

Disk Usage Should Radepend Be 100%

Placed ssuggest, there is little factor for your disk fill to be anypoint cshed to 100%, certainly not under normal intake. A sluggish computer system is one via a difficulty, and also if you cannot deal with it by disabling a browser plugin, avoiding services, or running your antivirus software program, then the trouble might well be hardware associated.

Perhaps your drive is acquiring old; it might be defective, or the cables may need replacing.

Try these fixes the following time your Windows computer system slows dvery own. Be certain to check your Windows Experience Index periodically to determine performance worries in require of immediate resolution.

How to Check Your Windows Experience Score on Windows 10 Want to figure out your computer performance and also any type of prompt bottlenecks? Check your Windows Experience Score on Windows 10.

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