Seeing a bearded dragon scrape the glass (aka glass surfing) for the first time could be ammaking use of or also leave you feeling confused.

Could they be trying to tell you something important? Quiet perhaps.

Scratching their glass is abnormal habits and must be approached via treatment.

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Paying attention to and also researching bearded dragon habits is an essential component of being a responsible exotic pet owner, so kudos to you!

Seeing your beardie frantically pawing at or scratching the glass, in many instances, is commonly a authorize of stress and anxiety, but could also intend they’re bored also.

There are, but, numerous various other determinants attributing to this type habits so let’s initially dive deeper…

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8 Reasons Why Your Beardie is Scratching their TankHow to Stop Your Bearded Dragon from Scratching the Glass

What is Glass Surfing Anyways?

Glass surfing can be summed up as the frantic behavior of a bearded dragon attempting to climb the glass of their tank. T

his actions (a.k.a glass dancing) is typically repeated in the feeling that a beardie will certainly continue to attempt to climb the glass over and over.

The term glass surfing is obtained from a comparable behavior to that of a surfer in the sea.

Only in this circumstances, your beardie’s belly will certainly be rubbing on the tank wall as they at the same time “paddle” their tiny arms on the glass.

More, this habits is typically accompanied by your dragon standing on their earlier legs as they attempt their best to climb the tank wall surfaces despite continuing to slip and also fail.

Additionally, a bearded dragon that is glass surfing could also be accompanying this behavior with running up and dvery own their enclosure which should further suggest that somepoint is wrong.

8 Reasons Why Your Beardie is Scratching their Tank

So, what gives? Should you move closer to the ocean so your beardie deserve to live out their fantasy of being a pro surfer? Well, not specifically.

As discussed over, there are a number of factors why your bearded dragon is glass surfing and also can generally be attributed to somepoint stressing them out. Consider the following 5 factors in better detail.

Reaboy #1: They See Their Own Reflection

Bearded dragons don’t realize that their reflection is sindicate their very own and also rather mistake it for a adjacent bearded dragon that they can perhaps interact through or feel intimidated by.


Wrapping Up Glass Surfing

Seeing your bearded dragon scratch the glass doesn’t necessarily mean your beardie is stressed out indefinitely.

It is, however, a big indication, but could additionally be done out of boredom also.

Tbelow are various other indicators that your beardie might display screen in conjunction that should further show they are stressed out such as having actually stress and anxiety marks and darker coloration, diminished task levels, and loss of appetite.

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Being able to decipher your bearded dragon’s behavior is necessary considering that it will certainly allow you to more easily pinpoint indications of trouble early behind points get worse.

If you’re unable to remedy the habits yourself, think about scheduling a vet visit so they deserve to be better examined.