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Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers tease that John (Drake Hogestyn) will battle to store a shocking key. He’s poisoning Steve (Stephen Nichols), but his reasons are facility. John will definitely feel disastrous around what he’s doing to his good frifinish. He’s recognized Steve for years and also they’ve functioned on many type of situations together. Steve would never before suspect John of harming him in a million years.

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Nonetheless, that’s indeed what John is doing. After drugging Steve’s drink aobtain this week, January 22-26, John will certainly come to be torn about his dark arrangement. Days of Our Lives spoilers say Steve will certainly feeling that something’s bothering his pal. He’ll ask why John looks so guilty. John will undoubtedly come up through an excuse and shift gears. He could try to lighten the mood so Steve doesn’t gain as well suspicious.


Of course, Marlena (Deidre Hall) might be even harder to deceive. She knows John much better than anybody. When John starts exhibiting strange habits, Marlena’s bound to notice. She’s trained to pick up on personality transforms and also anything else that’s out of the plain. Marlena will likely confront John around why he hasn’t been fairly himself lately.

Days of Our Lives spoilers state that John will certainly have actually a decision to make. He’ll practically confess, however he’ll finish up backing out at the last second. John will certainly feel like Marlena would certainly be in peril if he told her the truth. It’s possible that someone’s forcing John to damage Steve. He might’ve been blackmailed into this DOOL mess.


As for Steve, he’ll lastly fill Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) in on the symptoms he’s battling. Kayla will certainly give Steve a checkup, but she won’t view any red flags. She’ll think an eye physician can sell more info on Steve’s blurry vision. Kayla may think that’s part of why Steve’s been obtaining so dizzy.

Throughout the week of January 29-February 2, Days spoilers say Steve will certainly face a disastrous blow. Will his eye doctor reveal that he’s going blind? Could an extra thounstable clinical exam display indicators of poisoning? Those are both excellent options. Either method, Steve will certainly drop a bomb on Kayla and also try to number out his next move.

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Why would certainly John provide Steve somepoint toxic? Can Steve foroffer John as soon as the fact is eventually exposed? We’ll provide you updates as various other Days news comes in. Stick through DOOL and don’t foracquire to inspect CDL frequently for the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers, updates and also news.