After his fatality sentence he came to be not just a fighter for human legal rights however also a martyr for the reason, he states that if his blood is the price for the furtherance of justice he would execute so and join the numerous servants that had spilled blood already.

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The answers is He asks for neither mercy nor forgiveness from his captors.

He asks for neither mercy nor forgiveness from his captors.


On the 6th day of his preliminary for driving an abolitionist strike at Harper"s Ferry, Virginia, John Brown ceded a discourse through all due respect. He precluded the charges from securing murder and treason and prodeclared his willingness to die to totally free the slaves.

He never before intended to murder or cause a rebellion or submit conspiracy. He implied simply to totally free servants and nopoint more. On the off possibility that others doubted, at that suggest so be it. He encountered critics of his objective in the solid terms of an Old Testament prophet, terms whereby he not just lived however additionally passed away.

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John Browns speech is reliable because he accepts obligation for the component he played in forcibly trying to end slaexceptionally. He denies suggestions that he coerced he"s accomplices yet that they were willing participants. He does not regret he"s actions however considers it to be just. He questions he"s fellow citizens principles and also Christian ideas as it is inconsistent. He is willing to die for this reason.



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