Here are some tips on getting the cheapest prices to Canada, including just how to regulate a low taxes threshost while shipping to Canada.

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By Jules


January 14, 2022

Key Points:

USPS Flat Rate Boxes is the finest option for a 5-pound package from the US to CanadaShipping to Canada to the US deserve to take all over from 1 to 25 company days For a 5-pound package, it expenses $30 for typical solutions and also as much as $170 for next-day overnight services

Shipping to Canada is a pain, eh? It does not must be. With a small planning, you can begin shipping your assets cross-border to your Canadian customers and also thrive your organization.

If you"re searching for the cheapest means to ship to Canada from the USA, your ideal option for a 5lb package is going to be USPS flat price boxes or the Flat Export Rate. But tbelow are other alternatives, depending on your demands, so it"s ideal to compare and evaluate. In this post, we"ll cover the miscellaneous options for shipping to Canada so you have the right to administer the best alternatives for your customers.

Table of Contents

01Shipping to Canada Basics
02The 3 Mercari Shipping Options
03What to Know About Canadian Taxes and also Duties
04Do FedEx, UPS, USPS, Ship to Canada?
05What"s the Cheapest Shipping Option from the USA to Canada?
066 Canada Shipping Tips for Cheap Shipping
07How to Ship to Canada through
08Shipping to Canada FAQ

Shipping to Canada Basics

Regardless of the nature of the package that you intend to send to Canada, it would certainly aid if you taken assorted metrics that recognize shipping to Canada"s expense.

Understanding multiple facets and rules for shipping to Canada helps online businesses unravel the cheapest way to ship parcels in Canada. Below are some crucial things to know as you plan to sfinish your parcels to Canada.


How Long Does Shipping to Canada Take?

Depending on the courier and also the organization you use, it deserve to take all over from 1 to 25 days to ship to Canada from the United States. Major express couriers choose FedEx, UPS, and also DHL all market next-day shipping solutions to ascertain packages arrive as conveniently as possible. However, these solutions will be the the majority of expensive choices for eCommerce vendors.

More affordable shipping alternatives favor Flat Rate Export, UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail International deserve to take everywhere from 6 to 15 days.

How a lot does it cost to ship to Canada?

The cost of shipping to Canada depends on a couple of variables consisting of package size and also weight, delivery distance and timeframe, too the courier organization that you select. For 5 pound package, the price will be anywhere from around $30 for typical services and as much as $170 for next-day overnight services.

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Things to Consider

Apart from the price and time required to send your delivery, it would be finest if you also watched out for miscellaneous shipping rules to Canada. Your initially consideration need to be completing personalizeds declaration develops with exact details on the content of your package.

Secondly, note that Canada has actually a number of minimal items that cannot be shipped right into the nation. Ensure that the delivery doesn"t contravene or breach the laid-out protocols.

You need to also take good consideration if your package contains breakable commodities. If this is the instance, make certain that your courier is well informed. Remember that sending vulnerable packeras have the right to influence the opportunity of making use of the cheapest means to ship to Canada.


What to Know About Canadian Tax and Duties

If you are shipping cross-border to Canada, you"ll need to understand the Canadian taxes and also duties that may be due. On eextremely shipment, tbelow will certainly be a 5% Tax on products over a threshost of 20 CADVERTISEMENT.

The duty threshost will certainly be 20 CADVERTISEMENT and will use at assorted prices in the categories of fashion, wellness & beauty, home appliances, house décor, and luggage. Many categories will certainly not have duties due, consisting of watches, camages, dry food & supplements, and also even more. You can discover the complete list in our overview to shipping to Canada.

The fastest means to gain a quote is to usage the Duties & Taxes Calculator to Canada. Below is an example of the taxes and duties due on delivery in the wellness and beauty category worth $150.

Do FedEx, UPS, USPS Ship to Canada?

You deserve to choose from assorted couriers when shipping your packeras to your customers in Canada. Keep in mind that the price of shipping will certainly be dependent on your alternative of courier. UPS, FedEx, and USPS all ship to Canada. With various shipping options from these couriers, you have the right to conveniently uncover one that suits your budget, shipment timeframes, and also demands. Below are some shipping options and their approximated cost for deliveries to Canada.

ServiceCostDelivery Time
FedEx Internationwide Economy $64.566-10 daysUSPS Priority International$32.596-10 days
UPS Worldwide Expedited$66.846-10 days

What"s the Cheapest Shipping Option from the USA to Canada?

eCommerce businesses operating from the US and also looking to send products to Canada must consider several facets to find the cheapest way to ship parcels in Canada.

The best location to start for estimating shipping costs to Canada is by utilizing the shipping price calculator.

Following this, you have to then explore the couriers" operations, shipping times, and also added solutions to clear up on one that suits your shipping requirements. Look out for additional solutions from couriers such as tracking and cost-free deliveries in the time of weekends. You have to likewise take advantage of any kind of service that facilitates the cheapest method to ship to Canada from the US.

That said, by looking at the compariboy table listed below, you have the right to see that the most affordable way to ship to Canada is either USPS tiny level price box or Flat Export Rate through, which will get the package to the location sooner.

ServiceCostDeliincredibly Time
USPS Priority Mail International - Small Flat Rate Box$27.906-10 daysUPS Standard$29.003 days
FedEx International Ground$29.002 days
Flat Export Rate$28.892 days

6 Canada Shipping Tips for Cheap Shipping

Sfinishing your delivery to Canada properly goes past finding a reputable and affordable courier. You must take into consideration several determinants and stop mistakes that deserve to frustprice the shipping procedure. Some tips for cheap shipping include;

Provide your online customers with assorted courier alternatives and rates, including personalizeds duties for them to select from.Publish specific customs develops to remove possible errors in the delivery package. have the right to also aid you through this.Ship with multiple couriers.Partner via for seamless shipping.Take note of assets that can result in additional prices.

Getting the cheapest means to ship to Canada is definitely not straightforward. However before, the tips provide insightful concepts on exactly how you have the right to facilitate seammuch less order fulfillment from the US to Canada.

How to Ship to Canada through

With vendors have actually accessibility to numerous couriers for shipping to Canada, consisting of USPS, Global Message, and DHL."s exclusive Flat Export rate to Canada provides vendors the many affordable prices possible. Click right here to learn more on exactly how to save through our Flat Export Rate Canada.

It"s crucial that sellers put up a shipping strategy that will help you plainly connect your shipping policies to your customers. The essential is providing them via options. With, worldwide shipping has actually never before been even more systematized and streamlined.

When you sign up with, you instantly acquire access to more than 250 affordable shipping solutions and a netjob-related of fulfillment centers throughout the civilization.

Thunstable our platdevelop, you have the right to automate much of the shipping process and also navigate the complexity of global shipping through pre-filled customizeds creates, access discounted shipping prices approximately 70%, and also delight your customers via a centralized distribution suffer with our impeccable international tracking devices.

Sign up for a free account this day and also let us assist you make an indeveloped decision on the cheapest method to ship to Canada and beyond.

Shipping to Canada FAQ

What cannot be maibrought about Canada?

Like many countries, Canada has a list of shipping limitations & prohibited items. you need to be conscious before you sfinish your items. Restricted items incorporate Counterfeit Goods, Currency, Explosives, Firearms, and Vehicles. Prohibited items include Drugs, Hate Propaganda And Cultural Property, Objectionable Publications, Used Or Second-Hand Mattresses.

How a lot is tracked shipping to Canada?

You have the right to track your shipments for totally free from a lot of couriers. With, vendors additionally get accessibility to global tracking which is regularly much faster and also more exact than the leading couriers.

Does USPS level rate ship to Canada?

Yes, you have the right to use USPS flat price to ship to Canada. The pricing will certainly be based upon the form of envelope or dimension of box that you pick to usage via Priority Mail International Flat Rate.

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How are customs fees calculated in Canada?

Customs fees are the Duties due as soon as shipping specific commodities to Canada. The fee will be based on the product category. For example, the following categories will have actually duties: fashion, wellness & beauty, house appliances, residence decor, and also luggage.