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Hat Etiquette for Men and also Women

Joanne and also I cringe as soon as we watch a guy wearing a hat while he’s dining. Apparently we’re not the just ones. In a current Sunday Edition CBC radio present, the fabulous hold, Michael Enappropriate addressed this exact same problem (here is link to the funny 4 minute audio and also print version).

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Michael Enideal made the complying with points:

Wearing a hat at the table is wrong “It’s favor watching somebody pick their teeth in a flamboyant screen of toothpick dexterity.”Wearing a basesphere hat backwards makes you look choose a doofus. Michael actually shelp “a prodiscovered doofus”.

I would certainly need to agree with Michael on all those points.

Tony Soprano agrees too

Michael talks about a scene in The Sopranos, wbelow Tony is eating at a fine restaurant. During the meal he notices a young male wearing a baseround hat at one more table. Tony ideologies him and also “politely” asks him to remove his hat. Click right here to see the excellent video. (Don’t you wish the etiquette police favor Tony Soprano were always on duty)

So what are the etiquette rules for wearing a hat?

We had some hat etiquette tips and advice for wearing a hat in restaurants or at the office for guys and also woguys in a previous blog – Are Hats Inside the Office Okay? The brief answer is no.

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Hat etiquette dictates guys don’t wear hats inside in business situations and socially. Women may wear hats inside for social occasions. In organization since company etiquette is a level playing field (or have to be), woguys should be treated equally with guys. Because guys perform not wear their hats inside, women must not either.

Tbelow were some good comments after this CBC segment

“When and also why did North Amerideserve to men begin looking and also acting prefer slobs?

“It seems the North Amerihave the right to male simply doesn’t treatment how they look anyeven more, or perhaps they are trying to task a frightening appearance in a display screen of aggressive anti-socialism. Even jeans seem to be also uprange.”

What have you watched out there and also what perform you think?

(Hats off to loyal readers Lorn S. And Trish B. for tipping us off to the Michael Enbest CBC radio regimen on hat etiquette.)

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Posted by Terry Pithers – The Canadian service etiquette expert and at some point baseround hat wearer (never backwards)